Powerful Purple 1968 Mustang Rainbow Of Colors Fastback
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The door data tag for this 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang reads, 63A fastback body style with standard bucket seats, blank color code indicating a special order paint, 2U parchment bucket seats, 21C scheduled for build on March 21, 1968, 733060 DSO order in the Salt Lake City area with a special order number of 3060, 2 2.79:1 standard differential axle, and W C-4 automatic transmission. This car was ordered by a dealer in Bozeman Montana of which Salt Lake City was the closest order district. There was at least two of these special order, Powerfull Purple, Mustangs ordered under the 3060 special order code. The other is a hardtop with J-code 302ci V8 and code-5 - 3.00:1 standard differential.

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