1995 Roush Mustang
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Roush Mustang
The 1995 Roush Mustang was one of the first years of this special edition although the parts could be added to the 1994 Mustang as well. From 1995 through 1997 the Roush performance parts were added by dealers and third parties. In 1997, Roush started to perform the upgrades themselves. In 1995, the Roush came in three levels: the mostly cosmetic Stage 1, the Stage 2 with handling performance upgrades, and the Stage 3 with engine power upgrades. There was also a ported aluminum Ford GT40 heads option for the Stage 3. Prices were listed as $3,185 for the Stage 1 (air dam, wing, skirts, valance panel, 17 inch wheels, graphics), +$2,105 for the Stage 2 (springs, shocks, antiroll bars, exhaust), and +$2,783 for the Stage 3 (94hp upgrade (309hp total) to the 5.0L V8, bolt-on intake manifold, cowl induction hood). Each stage required purchase of the lower ones.

Examples of a 1995 Roush Mustang
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1995, Black, Roush Mustang, pillar/post
1995 was the first year for the Roush Mustang and this is the Stage 3 level which contains all the Stage 1 & 2 levels plus a carbon fiber hood, Roush three-piece dual plenum intake, 65mm throttle body, Fuel rails, high flow air filter, valve covers and optional ported aluminum Ford GT40 heads. 1994 through 1997, Roush Performance supplied these parts to dealers and third parties to create the Roush Mustang. Starting in 1997, Roush started to do the conversions themselves. This Roush is owned by Jose Valverde and is our Attitude Of The Week starting December 25th, 2018. Thank you Jose for helping us correct our errors in our early history of the Roush Mustang.

1995, , Roush Mustang,
This is the sales brochure for the 1995 Roush Mustang featuring the Stage 1 appearance package, Stage 2 suspension upgrade kit, and the engine upgraded Stage 3. Shown here on the cover is the Stage 3 Roush Induction System added to the 1994-95 5.0L Mustange engine. It says it is a twin-plenum design which ads 47hp to the stock 5.0L, the Ford GT-40 head places the gain to 99hp with the Roush CNC-ported GT-40 head the gain increases up to 120hp.

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