1979 T-5 Ford Mustang
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T-5 Ford
1979 was the last year of the T5 designated Mustang exported to Germany. Ford could not use the word Mustang in Germany due to registration issues which were corrected after 1979. All Mustang badging of the car was removed and replaced with T5 for export to Germany. All models of the 1979 Mustang were exported to Germany with the T5 designation, including the Cobra.

Examples of a 1979 T-5 Ford Mustang
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1979, Medium Blue Glow, T-5 Ford, hatchback
This is a 1979 Cobra T5 in Medium Blue Glow exterior paint owned by R. Braaksma of the Netherlands. 1979 was the last year of the T5 designation replacing the Mustang name in Germany. This car is one of 168 T5's delivered in 1979 and the only T5 currently registered. This amazing car is our Attitude Of The Week starting March 9th, 2019.

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