1978 Cobra Mustang Data Explorer summary
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Body Styles (compare years, see more 1978 style information including Special Models)

King Cobra Hatchback

Cobra Hatchback

In 1978, Ford introduced the King Cobra option for the Mustang II at a price of $1277. This version was considered the "Boss of the Mustang stable" and featured a giant snake decal on the hood, pinstriping around the windows, decklid, wheel lips, rocker panels, belt, and over-the-roof area. It also had a large front and rear spoiler, rear quarter flares, spoke wheels, and the 5.0L V8 engine.

The standard 1978 Mustang Cobra II received a new stripe tape treatment mid-year with tri-color tape stripes, large "Cobra" block letters midlevel on the side and decklid spoiler, a Cobra decal on the back spoiler, and a Cobra II snake emblem on a black grille.

Production Totals (compare years)

Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
9,009 03 69F Hatchback Cobra II 4,049
03 69F Hatchback King Cobra II 4,960

Paint Color Codes (compare years, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Black 1C M1724
Silver 1G M5299
Bright Red 2R M5400
Dark Midnight Blue 3A M5585
Dark Jade 46 M5328
Medium Chestnut 5M M5114
Dark Brown 5Q M5477
Bright Yellow 6E M5080
Bright Aqua 7H M5482
Light Aqua 7Q M5479
Chamois 83 M5520
Tangerine 85 M5533
Chamois Glow 8W M5739
White 9D M5418

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Year: 8 = 1978
F = Dearborn, Michigan
R = San Jose, California
02 = Coupe
03 = Hatchback Cobra II (also base level hatchback)
Engine: F = Optional 134hp V8
Unit Number: 1978 Mustangs start at 100001
The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

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