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(14 photos of a 1992 Ultra Blue Mustang GT Steeda Hatchback) Ultra Blue over Titanium 1992 Steeda Supercharged Mustang GT hatchback with Steeda grille emblem, Steeda graphics, five spoke wheels, tinted glass, roll bar cage, sport seats, engine and instrument upgrades.

(6 photos of a 1998 Laser Red Mustang SVT Cobra Steeda Coupe) Laser Red 1998 Mustang Cobra Steeda coupe with serial Steeda number 9. Exterior changes to this car include Steeda graphics and rear wing; but the engine and handling Steeda changes are significant. This car is riding on 245/45 front 275/40 rear Kumho tires on stock 98 Cobra wheels with 3-D Steeda center caps.

(9 photos of a 1998 Chrome Yellow Mustang Steeda Coupe) Check out this cool 1998 Cobra Steeda Mustang in Chrome Yellow exterior paint (officially Steeda 98-011). This amazing car is owned by Jose Valverde and he photographed it with a Hot Wheels package making it look like a small special toy model. This photo is our Attitude Of The Week starting January 12, 2019. Jose also sends us images of the 1998 Steeda Mustang sales card.

(1 photo of a 1998 Rio Red Mustang GT Steeda Mamba Coupe) This is the Rio Red, 1998 Steeda Mustang off the cover of the sales brochure. new to 1998 was the Steeda Mamba package which included a 340hp supercharger. Other upgrades shown here are the wheels, graphics, and rear wing. Other options include performance suspension and handling, exhaust, fuel pump, and interior features.

(2 photos of a 1998 Crystal White Mustang GT Steeda Coupe) Crystal White 1998 Mustang with Steeda aftermarket options. These options include Steeda graphics, rear spoiler, custom wheels, cowl hood with vents, and I bet some interior upgrades.

(2 photos of a 1998 Mustang Steeda Promotional Sales Brochure) This is a copy of the 1998 Steeda Mustang sales brochure. Models include additions to the 1998 GT and Cobra Mustang. The cover shows a Rio Red Steeda GT Mustang. A new GT package for 1998 was the Mamba Steeda which included a 340hp supercharger. The standard 1998 GT V8 had 225hp.

(4 photos of a 2000 Crystal White Mustang GT Steeda Convertible) Crystal White 2000 Mustang GT Steeda convertible owned by Tony Pence from Atlanta, Georgia. It's ID numbers are (ST-360) #GT-002. It has a long list of components.
ENGINE; K&N air filter, Steeda/Vortech supercharger kit, FRPP 70mm throttle body.
EXHAUST; Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers.
DRIVELINE; Steeda Tri-ax shifter.
CHASSIS/SUSPENSION; Steeda sport springs, Steeda camber/caster plates, Steeda strut tower brace, Steeda tubular front sway bar, Steeda adjustable rear sway bar, Steeda HD rear upper control arms, Steeda aluminum rear lower control arms, Tokico 5-way adjustable struts/shocks.
BRAKES; Steeda 13-inch front brake upgrade, Steeda slotted front/rear brake rotors.
WHEELS/TIRES; Steeda 17x9 inch Ultra-lite wheels, Nitto NT-555 P275/40ZR17 tires.
INTERIOR/EXTERIOR; Steeda white face gauge kit, Steeda billet aluminum pedal covers, Steeda custom floor mats, Steeda/Classic light bar, Steeda Cobra R style hood, Steeda functional race wing, Steeda Sidewinder graphics package.

(6 photos of a 2000 Zinc Yellow Mustang GT Steeda Coupe) Zinc Yellow Steeda modified 2000 Mustang GT Feature coupe. The 2000 Mustang Spring Feature GT package had two black hood stripes with GT lettering cut into them, black Mustang bumper decal inserts, 35th Anniversary hood & side scoops, and 17 inch 5-spoke wheels. Exterior Steeda modifications to this Mustang GT include front and rear fascias, rear spoiler, windshield and body side graphics, tinted front headlamps, and modified 5 spoke wheels.

(6 photos of a 2003 Tropic Green Mustang GT Steeda Coupe) Tropic Green 2003 Steeda Mustang GT coupe with a Vortech V-2 SQ Supercharger sitting on top the stock 4.6L engine. It's a factory Steeda - serial number #2003-007 out of 206 built in 2003. The exterior Steeda upgrades include a Cobra R cowel induction hood, the Mach-1 grille delete, functional rear decklid spoiler, Sidewinder graphics, and 18x9 inch wheels.

(1 photo of a 2003 Black Mustang GT Steeda Coupe) Black 2003 Steeda Mustang GT coupe with Steeda designed hood, unique front air dam, and functional rear wing; Steeda 18 x 9.5 inch chrome five spoke wheels; Steeda handling with sport springs and front and rear stay bars, Steeda aluminum rear lower control arms, adjustable panhard bar, fully adjustable rear upper control arm, Steeda bump steer kit Steeda strut tower brace and camber adjusters, and Steeda control arm relocation kit; and a 4.6 liter, 3 valve, V8 engine with 5-speed manual transmission, Steeda billet aluminum tri-ax shifter, Steeda cold air induction kit, and Steeda high flow exhaust system.

