1971 Spring Special Value Hardtop Mustang
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Spring Special Value Hardtop
The 1971 Spring Special Value Mustang hardtop featured many Mach 1 and Boss sport appearance upgrade on the baselevel Mustang hardtop. It included the color-matched front bumper of the 1971 Mach 1; side stripes of the 1971 Boss; and grille mounted fog lamps, color-keyed side mirrors, and black lower bodyside paint of both.

Examples of a 1971 Spring Special Value Hardtop Mustang
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1971, Bright Red, Spring Special Value Hardtop, fastback
Bright Red 1971 Mustang Spring Special Edition fastback owned by JT from Seattle, Washington. The Spring Edition added many of the Mach 1 and Boss appearance options. JT shares, "I purchased it from the original owner. It had been garaged mostly over the past two decades. He had to sell it because of his health - he is unable to drive. The plus side is that he lives two doors down from me and can visit anytime he wants. It is all original except for a AM/FM Cassette stereo installed sometime in the 1980s. I have had to do very little work to it except some minor paint and transmission maintenance. It was treated with care and well maintained. I have the original warranty card, owners manual and build sheet. I always wanted a 1st generation Mustang and while it is not a Mach 1 it is still very unique."

1971, Bright Red, Spring Special Value Hardtop, hardtop
This is a 1971 advertisement for a Special Spring Value edition Mustang hardtop. The Special Spring Value edition has the color-matched front bumper from the 1971 Mach 1, side stripes of the 1971 Boss, and grille mounted fog lamps and color-keyed side mirrors of both. The ad says, For Spring Only. A Mustang of a New Stripe. You take a classic Mustang Hardtop. right? (That practical, comfortable, stylish variety.) And a sports-car hood - NASA-type scoops and all. Add dual racing mirrors. Color-keyed Spoiler bumper. A unique grille with sport lamps. Brighten the sides with Boss tape stripes. Oh yes, and wide tires with special trim rings. Then take a look a the special prices of the extras. You're home. Note: NASA-type scoops was Ford's renaming of the originally named NACA-type ducts used by the aerospace industry.

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