2005 Yankees Mustang Limited Edition
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Yankees Mustang Limited Edition
Ford Motor company created this Yankees Mustang Limited Edition. 60 of these units were produced (all white and all convertibles). One was given to each of the 62 Ford Tri-State Dealers in the New York area. Did these cars help the Yankees in their 103rd baseball season in 2005? The team finished with a record of 95-67 finishing in a division tie with the Boston Red Sox. They then went on to lose to the Los Angeles Angels in the play-offs.

Examples of a 2005 Yankees Mustang Limited Edition
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2005, Performance White, Yankees Mustang Limited Edition, convertible
Here is an unusual one! It's a 2005 New York Yankees Limited Edition Mustang convertible. Take a look at all those stripes! Those are decals. The car is made up to look like the Yankee baseball uniforms. Sixty of these were produced and given (one each) to the Dealers in the New York tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT). This one is serial number 37. You have to be a pretty big Yankees fan to own one of these!

2005, Performance White, Yankees Mustang Limited Edition, convertible
Performance White 2005 Mustang Yankees Edition convertible owned by Dick Serocki from Bellport, New York. It has the 4.0L V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Only 60 of these were produced in 2005. Dick tells us more, "After my sister's boyfriend died, the car sat for a year and she wanted it out of the driveway. I bought it from her and took it to Costa Mesa, California where I enjoyed many finger flips since I lived near Angels Stadium in Anaheim. But it was photoed often, as the only Yankees Mustang in California! Daily driver, but still low miles. I moved to New York last year, drove it with 2 cats in the back seat across the country, 28MPG. It's now my special car, still low miles, all original New York Yankees, and in the garage for the winters. I love this car. "

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