(5 photos of a 2005 Black Red Mustang GT Steeda Convertible) Black over red 2005 Custom Steeda Mustang GT convertible from Garland, Texas. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for 3/23/08. James Goode is a member of the North Texas Mustang Club, SVT of North Texas and The Black Mustang Club. In early May of 2006, James Goode walked into the entry way of Dallas Mustang with a plan. Goode wanted to make his 2005 Mustang GT convertible into a Steeda Mustang, but could not make the 1400 mile trip to Pompano Beach, Florida for the make over. Goode asked Randy Gibson, owner of Dallas Mustang to do the makeover. At that time, Dallas Mustang was able to build a Steeda Mustang. Justin, of Dallas Mustang started the makeover with Steeda Cold Air Kit, Steeda pulleys, Steeda Charge Motion Delete Plates, Steeda Headers with a Bassani X-pipe with hi/flo cats and a Corsa Exhaust, Steeda Strut Tower Brace, Steeda Sport Shifter, Steeda Sport Springs, Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar and G-Trac Brace. With the SCT Xcalibrator 2 tune, the Steeda made over GT was pulling 302.11 RWHP and Max Torque of 316.64 lbs, an increase of 23 RWHP. These mods would most likely satisfy the average Mustang enthusiast. Goode wanted to add a little show to the Pony. He had Justin add billitt accessories to the interior and under the hood. Speaking of hood, Goode also had Justin add a Steeda 3-inch Heat Extractor Hood as well as a Steeda Chin Spoiler to his ride. Mike Testlin, owner of "Best in Show" paint & body in Garland, sprayed the pony in a custom black and silver over factory Torch Red color scheme designed by Kay Goode (the coach's wife). 70 year old James Crawford, venerable pin striper of 50 years added the finishing touches. Tim Morris of "Morris Custom Upholstery", Mesquite, Texas added a little sumpin-sumpin to the interior and trunk of Goode's Pony. Omar Medina of "Xtreme Audio" added a Panasonic head unit with 500 watt amp and 2 x 10" subs to the trunk. Omar also added a couple of 10" monitors in case Goode wanted to watch some game film while showing his ride. Paul Jordan of "Paul's Powdercoating" powder coated and, or chromed everything under the hood. On a sunny day with the hood up, you could get burned retinas! The old retired coach entered the North Texas Mustang Club's 17th Annual Yellow Rose All Ford Car Show in August of 2006 and immediately got hooked on showing his pony. To date the coach's car has won: 1st in class & Best Paint at the Yellow Rose 07; 1st in class & Best in Show at the AER Classic Car Show 07; Best Steeda, 1st in Class and Best in Show at the 07 Fun Ford Weekend. Goode also was introduced to Bentley Palez, owner of a highly polished and modified Black 05 Mustang GT convertible. They became good buds and often show their cars at major event together as the "Cruise Brothers" with another bud, Jim Bunch. Goode was very satisfied with his ride, until the winning of a Vortech Supercharger in a raffle at a charity car show caused a change in attitude. The mods by Dallas Mustang were now considered mild. When DM installed the Supercharger and did a retune, the mild pony became a "RADPONY"! The Dallas Mustang Steeda clone was now pulling 437.70 RWHP with 380.94 lbs of torque. The Pony could go fast, now it needed to stop fast. Goode had Justin to install a set of front & rear Baer 16" vented/cross drilled rotors with Baer Claw Calipers. Now this should satisfy the old coach, right? Not!! Goode knew he had two things going on in his life. 1) The old coach had surgery on his right foot coming up in November of 2007. 2) Goode wanted more power out of his pony. He wanted to take the RADPONY to the drag strip. He also knew taking a show car to the drag strip would be like taking a knife to a gun fight. The day before the surgery, Goode dropped the RADPONY off at Dallas Mustang and told Justin he wanted a stroker kit and forged rotating assembly added to RADPONY. The goal was 550 RWHP and 450 Torque. Goode knew he couldn't drive the 5-speed for at least 2-3 months. He told Justin to just take his time.

(2 photos of a 2005 Screaming Yellow Mustang GT Steeda Coupe) Screaming Yellow 2005 Steeda Mustang GT coupe with Steeda front air dam, Steeda blacked out cowl hood with hood pins, fog lamps, Steeda 18 x 9.5 inch five spoke wheels, Steeda engine and handling modifications, and Steeda graphics.

(2 photos of a 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang Steeda Coupe) Grabber Orange 2008 Steeda Mustang from 2007 SEMA Car Show with blacked out hood, Steeda front fascia, Steeda wheels, Steeda billet grille, and Steeda graphics. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photos of a 2010 Torch Red Mustang Steeda Coupe) Rendering of a Torch Red 2010 Mustang coupe modified by Steeda Autosports. Exterior Steeda modifications include a blacked out hood, fog lamps, custom lower grille with apron, lower side body graphics, custom wheels, and Steeda windshield graphics.
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