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(11 photos of a 1966 Springtime Yellow Mustang Hardtop) Springtime Yellow 1966 Mustang hardtop with the standard 14 inch wheel covers offered in 1966 and the base 120hp (at 4400rpm), 200 cubic inch, 1 barrel, in-line 6 cylinder engine.

(3 photos of a 1966 Red Mustang Convertible) Red 1966 Mustang convertible owned by Kristina Gonzalez from Holden, Massachusetts. It has a black interior, black convertible top, a V8 engine, and an automatic transmission.

(9 photos of a 1966 Antique Bronze Gold Mustang Hardtop) Antique Bronze 1966 Mustang hardtop with a 200hp (4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine. This car has the standard 14 inch full wheel covers for 1966.

(9 photos of a 1966 Arcadian Blue Mustang GT Fastback) Arcadian Blue 1966 Mustang GT fastback owned by Phillip Brown from Fort Smith, Arkansas. It has a 289ci V8 and an automatic transmission. Phillip tells us, "Factory GT Fastback 'A' code, Edelbrock 4 barrel, MSD billet distributor, 17-inch Cobra R wheels, Jensen AM/FM Cassette, and glove box signed by Carroll Shelby with certificate of authenticity. The paint and interior are in great shape with the exception of a couple of chips. It runs and drives great. This car has won several trophies. CASH ONLY! No scammers."

(8 photos of a 1966 Raven Black Mustang Hardtop) Raven Black 1966 Mustang hardtop with 1966 Shelby Mustang wheels and a 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.

(5 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang Fastback) Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang GT-350 clone owned by Domenic Saia from Coatesville, Pennsylvania. It has a 289ci V8 engine. Domenic adds, "Complete professional restoration. All Shelby equipment is there; alloy pan, valve covers, Cobra intake, and SS exhaust system with SS headers. It has new tires, lowered suspension, Magnum 500 Shelby wheels, SS disc brakes, and a 4-speed top loader. This car has no issues. It is one of the best replica's I have seen. "

(12 photos of a 1966 Ivy Green Mustang Fastback) Ivy Green metallic 1966 Mustang fastback with side C-pinstripe, metal rocker panel trim, added 1968 Mustang Shelby wheels, and a 200hp (4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.

(3 photos of a 1966 Anniversary Gold Mustang Anniversary Hardtop) Anniversary Gold 1966 Mustang Millionth Anniversary Edition hardtop owned by Shelley McCartney Adams from Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has the black Pony interior. Shelley tells us, "My Grandpa and Grandma, Joe & Mary Jane McCartney, bought this car from an Okla City, Okla dealer off the show room floor. They owned McCartney Auto Service in Tulsa, OK. It was gave to me in a will, because I kept my first car that I still have - a 1967 Stang."

(6 photos of a 1966 Silver Blue Mustang Hardtop) Silver Blue 1966 Mustang hardtop with standard 14 inch 1966 full wheel covers, metal rocker panel trim, and a modified 289 cubic inch V8 which now as a 4 barrel carburetor.

(5 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang Sprint Convertible) Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang Sprint 200 convertible owned by Alex Elliott from Walnut Creek, California. It has the 200ci 6-cylinder engine and a manual transmission. Alex adds, "This is a very original Mustang Sprint 200 convertible. I found this car on a recent vacation in Tahoe. It was advertised locally by the owner of 30 years. It was in dry storage for several years. He kept the vehicle maintained - I have receipts for over $15,000 spent. I drove the car back from Tahoe after flushing out coolant fluids etc, and it drove flawlessly the 200 mile trip back to the East Bay. The pony interior could do with new covers. Still very presentable."

(7 photos of a 1966 Emberglo Orange Mustang Sprint Hardtop) Emberglo Orange 1966 Mustang Sprint 200 white vinyl hardtop, wire wheel covers, metal rocker panel trim, side c-stripe, and a 120hp (at 4400rpm), 200 cubic inch, 1 barrel, in-line 6 cylinder engine. The 1996 Sprint upgrade package was Ford's answer to the projected dwindling supply of the 289ci V8 engine by enticing customers to buy a sportier Mustang with the base 6 cylinder engine. Advertised as a "Limited Edition" the campaign worked and survived for the next few years.

