1965 Tournament of Thrills Mustang
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Tournament of Thrills Mustang
The 1965 Tournament of Thrills Mustangs were special ordered for the Philadelphia based stunt show which featured at least 4 1965 white hardtops, 1 white fastback and one darker fastback. Another special order of Mustangs were used by the show in 1968 featuring the 1969 Mustang. The stunt show featured ramps, precision driving, crashes, and two-wheel driving. In 1965, many of the shows were featured on the CBS TV Sports Spectacular.

Examples of a 1965 Tournament of Thrills Mustang
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This is a copy of the 1965 Tournament of Thrills daredevil, stunt show featuring special ordered 1965 Mustangs. Several more 1969 models were ordered in 1968. The show was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and toured the nation which included a regular run at the Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa, Florida and the Palm Beach Speedway. The show featured drivers from around the nation and existed since the 1950s. ABC's Wide World of Sport and DBS TV Sport Spectacular covered several of the shows.

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