1985 Mustang GT
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Mustang GT
The 1985 GT Mustang came standard with an improved 5.0L, high output V8 engine putting out 210hp, 35hp over the previous year with a combination of stainless headers, low-friction roller tappets, high performance camshaft, and a more efficient accessory drive system controlling power to the air conditioner, power steering and alternator. The automatic transmission upgrade reduced the power back to 175hp by using the previous year's engine setup. This was the last year for the 4-cycle 2.3L Turbo engine upgrade which put out 145hp but better gas mileage. New to 1985 was the 10-spoke alloy wheel, lighter charcoal cloth interiors, charcoal body side molding with an embossed GT near the rear wheel, and a single lower half opened front grille with the Ford emblem just above.

Examples of a 1985 Mustang GT
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1985, Black, Mustang GT, convertible
1985 Ford Mustang GT convertible with a 2.3L, 4 cycle, 210 horse power engine. The GT upgrades include a short throw T-5 transmission, a quad-shock rear system, a larger rear stabilizer bar, alloy wheels, and leather sport performance bucket seats.

1985, Oxford White, Mustang GT, hatchback
This 1985 Oxford White with black hood stripe, 5.0L V8, Mustang GT is owned by Sean of New Hampshire. Sean writes, I just bought this car in November with 90780 miles on it . It's bone stock still has the original mufflers and radio.

1985, Medium Regatta Blue, Mustang GT, hatchback
Take a look at this Medium Regatta Blue 1985 Mustang GT. It has been modified with a fiberglass hood and sunroof.

1985, Silver, Mustang GT, hatchback
This Silver 1985 Mustang GT hatchback is owned by Mitch Gawlik of Illinois and is our Attitude Of The Week for April 19th, 2009. Mitch says The car is pictured thru the years with the stock ten holes, then Center Line Convo-Pros, and finally, Weld Drag Lites. Mods include an Edelbrock Preformer intake, 1.7 roller rockers, SVO (back when FRPP was SVO), ceramic coated shortie headers with a '93 cat H-pipe, and Walker Dyna Max 2.5' exhaust system. There's an 8.8 rear with 3:73's and BBK upper & lower control arms. The frame is tied with Anderson Ford boxed sub-frame connectors. The car also has a Hurst Competition Plus shifter, SVO aluminum driveshaft, SVO 140 mph speedo (try to find one of those these days), and under drive pulleys. I love when people ask who painted the car and I can say 'Ford did. It's original paint & interior, with 23,400 miles on the clock'.

1985, Medium Canyon Red, Mustang GT, hatchback
Medium Canyon Red 1985 Mustang GT hatchback with a sunroof, blackout hood stripe, and 5.0L 210hp V8 manual transmission engine.

1985, Medium Charcoal Gray, Mustang GT, convertible
Medium Charcoal 1985 Mustang GT convertible owned by site visitor Jerry. Under the hood is a 302ci V8 engine. Looks like a shark with the quarter glass rolled up.

1985, Black, Mustang GT, hatchback
Black 1985 Mustang GT hatchback with a GT flat black side stripe; GT grille; GT 10 spoke wheels; and a manual, 210hp (at 4400rpm), 5.0 liter (302ci), high output, 4 barrel, V8 engine.

1985, Jalepeno Red, Mustang GT, convertible
Jalepeno Red 1985 Mustang GT convertible owned by Izzy Cobovic from Staten Island, New York. It has a 302ci HO engine and a manual transmission. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 27, 2011. Izzy has owned this Mustang for 18 years. He says that it just made Historical Registration in New York.

1985, Silver, Mustang GT, hatchback
Silver 1985 Mustang GT T-top hatchback modified by American Motorsports in Orlando, Florida with a new engine, handling options, and aftermarket wheels.

1985, Silver, Mustang GT, fastback
Check out this silver 1985 Mustang GT convertible. It has T-tops and a 5.0L V8 engine. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 5, 2013. The owner says, "It has 87000 original miles. I am the second owner. It's all original except for 17 inch wheels and tires, air adjustable rear shocks, 5% window tint, MSD cap and rotor, new weatherstripping, purple hornie glass packs ,and blue ford racing spark plug wires. Currently at the body shop being painted Ford Deep Impact Blue."

1985, Light Canyon Red, Mustang GT, hatchback
Light Canyon Red 1985 Mustang GT hatchback with original paint, interior and 5.0 liter V8 engine.

1985, Light Regatta Blue, Mustang GT, hatchback
Light Regatta Blue 1985 Mustang GT hatchback with blacked out GT hood, GT side graphics, 10 spoke sport wheels, t-tops, double rear spoiler, and a manual 5.0L HO V8 engine. The largest Mustang engine offered in 1985 was the manual 5.0L V8.

1985, Black, Mustang GT, pillar/post
Check out this Black 1985 Mustang GT with custom Konig Monsoon wheels and lots of upgrades under the hood. It was submitted to us by its third owner who has had it for over 5 years. The original owner said, I ordered a black 5 spd. in '84 and described it to a co-worker and eventually she ordered one. Yours! She ordered it from Samara Jeep in Grafton, MA, through Ramelli Ford in Uxbridge, MA. Her brother told her to buy it loaded, thus the aod. We eventually dated and married (bosses daughter!). I took it over and sent it to Quest Racing (Worcester, MA) for the powertrain mods and roll bar. They usually build monster motors for race and 'street '. Unfortunately all of those businesses don't exist anymore. Sad.

1985, Bright Red, Mustang GT, hatchback
This is a redone 1985 Twister II Special GT Mustang in Bright Red or Jalapena Red with aftermarket 17 inch Cobra wheels and aftermarket hood. The 1985 Twister Special Mustang sported black side stripes and Twister II lettering as well as a black striped hood without a hood scoop. The Twister was only offered in the Kansas area and could be ordered with on any GT (convertible or hatchback) with any GT options. The Twister was first offered in 1970 but only came on the Mach 1 in Grabber orange, and in 2008 as an aftermarket Grabber Orange GT upgrade; but both in the Kansas area only.

1985, Oxford White, Mustang GT, hatchback
Here is a GMP 1:18th scale diecast model of an Oxford White 1985 Twister II Mustang GT. These diecasts came in Jalapena Red or Oxford White with a wide flat black hood, large Twister II side stripes, and a 5.0 liter V8 engine.

1985, Light Regatta Blue, Mustang GT, hatchback
Light Regatta Blue 1985 Mustang GT hatchback 10 spoke alloy wheels, flat black hood stripe, charcoal body side modelings, and a manual M-code 5.0L V8 engine.

1985, Oxford White, Mustang GT, hatchback
This is an Oxford White 1985 Mustang GT hatchback with T-tops! It has a black painted hood with a white GT name on it. Goes well with the black headlight openings and black vinyl trim all the way around the car. This one has a 5.0 liter engine under the hood.

1985, Jalapena Red, Mustang GT, convertible
This is a Jalapena Red 1985 Mustang GT Twister II convertible. It was sold at the 2005 Barrett Jackson Auction held in Scottsdale, Arizona for $10,450. It has the 302ci V8 engine, 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, power windows, and power door locks. Only 90 Twister IIs were built in 1985. 14 of them were convertibles! This one does not have the GT black striped hood or 5.0L emblems on the front fenders. The car is unrestored and original.

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