(5 photos of a 1966 Timberline Green Mustang High Country Special Convertible) Check this out! It's a Timberline Green 1966 Mustang High Country Special convertible. It's owned by Charles. It has the 289ci V8 engine and a manual transmission. The owner tells us, "I bought this car many years ago in Colorado (still has dealer emblem on trunk lid). It currently has about 26,000 original miles on it. It does come out every year for a couple church or Dairy Queen runs. I was surprised to see our car show up again on another site. If you research the 1966 HCS convertible you will notice that the same car is used on many sites as a reference model. Those pictures are about 15 years old. Other than a different set of tires and a couple thousand more miles she still looks the same. Not sure why or how everybody uses our pictures without permission but It's kind of cool seeing it pop up every now and then. I have amassed an extensive amount of detailed info on these 1966 HCS convertibles over the years and made a small book detailing the cars. I can provide info and extensive pictures if interested. After many years of turning down some pretty interesting offers for her the time may finally be at hand to let her go. I have had numerous Mustangs over the years, my personal favorite was a 1965 fastback in Tropical Turquoise of which only 50 were built before they switched the color. While owning that rare one I stumbled upon this one still owned by the original family. When a car this rare comes along you buy it and figure out what to do with it later. I brought it home but owned too many cars so I gave it to my father. Dad is now mid 70's and not driving much anymore and this car deserves to be somewhere else. I have 2 other convertibles and like to drive my cars. This one should not become a driver. There are only a couple of the 33-35 1966 HCS convertibles left and I know they don't have 26,000 miles. I had a big name restoring company wanting to restore it to concourse condition but they are only original once and this one should stay that way I think. I would be willing to entertain offers or ideas and can provide any and all detailed info as well as any pictures one might want. I will not be disclosing the location of the car publicly but will privately allow perspective buyers to come see her."

(1 photo of a 1966 Sauterne Gold Green Mustang Hardtop) Sauterne Gold 1966 Mustang black vinyl hardtop with styled steel wheels, metal rocker panels, and a 289 cubic inch V8 engine.

(3 photos of a 1966 Mustang High Country Special Hardtop Advertisement) Special 'High Country' Mustangs for special "High Country" people says an advertisement by Phil Long in the July 29th and 31st edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It also says, Join the exclusive society of "High Country" Mustangers. Only 333 people in the entire United States will be driving one of these High Country Specials. Specially ordered, specially built, specially painted for the High Country. Choice of three colors never before available on Mustang - Aspen Gold, Columbine Blue, Timberline Green. Choice of hardtop, convertible, 2+2 Six or V-8. Choice of wire-style wheel covers or standard. Special distinguishing emblem. Hurry in ... while they last!...

(1 photo of a 1966 Springtime Yellow Mustang Hardtop) Springtime Yellow 1966 Mustang hardtop with full wheel covers, metal rocker panel trim, and an added 302 cubic inch V8 engine.

(4 photos of a 1966 Blue Mustang Hardtop) Blue 1966 Mustang hardtop owned by Kym Vogelesang from Adelaide Australia. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting December 13, 2015. Kym's Mustang has a 289ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Kym tells us more, "I got my 66 about 6 years ago form a local dealer who brought it out of the states. It is a rust free car. I have done a rebuild on the motor and had it balanced. It runs a small 4 barrel carb and is a nice strong little motor. The trans has also been rebuilt. I run 3.25 gears in the rear. I am very happy with it - not a show car but a well loved car that is driven a lot."

(10 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang GT Convertible) A fully loaded Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang GT convertible with many of the 1966 original options collected and added over the years. These options include AM/FM radio, fender mounted turn signals, rear seat courtesy lights, dual factory spot lights, glove box mounted vanity mirror, lighted pony-corral, cigarette light/map light, remote trunk release, hood and trunk (on reel) utility light, correct Fomoco fire extinguisher, exterior lamp warning buzzer, parking brake signal lamp, tissue dispenser with original tissues, glove box lock and seat belt retractor. In addition to all the correct GT equipment, a rally-pac, correct factory air conditioning, deep sump, chromed-aluminum Shelby oil pan and valve covers, dual red line tires, 5 styled steel wheels and custom floor mats were also installed

(3 photos of a 1966 Red Mustang Hardtop) Red 1966 Mustang hardtop owned by Alessandro Dotto from Vicenza, Italy. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting December 27, 2015. It has a 289 HiPo V8 engine and a manual transmission. This one has the GT fender emblem and GT rocker stripes. Alessandro is not sure if it's an original GT. Allessandro says, "It is a special export unit arrived in Italy in 1966. It has the original 1966 license plate TORINO city. It has the original odometer in Km /h and special handling suspension (export brace)."

(5 photos of a 1966 Silver Blue Mustang Hardtop) Silver Blue 1966 Mustang hardtop with full wheel covers, metal rocker panel trim, and a 200 cubic inch - inline 6 cylinder engine.

(2 photos of a 1966 Red Mustang Hardtop) Check out these vintage photos of a red 1966 Mustang hardtop in the United Kingdom! The owner is wondering if it is still around. It was re-built it in 1975-6 and sold it in late 1977. It had Pontiac wheel trims on. Looks like Hurst wheels. It also had louvered exhaust megaphone pipe ends with copper pipes between the Rover SDI back boxes and the ends. The owner says, "42 cars & 14 bikes later - she was my favorite build! PLEASE ring me. MIGHT be the ONLY car to overtake a police car that was on the hard shoulder while I was in the AIR, coming back from Santa Pod Raceway (Sorry Officer)."
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