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The 1969 Mustang offered the largest selection of engines and sport/speed packages to date, with 10 engines available, 8 of which were V8s. Several levels of sport/performance packages were offered. The GT option ($147 base upgrade) was offered on all body styles which started with the 351ci Winsor V8, special handling options, racing stripes, dual exhaust, hood pin type latches, and styled wheels with Argent Silver trim and GT hubcaps.

The most popular sport/performance upgrade was the 1969 introduced Mach 1 (starting at $733 over the base V8 fastback or "SportsRoof" body) which came with one of four high-performance V8 engines, optional NASCAR-style hood lock pins, chrome styled steel wheels, chrome exhaust tips, color-keyed racing mirrors, and special handling. Two Cobra packages were offered: the Cobra jet with the 335hp (428ci V8) while the Ram Air induction 360hp (428ci V8) was offered on the Super Cobra Jet. The highest performance engine 370hp(429ci V8 semi-hemi big block) came on the 1969 introduced Boss which could also be ordered with a 290hp (320ci, V8, with special high volumetric efficiency "Cleveland" heads) engine. The Boss came with special "Hotchkiss" type rear suspension and many other performance options and body options to handle the larger power and seven-inch Magnum 500 rims. Like the previous year, an extensive list of luxury items was available for the fastback and hardtop; but an additional luxury set under the name "Grande" was offered for the hardtop. The Grande came with a vinyl roof, plush interior, two-spoke steering wheel, full wheel covers, etc. On all body styles, the indented sides scoop or cove was missing but an inverted side air scoop remained on the hardtop and convertible while the fastback had a higher backward C-shaped side scoop.

The Mustang was longer and lower with the windshield rake increased by 2.2 degrees. The fastback roof of the 1969 Mustang was redesigned and was named the "SportsRoof" whose name for the fastback lasted till 1973. Inspired by the popular Shelby, the front grille opening was larger, four headlights were installed, and the horse logo was mounted off-center on a red, white, and blue framed vertical box.

Grille Styles (compare years)

1969 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

1969 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Standard hub cap, wheel color matched to car

Optional 5 spoke full wheel cover

Wire wheel cover, 15 inch

Argent Style wheels

GT Argent Style wheels

Magnum 500 wheel covers

Shelby wheels, 15 x 7 inch

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang Grande
The 1969 Mustang Grande was only offered for the hardtop and included a vinyl roof, plush interior, deluxe two-spoke steering wheel, full wheel covers, color keyed racing mirrors, electric clock, bright exterior moldings, dual outside paint stripes (also missing on this car), and luxury foam bucket seats for an additional $231.

Mustang GT
The 1969 Mustang GT sport option package included any of the V8 engines except the 302ci V8, special handling options, racing stripes, dual exhaust, hood pin type latches, non-functional hood scoop, GT gas cap, and styled wheels with Argent Silver trim and GT emblem hubcaps. The GT option($147 base upgrade) was offered on all body styles. This was the last year of the classic GT sports options package, the GT returned in 1982. Only 6,694 GT equipped Mustangs rolled off the assembly line in 1969.

Mustang Mach 1
The 1969 Mustang Mach 1 (starting at $733 over the base V8 fastback or "SportsRoof" body) came standard with a matte black hood, hood scoop (only functional with the SCJ Ram Air Drag Pack engine), exposed NASCAR-style hood lock pins (could be deleted), a spoiler (at extra cost), reflective side and rear stripes, color-keyed sport mirrors, special handling suspension, and chrome exhaust tips. In the interior the Mach 1 came standard with high-back seats, black carpets, a Rim-Blow steering wheel, center console, clock, sound-deadening insulation, and teakwood grained trim on the doors/dash/console.

Mustang Boss
The 1969 Mustang Boss 302 and 429 was first introduced in 1969 by the newly hired GM designer Larry Shinoda. The Boss came in two forms for the fastback body line: the Boss 302 used a 4 barrel version of the 302 cubic inch, V8 to increase the horsepower by 80 to 290hp; and the Boss 429 had the largest Mustang engine of 1969, a 429 cubic inch, 4 barrel, ram air, V8 with 375 horsepower. The Boss came with special "Hotchkiss" type rear suspension and many other performance options and body options to handle the larger power and seven inch Magnum 500 rims. The first 50 Boss Mustangs were hand built.

