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In 1965, the Mustang entered its first full year of production with 559,451 units built. A brand-new model, the fastback ($2589), joined the hardtop ($2372) and convertible ($2614) models. The fastback had a larger backlight glass, a shorter trunk lid, functional fresh air vent on the B-pillar, and a folding back seat. All 1965 Mustangs were identical from the window line down and offered one of four engine options: a 120hp (200ci 6-cycle), 200hp (289ci V8), 225hp (289ci V8), and a high-performance 271hp (289ci V8).

The new sporty GT package came with the V8 engine, special GT grille with built-in fog lamps, a five-dial instrument cluster, an optional GT paint stripe, dual exhaust, and a special handling package. Luxury options included wood-grained vinyl trim, embossed bucket seat inserts, steering wheel with chrome rivets, and door armrests and courtesy lights.

In addition to these options, "Cobra Kits" were also first offered in 1965. These kits included engine chrome dress-up parts, a Cobra distributor, performance options, dual exhaust, cam kit, heavy-duty clutch, and induction kits. Ford advertised that the Mustang could be "factory-customized" to play out your alter ego or change your life.

Grille Styles (compare years)

1965 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

1964 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Half Wire standard wheel cover, 13 inch with center stamped with Ford and Mustang, I've never seen on on a Mustang though

Full Disc wheel cover, 13 inch standard, 14 inch part of V8 Special Handling Package, optional spinner

Wire wheel cover with spinner and tri-bar center (14 inch)

Steel Styled wheel (14 inch) with tri-bar Mustang center

Shelby Cragar wheel (15 inch) with Cobra center

Special Models (compare years)

GT Options Package
The first Mustang GT options package was offered in 1965. There were 10 standard options in this package. (1) 225hp Challenger V8, (2) 3-speed manual floor shift, (3) dual straight-through exhaust with flared chrome tailpipe extensions, (4) Special Handling Package (heavy-duty suspension, 22:1 overall steering ratio), (5) fade-resistant front disc brakes, (6) grille mounted fog lamps, (7) Five dial instrument cluster (fuel, temperature, speedometer, oil pressure, amperes) with a black leather-grained vinyl dash panel, (8) GT fender badges, (9) bright-metal hood accent molding, and (10) Ford racing lower body tripe stripe. Substitutions and additions were often selected. All GTs were built between February 1965 and August 1965.

Mustang Shelby GT-350
In 1965 Shelby American modified a lot of Wimbledon White fastbacks directly from the San Jose factory with the 271hp(289ci, V8) engine. The converted cars were named the Shelby GT-350 because there was 350 feet between Shelby's main assembly line and the engine room. Engine modifications boost its performance up to 306hp with a Cobra aluminum high rise intake manifold, 715cfm Holley four-barrel carburetor, Cobra cast aluminum finned valve covers and 6.5 quart oil pan, steel tubing "Try-Y" exhaust headers, low restriction mufflers, and dual side-exit exhaust pipes. Body modifications included a fiberglass hood with NASCAR-style pins and functional scoop, a cleaned up grill with a mustang logo which will become the 1969 Mustang standard, and all were Wimbledon White with blue 10 inch wide racing "LeMans" stripes. Interior modification included a high performance instrumented dash, a collection of different wooden steering wheels, removing the back seats and placing the spare tire there to classify it as a SCCA racing series sports car, and many others. Shelby VIN plates were affixed directly over the Ford VIN numbers. 562 units were built in 1965 which included 521 street versions($4547), 34 race-prepared models($5995), 4 drag racing versions, and 3 prototypes.

T-5 Ford
The T-5 Ford was Ford's answer to exporting Mustangs to Germany. Ford couldn't register the name "Mustang" in Germany because there were trucks with that same name. The horn button and gas caps merely said Ford. Special T-5 emblems replaced the Mustang emblems on the outside and dash of the car. The T-5 was available from 1964 to 1979.

Player's Mustang Special Edition
The 1965 Player's Mustang special edition was painted dark blue and white to match the Player's cigarette package. The Mustangs were used to promote the cigarette by the John Player and Sons division of Imperial Tobacco Canada. Contests to win them ran in many Canadian Provinces such as Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta from 1965 through 1968. Besides the unique paint they all were hardtops with 200ci 6-cylinder engine, full wheel covers, and an AM radio.

Magic Skyway Mustang
Twelve 1965 Mustang convertibles were converted for use at the Magic Skyway at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York. These replaced the twelve original early production 1964 Mustangs. Their VIN breakdown was: three Wimbledon White Mustangs (5F08T383380, 5F08T383382, 5F08T383386); three Raven Black Mustangs (5F08T383378, 5F08T383381, 5F08T383384), three Caspian Blue Mustangs(5F08T383375, 5F08T383377, 5F08T383383); and three Poppy Red Mustangs(5F08T383376, 5F08T383379, 5F08T383385). The serial number 83 Mustang never made it to the ride.

Tournament of Thrills Mustang
The 1965 Tournament of Thrills Mustangs were special ordered for the Philadelphia based stunt show which featured at least 4 1965 white hardtops, 1 white fastback and one darker fastback. Another special order of Mustangs were used by the show in 1968 featuring the 1969 Mustang. The stunt show featured ramps, precision driving, crashes, and two-wheel driving. In 1965, many of the shows were featured on the CBS TV Sports Spectacular.

Dallas Red White and Blue
The 1965 Dallas Red White and Blue special is a new limited edition Mustang we are currently looking into. We think they were red, white and blue with some combination of special ordered paint and interior trim. There were at least one each of a fastback and convertible body style. The thumbnail/example is not in its original paint, although it might be close.

Other Special Models
There are several 1965 one off or maybe two off Mustang prototypes. The 1965 Mustang wagon / Intermeccanica Mustang Wagon. One or two built in Italy at Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica. Started as 289ci hardtop. Added fiberglas wagon roof, fold down tailgate, retractable rear window, relocated fuel filler tube, and fold down rear seats. The 1965 Mustang Four-Door concept. There are several 1965 special model Mustangs we are working on. One of them is the Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Dixie Darlin's Special options pack offered from March 5 through April 4th. The 1964-1966 Hobo Mustang Wagon designed by Arthur Camp. Manufactured by Dennis Devine at Joel Patrick, Inc. in Sherman Oaks, California. The 1965 Mustang Ferguson concept. In our book we have details on the 1965 A/FX Mustang, 1965 Branded Mustang, 1965 Playboy Pink Mustangs, and the 1965 Pony Interior which is more of an option but a pretty cool one.

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