2012 Kentucky Speedway Pace Car Mustang
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Kentucky Speedway Pace Car
The 2012 Kentucky Speedway Pace Car is a limited edition of 46 specially painted and optioned premium optioned GT Mustangs with a distinctive red and blue lower bodyside stripe, large Kentucky Speedway lettering, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series graphics, the 401A optional performance white striped charcoal black leather seats and door pony badge, GT accessory package 6 which contains the hood and side scoops as well as pedestal rear spoiler and decklid panel, and standard 19 inch premium GT wheels. 43 were convertibles and three were coupes.

Examples of a 2012 Kentucky Speedway Pace Car Mustang
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2012, Performance White, Kentucky Speedway Pace Car, pillar/post
Check out this Performance White Mustang GT Kentucky Speedway Pace Car coupe. Only 3 coupes where made. This one has a manual transmission and the 5.0L V8 engine. The owner did some research. This is what he found, "There were 46 cars made by Ford, I believe sequential VIN numbers, with 43 being convertibles and 3 coupes (fastbacks). I own #3 of 46 which is a fastback that was purchased new from Paul Miller Ford Lexington Kentucky. The 43 convertibles were for parade laps only. The 3 fastbacks were actual pace cars with strobe lights and light bar. My car was, according to Officials at Kentucky Speedway, a 'dummy' pace car. It was completely set up as a pace car but never used to pace the race. It was the first fastback that they received and was used in the promotional pictures. I know #1 was a convertible that went to Barrett Jackson. I have #3 in Ohio and I know #4, which is a fastback, was in Indiana. Others I have traced are all over and all are convertibles. I have tried to verify sequential VIN numbers with no success. However I did trace a dozen cars and they all fall within a range of 46 sequential VIN numbers. Since the inaugural race was in July 2011 these Mustangs were early 2012 models."

2012, Performance White, Kentucky Speedway Pace Car, convertible
Jim Hessler owns this Performance White 2012 Mustang GT Kentucky Speedway Pace Car. It has the 302ci (5.0L) V8 engine and a manual transmission. This one is is autographed by NASCAR Sprint cup driver Carl Edwards. Only 46 were built. This is number 44. Jim purchased it 4 months ago from a Ford dealer in Pennsylvania.

2012, Performance White, Kentucky Speedway Pace Car, convertible
This Performance White 2012 Kentucky Speedway Pace Car replica was sold on Barrett Jackson auctions in Las Vegas 2011. This Ford Mustang Official Pace Car is equipped with GT PKG6, Comfort group, HID/Security Access, 64V wheel, and rapid spec 401A. It comes with custom graphics and official plate installed. Only 46 vehicles were customized as Kentucky Speedway Pace Car replicas.

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