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Show Year: [1969] [1989]

(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) Check out Vincent Pirrone's 1969 Mustang GT fastback. It is our featured "Attitude Of The Week" for November 7, 2019. Vincent shares, "When I graduated High School in 1982, I got a job on a used car lot and it came in on trade. I traded the car my parents gave me for graduation, a 1976 AMC Pacer for it. Trade in Value $850. It has been restored 3 times over the years. The Last time, 2004, I modified it for me. Now it still has a 351w C9OE Block, 40 over, Flat top pistons and stock Crank, retrofitted with a Crane roller cam, Victor JR heads, Edelbrock Pro-Flo EFI. And headed up by Twin Paxton Superchargers, and Backed with an Art Carr Extreem AOD with 3600 Stall Converter. The exterior is stock. Color is a Mitsubishi color from 2005, Rotor Glow. Wheels are 2003 Mustang. Seats are 2005 Mustang GT. Roll Bar and custom Interior. VERY, Fun to drive!"

(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) Another shot of Vincent's 1969 Mustang GT.

(from page 4 of the 1989 Collection) A custom Orange Mustang GT hatchback (I believe GM "Hugger Orange" or Ford "Grabber Orange"). Some exterior changes include a 4 inch cowl hood, Weld Racing rims, 275/50/15 Mickey Thompson drag radials, 165/15 front tires, and cross drilled and slotted rotors.

(from page 4 of the 1989 Collection) Exhaust modifications include: 3" stainless from the BBK equal length headers to the back of the car and 2 chamber Flow Master mufflers.

(from page 4 of the 1989 Collection) Changes to the drive train include: 5 speed manual transmission, center force duel friction clutch, Ford Racing aluminum drive shaft, Detroit True Trac posis rear-end, Mooser 31 spline axles, Trickflow differential cover, Richmond 3:73 gears, Hurst shorty shifter, and Ford Racing clutch quadrant.

(from page 4 of the 1989 Collection) Changes to the suspension include: 70/30 drag struts, 50/50 drag shocks, drag springs with air bags, life bars, Granatti adjustable upper control arms, and lower control arm reinforcement.

Show Year: [1969] [1989]
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