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Funny Searches
Below are some funny phrases typed into search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo for which MustangAttitude.com came up as a possible match and was visited from.

this was typed into Google: "what color is a blue mustang"
[The answer is BLUE. Now let me check google to see if I'm right.]

this was typed into Yahoo: "where is the up button for convertible for 88 mustang"
[I hope they were not in a rain storm, accessing the internet from their phone. Following the same theme. This phrase - "emergency flasher mustang 67 where" was searched in Google on a later date.]

this was typed into Google: "mustangattitude.com"
[If you know the address, why google it? - but they did get to the homepage!]

this was typed into Google: "pictures of a green and yellow cobra snake coming out of or attached to car parts with wheels"
[What the heck is this person looking for? Funny thing is that I can kind of remember seeing a car decal/patch like this. I tried to find it myself in Google, and wound up typing in about the same thing.

this was typed into Google: "1992 Mustang body styles?"
[Isn't everything you type into a search engine a question? Does this person always end each search in a question? I wonder if it makes a difference? Am I asking too many questions?]

this was typed into Google: "ppg chickle drab paint code"
[Really! I had to google this one myself. Sure enough there is a paint Chicle Drab. Who would have known.]

this was typed into Google: "yellow mustang that looks like the transformer car for sale in illinois"
[I've never seen the movie, but I know it's a yellow Camaro - not a yellow Mustang. The bad car was a black Mustang GT]

this was typed into Google Images: "awesome pictures of mustangs"
[Not a funny one, but they found the correct site.]

this was typed into Google: "completely black mustang"
[would this be a non two-tone car?]

this was typed into Google: "1967 sample of Raven Black Paint, Ford 1724-A"
[The person found a sample of black paint on our site. I wonder if they then compared it to their car or printed it out to get the paint shop to color match a sample?]

this was typed into Google: "good name for a silver mustang"
[how about silver? This question was actually posed here. My favorite answer is "Bob".]

this was typed into Google: "fox mustang should I put speakers in the dash"
[grammatically correct (meaning better than "can I put speakers in the dash" or "may I put speakers in the dash"], but I still don't think its quite the question to ask Google

this was typed into Google: "what is a yellow mustang"
[I have no idea... maybe a Mustang that is yellow?]

this was typed into Yahoo: "ford color code fu"
[Its not a bad color... Strangely enough the M6852 Dark Satin Green paint used on the 1998 and 1999 Mustang had this code. Wonder if the same computer program created the serial number for that Cabbage Patch doll over 10 years ago...]

this was typed into Bing: "1985 DETECTIVE SERIES WITH A GREEN MUSTANG"
[I had to look it up myself, but its "Spencer for Hire" and an ivy green 1966 Mustang fastback. Rumors are that it was inspired by McQueen's Bullitt. It's annoying when people type all in upper case, it's pre-ASCII days when only upper case teleprinters were available; so they are either too lazy to use the shift key or using a really old computer. Internet etiquette "says" all caps looks like yelling, since it is reserved for emphasis.]

this was typed into Google: "mustang 1968 carlifonien special"
[Now, I'm not a good speller, but this is one goofy way to spell California.]

this was typed into Google: "is light blue on a mustang girly?"
[Sounds like a magic 8-ball question. - Ask again later.]

this was typed into Yahoo: "1969 Mustang Mach !"
[I've seen it called a 'Mach i', but this is a first for me.]

this was typed into Google: "likely reasons for lake hiilier to be pink in colour"
[I guess our Mustang information didn't help but a Google search shows it to be a lake in Western Australia that is pink and no one really knows why. The likely reason is bacteria and/or algae, so the answer is bacteria or algae]

this was typed into Google: "pic of nice yellow in color mustangs"
I think "nice" is a bit subjective for a Google search. But in any case they got the right site. We definitely have the nicest pictures of Mustangs on the web.

this was typed into Yahoo: "what color is on that mustang yellow or orange"
What Mustang? That Mustang! I cannot see what you are seeing. But Yahoo tried and pointed the web surfer to our pages.