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Show Year: [1988] [1989]

(2 photos of a 1988 Light Gray Smoke Mustang GT Hatchback) Check out this Smoke 1988 Mustang GT hatchback with T-tops! It is owned by Alan King from Carrollton, Georgia. Under the hood is a 302ci V8 engine. Alan had this to share, "I bought this car in June of 1989. It was in the Ford fleet. It carries the DSO 89 on the door tag. It now has 67,000 miles on it and still in great shape. Has pretty much been parked since 1993. I have never seen another 88 T-top with the 1K (Smoke) color."

(6 photos of a 1989 Light Gray Smoke Mustang GT Hatchback) Light Gray Smoke 1989 Mustang GT with sunroof, gray leather seats, and 1991+ aftermarket Mustang GT wheels. This car needs a bit of paint touch-up, but it does show what the original smoke color looks like. The solid grille and aerodynamic side skirts was introduced to the Mustang GT in 1987 and continued through 1993, check out information on all years of GT Mustangs.

Show Year: [1988] [1989]
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