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(4 photos of a 1984 Silver SVO Mustang Hatchback) The Ford Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) group was started on the 1980 Mustangs to to help interested race car drivers build up competition versions of the Mustang, create a kits of bolt-on parts that could be purchased by average Mustang owners to modify their street cars, and create a series of specialty GT racing cars. This was the first car to do the later. This car came with an air-to-air intercooled, turbocharged, 175hp (at 4400rpm), 2.3 liter, electronic fuel injected, inline 4-cylinder.

(5 photos of a 1984 Silver Mustang GT Turbo Hatchback) Silver 1984 Mustang GT hatchback with a 145hp (at 4600rpm), 140 cubic inch (2.3 liter), turbocharged, inline-four engine. You can just make out the GT Turbo fender badge in this image.

(3 photos of a 1984 Silver Mustang Coupe) Silver 1985 Mustang notchback ow.ed by Marcos from Zapopan, Mexico. Marcos tells us, "This is a Mexican SVO. Only 120 made in the hardtop and 380 in the bubbleback. This version has equipment like Holley 4-throat carburetor, Bilstein suspension, Dacia headers, Dina 44 differential, a hot camshaft, foto lights in the front bumper, and dash bezel in grey velvet,"

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