1988 ACS McLaren Mustang
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ACS McLaren
The 1988 ACS McLaren convertible customized from a 2-door coupe (notchback) continued into its second year of production with aerodynamic body panels, custom exterior paint, plain solid grille, wire looking wheels, and custom interior. No back seats in these cars. 1015 were built in 1988.

Examples of a 1988 ACS McLaren Mustang
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1988, Keweenau White, ACS McLaren, convertible
1988 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren 5.0L (302 CID) V8 convertible, performance decor package, rear spoiler, factory 15 X 7 ASC/McLaren cast aluminum white spoke wheels. Between 1987 and 1990 ASC McLaren took Mustang coupes and converted them into two-seat convertibles with a Mercedes SL look. They were created by Peter Muscat and Ford, built by American Sunroof Company (ASC) with performance suspension and wheel parts from McLaren. Notice the VIN number indicates the P40 Ford coupe body style.

1988, Silver, ACS McLaren, convertible
Silver metallic clearcoat 1988 Mustang ASC McLaren with custom body panels, custom light graphite leather interior, custom wire spoke wheels, and most importantly a custom two seat convertible created from a 5.0L coupe. ASC McLaren modified Mustangs from 1987 to 1990 and included special ASC McLaren badging.

1988, Guards Red, ACS McLaren, convertible
Guards Red 1988 ASC McLaren Mustang convertible with aerodynamic body panels, plain solid grille, wire looking wheels, and custom interior. All ACS McLaren Mustangs were modified from 2-door LX 5.0L hardtop coupes. This was the second most popular ASC McLaren color for 1988 with 250 built, the most popular was Keweenau White with 259 built.

1988, Sterling Silver, ACS McLaren, convertible
This is a Sterling Silver 1988 ASC McLaren modified Mustang. Originally a coupe, ASC McLaren converts them into 2-seat convertibles with aerodynamic body panels, custom wheels, custom leather interior, tinted rear lights, and an emblem-less front grille.

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