The 1969 Shelby came in two models: the GT-350 which got Ford's new 290hp, 351 cubic inch V8 and the GT-500 got the 1968 GT-500 335hp, 428 cubic inch, Cobra Jet V8. Both models had fiberglass fenders, hood and rear cap which made the Shelby 3 inches longer than the 1969 Mustangs. Other changes included five recessed NASA-type hood scoops, a chrome strip at the hood's leading edge which wrapped around the grille to meet the thin Shelby chrome bumper, Lucas driving lights, side-centered Shelby GT side stripes, larger break body side air scoops, sequential rear taillights, and a spring mounted license plate which hid the fuel cap.

Russ Davis Performance Special
The 1969 Russ Davis Performance Special Mustangs were a group of special order, brightly painted Mach 1 Mustangs. We think these Mustangs were used as a series of race car promotions since many drivers worked as salesmen for Russ Davis Ford of Covina California, including Gas Ronda. Some of the special order colors were the same as the 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotion, but we do not think it is part of the same promotion due to the different colors, higher performance options, and not finding newspaper advertisements past June of 1968. In any case, we believe these bright, special order paint, 1969, high performance, Mach 1 Mustangs ordered by Russ Davis deserve its own special model entry.

Limited Edition 600
The 1969 Mustang Limited Edition 600 was a special spring 1969, promotion in the Philadelphia area. 508 cars were produced for this promotion which was 92 cars short of the 600 planned. The cars were available in either Flower Power Red (Ford special paint code WT5185) or Groovy Green (MX8241928). They came in both hardtop and fastback body styles, had the 6 cylinder engine, and many of the hardtops came with a black vinyl top. Each of the cars received a special Limited Edition 600 decal, which was located under the Mustang emblems on the front fenders. Other features included a non-functional hood scoop, full wheel covers, E78 x 14 whitewall tires, chrome remote driver's side mirror, AM radio, and colored tape stripes (3 pinstripes just below the body line from the headlight to the quarter panel scoop).

Mustang E
The 1969 Mustang E was offered for those desiring high mpg or Economy. The 1969 Limited Edition Mustang E was a rare (about 50 produced) fastback special model designed for economy. It came with the 250 ci six-cylinder engine, a high stall torque converter for the standard automatic transmission and a very low, 2.33:1 rear axle ratio. Mustang E lettering on the rear quarters identified the special Mustang E.

T-5 Ford
Ford could not export the Mustang to Germany, but they could export a Mustang with it's emblems replaced with "T-5". The T-5 Ford was available for export to Germany from 1964 to 1979.

4.1 Liter Special
We are working on finding out more about the 1969 Mustang 4.1 Liter Special which came with an automatic L-code 4.1 liter (250ci) 6-cylinder engine; special order exterior green WT7034, yellow or orange paint; white and gold pinstripe; and a 4.1 Litre Special checkered flag fender badge. The special model seems to be local to the Indianapolis order district (DSO 46).

The Going Thing
The Cleveland sales district created a regional special promotion edition 1969 Mustang (and Torinos) called The Going Thing. 109 Mustangs had special stripes installed with "The Going Thing" written on the rocker. They were installed on stock Mustangs with all sorts of engine sizes. The stripes were similar to those on factory Ford drag cars. The promotion was kicked off at the Thompson Drag Raceway in Thompson, Ohio.

Other Special Models
Some 1969 special promotional Mustangs which we are working on now include the 1969 Mid Engine Mustang Ford prototype, the 1969-70 Quarter Horse Ford racing version, the 1969-71 Drag Pack optioned Mustang, and the 1969 Super Cobra Jet (SCJ). In our book, we have the 1969 Boss 302 SCCA Trans-Am Race Car, Pop Option sale Mustangs, Shelby de Mexico, and the Tournament of Thrills modified and worked Mustangs.

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