1968 Dixie Special Mustang
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Dixie Special
Mississippi and Louisiana had its own limited edition called the Dixie Special Mustang hardtop. It featured special paint colors, a Dixie license plate, and a Dixie Special emblem. From the newspaper articles we have found, it appears that the car included other upgrades such as a louvered hood, sportier wheel covers, and vinyl top. We think there is at least one out there.

Examples of a 1968 Dixie Special Mustang
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1968, Cream, Dixie Special, hardtop
Frank Fulton found this non-production light yellow 1968 Mustang hardtop. When he ordered the Marti report, he found that it was a Dixie Special. These were special painted and emblem-ed Mustangs ordered by dealers in the Mississippi and Louisiana area. See a local advertisement.

1968, , Dixie Special, hardtop
Ever hear about the Mississippi, Louisiana 1968 Dixie Special limited edition Mustang? Neither did we until we discovered this series of newspaper advertisements from several Mississippi and Louisiana dealerships between February 27th and March 29th of 1968. This ad was placed by Swartzfager Ford in the March 15th, 1968 edition of the Laurel Leader-Call in Laurel Mississippi. From this ad we see that the Dixie Special was a limited number of specially built Mustang, Fairlane hardtop, and Ford XL fastbacks for the Dixie area. From the other advertisements in this set we see that the Dixie Special included a special paint job, a Dixie Special license plate, and an emblem on every unit. It doesn't appear that just one color was used since this advertisement says Special Colors. From the last ad we know that at least one was a light yellow and most of the ads state a Mustang hardtop. We also think the Dixie Special emblem is the 11 star badge with the Dixie Special lettering shown at the bottom of each ad. Probably 11 stars for each of the states in the original Confederate Union. Now the hunt is on to find one of these Mustangs! Could this be one of them? The DSO, date, and special color matches. This ad shows some new 68 Ford cars on a car carrier. The two Mustangs on top look like GTs. They have the fog lights in the grille and C-stripes on their sides. It is interesting that they have the economy dog-dish style hub caps. Many of the 60s cars were ordered this way.

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