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The 1967 Mustang underwent its first-ever redesign due to expected competition from the Camaro, Firebird, and Mercury Cougar. The exterior redesign included a more pronounced grille opening, the side cove ended in two sets of 4 simulated air scoops, the tail lights still had the 3 lenses but on a concave indentation panel, and the overall body length grew by 2 inches although the wheelbase remained the same. An additional high-performance 320hp (390ci, V8) engine became a new option for $2641. A 1967-only option of a GTA ("A" for automatic transmission) was offered. The "SelectShift" automatic transmission could also be shifted manually. New to the interior was a "tilt-away" steering wheel, overhead console, and a "stereo-sonic" tape system.

Grille Styles (compare years)

1967 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

1967 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Deluxe wheel cover, 14 inch

Styled Steel Wheels with blue center cap, 14 x 5.5 inch, optional Reflective Group added reflective paint

Wire Wheels covers, 14 inch

Kelsey-Hayes Styled Steel Wheels for the Mustang Shelby, 15 x 7 inch

Shelby 10-Spoke Aluminum wheels, 14 x 6 inch

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang GT
The 1967 Mustang GT was a special options package which could be added to any of the V8 engine offerings in 1967 with dual exhaust. And it was required with the 271hp 289ci Hi-Po V8. Other features included; grille mounted fog lamps, power front disc brakes, F70x14 tires, GT gas cap, the 1967 Handling Package, rocker panel stripe, and a GT emblem. The Handling Package consisted of higher rate springs and shocks with a larger front stabilizer bar. For an extra $388 you could add the Competition Handling Package available only for the GT. It consisted of even firmer suspension, limited slip rear end, and 15 inch wire wheels.

Mustang GTA
The Mustang GTA was a Mustang GT with automatic transmission. The GTA standard options were engine upgrade to the C-code base V8 engine with dual exhaust, grille mounted fog lamps, power front disc brakes, F70x14 tires, GT gas cap, the 1967 Handling Package, rocker panel stripe, and a GTA emblem.

The 1967 Mustang Shelby came in two models: the Shelby GT350 with a 306hp, 289 cubic inch, V8; and the newly introduced Shelby GT500 with a 350hp, 425 cubic inch, big-block, V8. Both the GT-350 and GT-500 came only as fastbacks, although there was one prototype GT-500 convertible and another prototype GT-500 hardtop.

Mustang Sports Sprint
The 1967 Mustang Sports Sprint was an entry level sport options package which included hood vents, recessed turn signals, white wall tires, full wheel covers, bright metal rocker panel moldings, chrome air cleaner, and vinyl covered shift handle if an automatic transmission was ordered. Early in 1967 the Sport Sprint package was only offered on the hardtop body style, but by June 1967 the convertible was included. Often times these Mustangs were ordered in special colors such as Springtime Yellow or Dusk Rose (Pink), and most could include a decklid mounted luggage rack at a reduced price. Ford offered a set of promotional ads for this special model, often calling it a limited edition and included it as part of the 3rd birthday celebration of Mustang.

High Country Special
The 1967 High Country Special was limited to 400 cars and only came in Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold, or Timberline Green. They came in all three body styles; hardtop, convertible, and fastback. The brass HSC emblem was screwed to the body just behind the front wheel with three sheet metal screws. The High Country Special (HCS) was offered in 1966, 1967, and 1968.

Ski Country Special
Also from the High Country areas of Denver came the 1967 Ski Country Special which featured ski racks, snow tires, equalock rear axle, and a medallion featured in Aspen Red, Vail Blue, Winter Park Turquoise, Loveland Green, or Breckenridge Yellow.

She Country Special
The 1967 She Country Special was created by Ann Goodro of William Goodro Inc in Denver. The dealership ordered the most Country Special Mustangs at the time. Craig and Denise MacGregor; who just bought one of these cars and contacted Goodro Ford Dealer Ann Goodro. 48 cars were ordered, 12 each in the pastel colors of Evening Orchard (metallic lavender), Bermuda Sand, Autumn Smoke (metallic gray), and Limelite Green. Thanks to Tony Popish for the color names. The cars were based on the Ski Country Special, had a special decal, and were only sold at William Goodro. The She Country Specials were not limited to hardtops and/or fastbacks, there were convertibles as well.

Mustang Stallion
There were eight Mustang Stallions built in 1967 which had Mercury Cougar taillights and vinyl trim on the upper body. 1967 was the first year of the Ford Mercury Cougar, and it was designed and sold as an upscale version of the Mustang; therefore 8 cars were built as a hybrid between the two models. See www.ponysite.de for more info, click New, Special Models then 1967 Stallion from the Superrare area.

Branded Mustang
The 1967 Branded Mustang was created by dealerships to spiff up Mustangs for resale. The Branding kit was available from Ford between 1965 to 1968. The kit included choice of different colored and patterned vinyl tops (15 choices), side stripes (in 5 colors), quarter panel chrome, and special Branded emblems. The vinyl tops were pretty wild, with paisley and flower patterns. One of the emblems was a round "Branded" emblem that was typically placed on the vinyl top behind the side rear quarter window. The other emblem was a shield shaped "Branded ID" emblem on the front fender - up near the triangle vent window.

