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"Mustang! Fastest million a new car ever had. And here's the sale to kick off the second million. Hardtops, convertibles and fastbacks..." was the Mustang advertisement for the beginning of production for the 1966.

Mustang offered the 'Millionth Mustang Sale' promotion, which included personalized nameplates and motorized Mustang GT toy cars for only $4.95. After only three model years, in 1966, Mustang became the third best-selling individual nameplate in the American industry. Changes included a floating 'corral' around the Mustang horse on the grille; 'three-toothed comb' trim on the side coves (convertible & hardtop only); a new instrument panel; and federally mandated safety items such as seat belts, padded instrument panel, flashers, and electric windshield wipers and washers. One of the new options was an Interior Decor Group for $94.13 which included four Mustang horses branded into the seat vinyl commonly referred to as the 'Pony' interior. Base model prices were $2488 for the hardtop, $2519 for the fastback, and $2650 for the convertible. Engines offered were the 120hp (200ci 6-cylinder), 200hp (289ci V8), 225hp (289ci V8), and 271hp (289ci high-performance V8).

Grille Styles (compare years)

1966 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

1966 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Full Cover standard wheel cover, 14 inch, standard, optional with spinner

Full Disc wheel cover, 14 inch, with or without spinner

Wire wheel cover with spinner and tri-bar center (14 inch)

Steel Styled wheel (14 inch) with tri-bar Mustang center

Shelby Cragar wheel (15 inch) with Cobra center

Shelby Mag wheel (15 inch) with Cobra center

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang GT
1966 was the second year for the Mustang GT. The GT package was very popular in 1966 because the option sold for $152.20 and included either the 225hp 289ci or the 271hp hi-performance 289ci V8 engine; dual exhaust; fog lamps; special ornamentation; disc brakes; GT racing stripes; and handling package components. Chrome rocker trim and chrome rear quarter ornaments were deleted.

Shelby Mustang
In 1966 Shelby added Raven Black, Sapphire Blue, Ivy Green, and Candy Apple Red to the 1965 Wimbledon White only color selections for the GT-350. 1000 special gold striped Raven Black fastbacks were sold to Hertz for part of a Hertz promotional program. These special black and gold Shelbys became known as the Shelby GT-350H special model.

Millionth Mustang Sale
1966 Million Mustang Sale was a promotion for early 1966 Mustangs of any body style or engine size which featured optional upgrades at a special price. All Mustangs of this sale included a personalized dash plate. Two other parts of this promotion included the Sprint 200 Limited Edition and Anniversary Gold Millionth Mustang hardtop.

Mustang Sprint 200 Limited Edition
Promoted as the Millionth Mustang Success Sale, the Sprint 200 limited edition package was offered mid 1966 when Ford worried about inventory problems with the first V8 level upgrade 289ci engine. The Sprint 200 was a sport package specifically designed for the base 200ci 6 cylinder engine which were plentiful. Other Sprint options included center floor console; painted side accent stripes (color matched with the car's interior); deletion of the chrome rear quarter ornaments; a set of deluxe 48 spoke, blue center wire-style wheel covers; and a "Sprint 200" decal on the engine's chrome air cleaner cover.

Anniversary Gold Edition
In 1966, rumors are that 50 special ordered Anniversary Gold Mustangs were built as part of the Millionth Mustang Anniversary, special order number 1111 and sent to dealerships across the nation. Of the few that have been found, the common features include that they are all hardtops and have C-code 289ci 2-barrel V8 engine, pony interior, steel styled wheels, and special Anniversary Gold paint.

High Country Special
1966 was the first year for the High Country Special consisting of some GT special sports options but for the Colorado area which included a blue fender badge and came in Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold, or Timberline Green. 333 High Country Specials were produced and came in any body style, 6 cylinder or V8 engine, with wire or regular wheels, a special distinguishing emblem, and the unique paint color.

T-5 Ford
The Mustang name was already registered in Germany but there was a strong appetite for Mustangs especially from the US Servicemen stationed there. Ford's answer was the T-5 Ford The horn button and gas caps merely said Ford. Special T-5 emblems replaced the Mustang emblems on the outside and dash of the car. The T-5 was available from 1964 to 1979.

Silver Mink Limited Edition
We are working on several 1966 Limited Edition Mustangs we are collectively calling Territorial Specials since they were only offered in a few locations and a few dealers. One of them is the 1966 Silver Mink Limited Edition Anniversary Mustang offered in the tri-state area of Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia area which featured special order Thunderbird Silver Mink exterior paint and a black vinyl roof. It was probably a Sprint hardtop with this special order paint and top.

Player's Mustang Special Edition
The 1966 Player's Mustang special edition featured a special blue and white exterior paint scheme to match the Player's cigarette package, 200ci 6-cylinder engine, full wheel cover, and AM radio. Many these unique Mustangs were given away weekly or bi-weekly in many Canadian Provinces such as Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta from 1965 through 1968.

Other Special Models
There is possibly a 1966 Mustang Wagon out there, although it might be limited to one or two in 1965. There are several 1966 special model Mustangs we are working on. One of them is the 1964-1966 Hobo Mustang Wagon designed by Arthur Camp. Manufactured by Dennis Devine at Joel Patrick, Inc. in Sherman Oaks, California. Another is the 1966 Mustang Mustero, a Mustang pick-up created by Beverly Hills Ford and limited to 50. We have some information on a set of possible 1966 Easter Collection of Colors promotions. In our book we have details on the 1966 Branded Mustang, 1966 Colt Special Edition, 1966 Playboy Pink Mustangs, 1965-1975 Tournament of Thrills used Mustangs, and the Pony Interior which is really a option but a pretty cool one.

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