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(1 photo of a 1965 Tournament Of Thrills Promotional Sales Brochure) No Mustangs here, although they are called the Mustang Auto Daredevil team (as the cover of this booklet says). The T-Bone Crash is featured here with various older cars destroying each other.

(1 photo of a 1968 Other ) Okay this had nothing to do with Ford Mustangs, but I found it next to the Golden Nugget Special ad from The Daily Chronicle,February 13, 1968, Centralia, Washington. Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, Dennis the Menace (not the cartoon version), Gilligan's Island... Wow lots of good classic shows!

(3 photos of a 1968 Mountain Green (Emerald Green) Other ) We think this is a Mountain Green (Mustang Emerald Green) 1968 Rocky Mountain Sportsman's Special Bronco. Little is known about this Ford Truck special model except that it was probably only in the Denver area; included the Bronco, F100 and F250; and came in Boulder Bronze (WT3833), Mountain Green (WT7819), and Sky Blue (WT8816). The reason we have a Bronco on a Mustang site is its color. The color is a match for the 1968, Color of the Month promotion for March commemorating Saint Patrick's Day.

(9 photos of a 1968 Mobil Economy Run Results Advertisement) This is the official results of the 1968 Mobil Economy Run held from April 2nd through April 4th from LA to Indianapolis. The race was to end in New York but was cancelled on April 5th due to civil unrest across the country because of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday April 4th. The Mustang came in 5th place in the Class "A" compact six class. This ad was placed in the April 9th edition of the Bakersfield Californian. This race inspired the 1969 Mustang E special edition. In December of 1968, it was announced by Richard F Tucker, vice president of marketing for Mobil in North America, the event will be cancelled in the United States citing "changing advertising patterns and changing emphasis in automotive performance as major factors influencing the decision."

(5 photos of a 1971 Other Promotional Sales Brochure) The Pinto is featured on the second full page spread of the 1971 Ford lineup promotional catalog.

(5 photos of a 1972 Pinto Promotional Sales Brochure) The 1972 Pinto is featured on this page of the Ford line-up brochure.

(7 photos of a 1975 Other Promotional Sales Brochure) This 1975 Ford Sales brochure is one page but folded to make 4 parts. The Ford LTD is featured on the inside front fold along side the Granada (see the next page of this set). The 1975 Ford LTD is nearly 20 feet long!

(16 photos of a 1976 Ford Promotional Sales Brochure) This is the cover of the 1976 Ford sales brochure which shows the Ford car line-up for 1976. The lineup includes Pinto, Maverick, Mustang II, Granada, Torino, Elite, LTD, and Thunderbird.

(13 photos of a 2001 Focus Promotional Sales Brochure) The first page of each of the three sections of this sales brochure has a multi-page fold-out image of the car. At the end of this fold out is a description of the car, in this case the 2001 Ford Focus. The text reads, You've got this friend ... always up for anything. The spur of the moment, 2000 mile road-trip kind of friend. And (this is the true test) the kind who'll hang with you on those go-to-the-laundry-mat/grocery store/dentist kind of days. If you had a Focus, you'd know what we're talking about. It's not enough to say it's dependable. It's fun, it's quick. The kind of car that invariably gets a cool nickname. The car that will give you a lump in your throat if you ever have to say goodbye. Even if it's just for the night.

(1 photos of a 2008 Gulf Heritage Blue Ford GT Coupe) Here is the Gulf Heritage Blue 2008 Ford GT coupe the Saleen 550 is matching. The Ford GT has a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 mounted behind the seats to deliver 550 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque. The Ricardo 6-speed manual transaxle powers this super car to a top speed of 205 mph, with Brembo Anti-Lock vented disc brakes providing the stopping power. 2006 was the last year for the GT, and of the 4,038 GT's built only 343 were Heritage Editions in this color. The car shown here has all the factory options; Heritage paint, McIntosh stereo system, lightweight forged aluminum wheels, and Grey painted brake calipers. This car has an added Hennessey GT700, 710 HP engine upgrade.
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Show Year: [1965] [1968] [1971] [1972] [1975] [1976] [2001] [2008]