1996 Boss Shinoda Mustang
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Boss Shinoda
The 1996 Boss Shinoda was built by Shinoda Performance Vehicles (SPV). They were placed on the GT and Cobras and came in two levels. Level 1 (Gen I) was a graphics package, Budnick wheels, and a body package (front spoiler, wheel flares and rear "super" spoiler.) The Level 2 (Gen II) added some performance upgrades such as the Shinoda wheels and suspension modifications. As with other companies making modifications to cars right from the Ford factory, all the SPV items could be ordered and placed on any Mustang. SPV Factory modifications included a dash plaque and Shinoda serial number. These were generally built 1994-98, but I have seen SPV dash plaques on later cars as well.

Examples of a 1996 Boss Shinoda Mustang
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1996, Bright Tangerine Orange, Boss Shinoda, pillar/post
1996 Mustang GT with Shinoda Boss modifications. These modifications are more than graphics, they include more power, better handling, and a different look. Larry Shinoda developed the first Boss for Mustang back in 1969, in 1994 he released his newer version.

1996, Bright Tangerine Orange, Boss Shinoda, pillar/post
Bright Tangerine 1996 Boss Shinoda Mustang coupe owned by Russell Brenner from Weaverville, California. The Boss kit was installed by the dealer when the car was new. It has a 4.6L SOHC V8 engine. Russell tells us, "Car was built in Michigan. 1 of 829 in Bright Tangerine and of those 1 of 51 with black leather and 5-speed transmission. All bolt ons, supercharger to come. 100k miles. List of mods include: BBK throttle body and intake tube; BBK cold air; BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator; Cobra MAF and injectors; Stage 2 clutch; BBK firewall adjuster; short throw shifter; color matched Hooker comp cage (rollbar); 4.10 rear gears.;Jones racing single chamber mufflers; Catless x pipe; computer calibration for 02 sensors; and Nitto tires DRs in rear."

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