1998 Steeda Mustang
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Steeda Mustang
The 1998 Steeda Mustang offered by Steeda Autosports came in three packages: Mustang, Mamba, and Cobra. The first level Mustang offered suspension, exhaust, and naturally aspirated engine improvements for the 4.6 2V. The Mamba package added a Vortech blower and additional suspension improvements to the Mustang package. The Cobra leveraged the 4V platform as its canvas for Steeda's best performing vehicle in 1998.

Examples of a 1998 Steeda Mustang
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1998, Laser Red, Steeda Mustang, pillar/post
Laser Red 1998 Mustang Cobra Steeda coupe with serial Steeda number 9. Exterior changes to this car include Steeda graphics and rear wing; but the engine and handling Steeda changes are significant. This car is riding on 245/45 front 275/40 rear Kumho tires on stock 98 Cobra wheels with 3-D Steeda center caps.

1998, Chrome Yellow, Steeda Mustang, pillar/post
Check out this cool 1998 Cobra Steeda Mustang in Chrome Yellow exterior paint (officially Steeda 98-011). This amazing car is owned by Jose Valverde and he photographed it with a Hot Wheels package making it look like a small special toy model. This photo is our Attitude Of The Week starting January 12, 2019. Jose also sends us images of the 1998 Steeda Mustang sales card.

1998, Rio Red, Steeda Mustang, pillar/post
This is the Rio Red, 1998 Steeda Mustang off the cover of the sales brochure. new to 1998 was the Steeda Mamba package which included a 340hp supercharger. Other upgrades shown here are the wheels, graphics, and rear wing. Other options include performance suspension and handling, exhaust, fuel pump, and interior features.

1998, Crystal White, Steeda Mustang, pillar/post
Crystal White 1998 Mustang with Steeda aftermarket options. These options include Steeda graphics, rear spoiler, custom wheels, cowl hood with vents, and I bet some interior upgrades.

1998, Rio Red, Steeda Mustang, hardtop
This is a copy of the 1998 Steeda Mustang sales brochure. Models include additions to the 1998 GT and Cobra Mustang. The cover shows a Rio Red Steeda GT Mustang. A new GT package for 1998 was the Mamba Steeda which included a 340hp supercharger. The standard 1998 GT V8 had 225hp.

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