Lone Star Limited
1967 Lone Star Limited Edition Mustang was territorial special for Texas just as the High Country Special was for Denver and the California Special for California. They came with a special Blue Bonnet paint - they came to be known by the name Bluebonnet Special. All 175 Lone Star Mustangs were hardtops, had the sprint options package, blue luxury interior, steel styled wheels, 200ci in-line six or 289ci V8 engine, and had a gold Lone Star Limited fender badge.

T-5 Ford
Ford couldn't export the Mustang to Germany because they couldn't register the name there. So they exported the T-5 Ford instead. The "Mustang" worded emblems were removed, and "T-5 Ford" emblems were installed. T-5s were sold in Germany from 1964 through the 1979 model year.

Dusk Rose Mustang
Diamond Blue Mustang
Diamond Green Mustang
Playboy Pink Mustang
Besides the special colors available on the many 1967 special model Mustangs, several colors could be special ordered on any 1967 Mustang hardtop, fastback, or convertible. The Diamond Green Mustang was a very light, almost white, green and had an exterior color code of H. The Diamond Blue Mustang was a very light blue with an exterior color code of N. A very bold pink was used for the Dusk Rose Mustang and had a color code of S (the one shown here is a bit faded). A Playboy Pink Mustang was also offered but should not be confused with the Playboy Pink Mustang given to Playboy playmate of the year in 1964.

The 1967 Eleanor Mustang was first conceived for the 2000 movie Gone in 60 seconds remake starting Nicolas Cage. Eleanor was designed by Steve Stanford (Hot Rod illustrator) and Chip Foose. The movie cars were built by Cinema Vehicle Services (CVS). Due to popularity of the movie and car, aftermarket kits are available to create your own.

Indy Pacesetter
The Indy Pacesetter Special was created to celebrate the third anniversary of the Mustang's performance as the Indianapolis official pace car . 324 were eventually built and offered to the 179 Ford dealers in most of Indiana and parts of eastern Illinois. Newspaper articles of the time specify the Indy Pacesetter Special as a white Mustang hardtop with blue vinyl interior, louvered hood with turn signals, special rear grille, pop-open gas cap, special commemorative plaque on the control panels, and 3M Scotchlite reflective striping along each side of the car and the rear grille. They specified that the stripe will be "15 to 200 times brighter than a white painted surface when bathed with light from a car's headlights."

Limited Edition 400
The 1967 Limited Edition 400 is a special model for the Chicagoland area as the newspaper advertisements state. They were painted deep metallic gold, had louvered hoods, wheel lip and deck lid lip metal trim, deluxe wheel covers, Limited Edition 400 fender emblems, and a Limited Edition 400 owners name dash plate.

Tussy Mustang
There were several National Sweepstakes which featured specially ordered 1967 Mustangs. They included the 3 Pink Mustangs given away in the Tussy Cosmetics sweepstakes, and the 7 Silver Mustangs given away in the ... (stay tuned for more information)

Mustang Blazer Limited Edition
The 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition hardtop is a special model we found for the Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland area. It features Lime Gold exterior paint, black vinyl hardtop, personalize interior nameplate, and a Blazer exterior nameplate. The Mustang Blazer was heavily advertised November and December of 1966 in local newspapers. Many sites have taken this information as their own without giving us credit.

Nebraska Centennial Special Hardtop Mustang was a Sport Sprint upgraded Mustang hardtop which included one of four special order exterior paints: Centennial Blue, Lincoln Green, Summer Wheat, or Big Red. The Sport Sprint upgrades included 6-cylinder engine, white sidewall tires, full wheel covers, functional louvered hood, rocker panel moldings, chrome air cleaner, decal and vinyl covered shift lever (for automatic transmissions), and optional luggage rack. A V8 upgrade package was also available. We have not found one of these Mustang's yet but would expect them to have a 6 digit DSO code starring with a 54 for the Omaha Nebraska ordering district and a blank paint code.

Third Birthday Special
In 1967, Canada had its own special Mustang commemorating the 3rd birthday of the Mustang. Sometimes called the Third Birthday Treat hardtop it came with louvered hood, white sidewall tires, one of three colors (Candyapple Red, Springtime Yellow, or Thunderbird Diamond Green), wheel lip moldings, knitted black vinyl interior, door edge guards, rocker panel trim, and deluxe wheel covers.

Other Special Models
There are several 1967 special model Mustangs we are working on. Many of these special models were considered Territorial Special Promotional Mustangs with special exterior paint colors. One of these territorial Mustangs may have been called a Twister Special offered in Cajun Red or Lavender and in the Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana area. Not to be outdone by the San Jose Mustang plant that came out with 50 Anniversary Gold One-Millionth Production Anniversary Mustangs, each of the Ford Mustang manufacturing plants specially painted some 1967 Anniversary Gold Mustangs although each plant had its own version of the color. Another special model is the 1967 Mustang Colt from Les McLane in York, Pennsylvania. There was also a 1967 or 1968 Robie Ford Wedge Mustang from Boston. One national special promotional Mustang was the Emerald Green Saint Patrick's Day Special Model which came out in March and in High Country Special Timberline Green exterior paint. Continuing from 1966 may have also been a 1967 Easter Collection of Colors promotion. Two prototype models include the 1967 Ford/Shelby EXP 500 Little Red and the 1967 Mach 2. In our book we also have information on the 1967 Palomino Gold Mustang from Milwaukee, 1967 Shelby de Mexico, and the 1965-1975 Tournament of Thrills used Mustangs.

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