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In 1968, Ford offered six V8 engines with the 335hp, 428ci, V8 Cobra Jet at the top of the list. The front end lost its "Ford" letters, and the side Mustang lettering changed from block-style to script-style. The Mustang emblem became "floating" on the front grille, and extra lights on the grille were also floating. Simple chrome trim ended the body side cove at the wheel air scoops.

The GT was offered with "C" stripes that followed the top of the side cove and around the end air scoop. Early in 1968, Ford offered a limited edition "C" stripe Mustang sale which by mid-March turned into a limited edition Mustang Sprint sale allowing dealers to offer even more options as part of local sales promotions. By the end of March, many local "territorial" special Mustang sales existed, each with its own limited edition Mustang. Some of these included the California Special GT, the Virginia area Cardinal Special, the Pennsylvania his and hers Colt and Lady Mustang, and the Louisiana Dixie special. The California Rainbow of Colors, the Denver High Country Special, and the Seattle Golden Nugget Special were also part of the many special and limited edition 1968 Mustangs offered. Both 1967 and 1968 saw the most number of local special and limited edition Mustangs.

Grille Styles (compare years)

1968 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

1968 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Standard full wheel covers

Standard full wheel covers with optional center cap

Wire Wheel covers

Argent Style 21 hole sport wheel covers

GT Argent Style 21 hole wheel covers

Steel Styled sport wheel covers

Steel Wheels w/ Mag Style Wheel Covers

Shelby 10 spoke aluminum wheels

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang GT
The 1968 Mustang GT was a special options package that could be added to any Mustang with the 302 or 390ci V8 engines. The package contained grille mounted fog lights, dual exhaust, a new body side C-stripe, heavy duty suspension, 14 inch GT steel styled wheels, a new GT gas cap, and newly styled GT quarter panel emblems. The GT Reflective Group option was available which changed the side stripes to a reflective material and added reflective paint to the steel styled wheels.

The 1968 Shelby came in three models: the GT-350 had the 306hp 302ci V8 engine, the GT-500 had the 335hp 428ci V8 engine, and the GT-500KR King of the Road had the 400hp 428ci Cobra Jet V8 engine. The 1968 Shelby featured twin hood scoops at the leading edge of the car, hood pins, fiberglass front valance, and the first American twin rectangular driving lights.

NHRA Cobra Jet / 135 Series
Fifty Wimbledon White 1968 NHRA Mustang GT Cobra Jet race cars were ordered for the 1968 National Hot Rod Association Winternationals in Los Angeles. VIN numbers range from 8F02R135007 to 8F02R135056 and the first batch of 18 were scheduled for assembly on December 30, 1967 with delete export brace, 428ci Cobra jet, GT option, steel wheels, aluminum intake, Wimbledon white, and no racing stripes. These cars were 135-series rated (VIN series). Gas Ronda, Jerry Harvey, Hubert Platt, Don Nicholson, Hubert Platt, and Al Joniec raced them for Ford at the 1968 NHRA Winternationals held February 2-4.

California Special
There was a quantity of 4118 California Special (GT/CS) hardtops built in 1968. They had the same rear taillight panels and spoiler as the Shelby, fiberglass side scoops, stripes, blacked out grille, fog lights, hood locks, but did not come standard with the 1968 GT options package although 8 percent were ordered with a subset of them. All GT California Specials were built at the San Jose assembly plant and were offered with any engine and paint combination.

High Country Special
The 1968 GT High Country Special was a midyear package similar to the California Special but offered in the Colorado area. It included an engine upgrade to the C-code base V8 engine with dual exhaust, a body side stripe, 14 inch steel styled wheels, side scoop, and High Country Special side decals. Unlike the previous years, the High Country Special was offered in any of the standard 1968 Mustang colors. Thank you Arlie Moses for correcting our error on available colors

Mustang Sprint
The 1968 Sprint was originally introduced midway through the 1966 model year when Ford introduced the Millionth Mustang Sale featuring the limited-edition Sprint package which had a lot more chrome and a different engine due to engine availability problems in 1966. The Sprint option remained in later years with just the additional chrome and paint options which gave the car a GT look without the price. The 1968 Mustang Sprint option "A" consisted of GT stripes, pop-open gas cap and the full wheel covers of six cylinder Mustangs. The "B" option received the V8 engine, Argent styled steel wheels with Wide Oval Tires, and GT fog lamps. Early in 1968 this package was sold as limited-edition Mustangs "C" stripe, and by mid March called a limited edition Mustang Sprint offered in all body styles.

Golden Nugget Special
The 1968 Golden Nugget Special or Golden Nugget Limited Edition Mustang was an Oregon/Seattle promotion which took a 1968 hardtop and offered it in Sunlit Gold (color code Y, usually followed with a "5" to indicate the black hood, and special order number 1111 after the 74 DSO found on the door data tag) although any of the standard or special Mustang colors could be ordered. Also with this package came the louvered hood with black painted inserts, black vinyl top, a black interior, and featured unique golden plaques on the dashboard with the original owner's name engraved. 481 Golden Nugget Limited Edition Mustangs were actually produced of the 525 scheduled to be offered through the promotion.

