1986 Mustang Turbo SVO
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Mustang Turbo SVO
The 1986 Mustang SVO came with the later 1985 model year 2.3L turbo 4-cylinder engine rated at 200hp. The exterior style remained the same with the offset hood scoop, hood design that extended into the grille area, 10 slot wheel covers, color-keyed bodyside molding with charcoal front and rear bumper molding, and double rear spoiler. 1986 was the last year for the SVO Turbo Mustang.

Examples of a 1986 Mustang Turbo SVO
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1986, Shadow Blue, Mustang Turbo SVO, hatchback
Shadow Blue 1986 Mustang SVO hatchback with a 200hp (at 5000rpm), 140ci, electronic fuel injected, single overhead cam, turbo, inline-4-cylinder engine.

1986, Black, Mustang Turbo SVO, hatchback
Black 1986 Mustang SVO hatchback with a 140ci, 200hp, in-line 4-cylinder SVO engine and the flip-up sun roof option.

1986, Red, Mustang Turbo SVO, hatchback
Red 1986 Mustang SVO hatchback with a 200hp (at 5000rpm), 140 cubic inch, electronic fuel injected, single-overhead cam, turbocharged SVO inline-4 engine. This car has been repainted.

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