1968 Mustang Challenger Special
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Mustang Challenger Special
The Mustang Challenger Special was a Mississippi, dealer modified Seafoam Green hardtops 289ci V8 (4 speed manual) or 302ci V8 (3 speed manual), and Shelby intakes and a special 4118 Holley carburetor. To keep the cars light and fast they had no power options (no power steering, power brakes or A/C). There were about 21 with a 302ci V8 and a few with the 289ci V8. The 302ci, 3-speed, Challenger Special VIN numbers have been isolated to 8F01J193649-70 with DSO of 64 New Orleans where the intakes and carburetors were changed out. Similar models were offered by other dealers across the nation but promoted differently.

Examples of a 1968 Mustang Challenger Special
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1968, Seafoam Green, Mustang Challenger Special, hardtop
This amazing 1968 Seafoam Green Mustang Challenger Special hardtop is owned by Kerry Wortman of Vista, California. The Mustang Challenger is a Mississippi promotional Mustang which featured all the horsepower of a Mustang Shelby GT350 in a Seafoam Green, black vinyl roof hardtop with white side C-stripes and black Deluxe interior. 21 Seafoam Green, black deluxe interior, 302ci V8, 3-speed, hardtop Mustangs with VINs in the 8F01J193649-70 range were modified by the ordering dealer in New Orleans with Shelby intakes and a special 4118 Holley carburetor, before being sent to Mississippi. There were also a few 289ci V8, 4-speed Mustangs in this promotion.

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