Rainbow of Colors
The Rainbow of colors was a 1968 (possibly 1969 also) West Coast promotion which allowed new Mustang owners to order a car in one of 13 special factory of colors which represented the colors in the rainbow. Some of these colors were Madagascar Orange, Whipped Cream, Spanish Gold, Dandelion Yellow, Hot Pink, Caribbean Coral, Forest Green, Sierra Blue, and Moss Green. See our detailed information on the Rainbow of Colors promotion.

Color of the Month
It has been thought that the 1968 Color of the Month special promotion had special Black Hills Gold paint for the New Year celebration in January, Passionate Pink for Valentine's day in February, Emerald Green for St. Patrick's day in March, and Eastertime Coral for Easter in April. The April promotion was especially interesting because dealers could show off other special 1968 Mustang pastel colors at the same time in a Easter Collection of Colors. We are starting to believe that this promotion was a little different. See our detailed information on the Color of the Month promotion.

Branded Special
Branded edition Mustangs were created by dealerships on used 65-68 Mustangs to spiff them up for resale. The Branding kit was available from Ford. The kit included choice of colored vinyl tops (in 15 colors), side stripes (in 5 colors), quarter panel chrome, and special Branded emblems. One emblem is round "Branded" emblem and is typically placed on the vinyl top behind the side rear quarter window. The other emblem is a shield shaped "Branded ID" emblem on the front fender - up near the triangle vent window.

T-5 Ford
The T-5 Ford was exported to Germany without the Mustang name due to a vehicle there already named the same. The T-5 was available from 1964 to 1979.

Cardinal Edition
The 1968 Cardinal Edition limited edition Mustang is a Virginia and North Carolina territorial special. They are all hardtops and came with Cardinal Special rear quarter panel emblem, flip-open chromed gas cap, black interior, black side "C" stripe, wheel lip moldings, wheel covers, 200ci inline six cylinder engine, and special paint (Candyapple Red and possibly Wimbledon White).

Corporate Yellow Mustang
Although a standard color for the 1968 Shelby Mustang, Corporate Yellow was a special order color available on all standard 1968 Mustang hardtops, fastbacks, and convertibles. In later years Corporate Yellow was renamed Grabber Yellow and became a standard color.

The 1968 Mustang Bullitt was a Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT fastback used in the 1968 movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen. It is a significant movie due one of the best car chase scenes ever filmed. The popularity of this movie has inspired many 1968 Mustang owners to create their own versions. You basically take a 1968 GT Mustang, paint it Highland Green and add American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. In 2001 Ford created their own Highland Green (avail in black too) Mustang Bullitt special model. They did it again in 2008 and 2009.

Dixie Special
Mississippi and Louisiana had its own limited edition called the Dixie Special Mustang hardtop. It featured special paint colors, a Dixie license plate, and a Dixie Special emblem. From the newspaper articles we have found, it appears that the car included other upgrades such as a louvered hood, sportier wheel covers, and vinyl top. We think there is at least one out there.

Golden Mustang Limited Edition
The Golden Mustang Limited Edition was offered in the Iowa/Illinois area and featured special gold paint, louvered hood, sport wheel covers, and a special Golden Mustang Limited Edition badge.

Special Dakota Days Gold Mustang
The Special Dakota Days Gold Mustang is a South Dakota limited edition Mustang featuring Black Hills Gold special ordered paint, sport wheels, and louvered hood. This is one of the four 1968 Color of the Month special order paints, and now the color name makes sense. Black Hills Gold definitely says South Dakota. This special edition Mustang was limited to 20 convertibles and 5 hardtops.

Mustang Challenger Special
The Mustang Challenger Special was a Mississippi, dealer modified Seafoam Green hardtops 289ci V8 (4 speed manual) or 302ci V8 (3 speed manual), and Shelby intakes and a special 4118 Holley carburetor. To keep the cars light and fast they had no power options (no power steering, power brakes or A/C). There were about 21 with a 302ci V8 and a few with the 289ci V8. The 302ci, 3-speed, Challenger Special VIN numbers have been isolated to 8F01J193649-70 with DSO of 64 New Orleans where the intakes and carburetors were changed out. Similar models were offered by other dealers across the nation but promoted differently.

Mustang Colt and Lady Mustang
There are several 1968 special model Mustangs we are working on. Many of these special models were considered locally available Territorial Special promotional Mustangs which featured special exterior paint colors, special emblems and badges, and sporty options. Marsh Ford of Pennsylvania created a limited edition Mustang Colt for him and a Lady Mustang for her. Both have badges, ID plates, special dashes, sport wheel covers, and bullet-tip fender lights.

Other Special Models
There are other Special Promotional 1968 Mustangs which we are starting to know more about. The first is the Charlotte North Carolina Playboy Pink promotion, which offered 275 Mustangs painted in Playboy Pink. Another is the TCU Special Promotion which offered purple 390ci Mustangs for Texas Christian University ordered out of Davenport Iowa area. The 1968 Selig Swiger from Milwaukee offered an upgrade package. There was also a 1968 prototype from Ford. Another is the 67 or 1968 Robie Ford Wedge Mustang. In our book, we have included the 1968 Shelby de Mexico, Shelby GT350 Hertz, T5, Tournament of Thrills modified and used Mustangs, and the Tunnel Port 320.

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