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The 1984 Mustang was a year of significant changes and improvements. The Fox body underwent a continual evolution, and the engine performance options were expanded. The 20th-anniversary models were introduced, and Saleen's modification of Mustangs was also notable. The yellow color was discontinued until 1988. The base L model remained, but the GL was combined with the GLX to form the LX model. The GT remained, but with a new front air dam that had optional road lamps.

The 20th Anniversary Edition Mustangs were all convertible GTs in Oxford White with red interiors, powered by the 302ci V8 or turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. They featured G.T.350 lettering and stripes (which Ford got in trouble with Shelby for not licensing), original 1965-type front fender emblems, and two 20th-anniversary dash badges.

The newly developed Ford Special Vehicle Operations department put together a performance model offering its upgraded 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, body trim, and handling options. Red dash instrument lighting and split-folding rear seats were new to the interior on all cars.

1984 marked the first year of an increase in cars sold since 1978, which continued until 1990.

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1984 Grille

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1984 Rear View

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang GT
The 1984 Mustang GT used the previous year's more popular 175hp, 5.0L, V8 and optional 2.3L, electronic fuel injected Turbo 4-cycle engine; came with hood stripes and decals, and functional front air dam with integrated fog lamps.

Turbo GT
The 1984 Turbo GT was an option on the 1983 through 1985 Mustang GT which offered a turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder engine, fuel injection, and GT Turbo fender badges. The engine was rate a 145 horsepower and can be identified as a W-code on the door data tag, the stock 2.3L 4-cylinder engine is designated by an A-code.

20th Anniversary GT
Ford produced a quantity of 5260, 20th Anniversary GTs in 1984. They were all painted Oxford White and have red interiors. They have the GT350 stripes on their rocker panels. You could get either the W-code 2.3L 4-cylinder turbo or the M-code 5.0L V8. Ford did not get Shelby's permission to use the "GT350" name and lost a suit with Shelby.

Mustang SVO
The all new 1984 Mustang SVO came with an air-to-air intercooled, turbocharged, 175hp (at 4400rpm), 2.3 liter, electronic fuel injected, inline 4-cylinder. The Ford Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) group was started on the 1980 Mustangs to to help interested race car drivers build up competition versions of the Mustang, create a kits of bolt-on parts that could be purchased by average Mustang owners to modify their street cars, and create a series of specialty GT racing cars. The 1984 SVO Mustang was the first car to do the later.

Saleen Mustang
New to 1984 was the Saleen Mustang where Steve Saleen took a stock Mustang GT and added his own suspension, brake, and body modifications. The engines remained stock. In 1984 he only modified three Mustangs - all hatchback GTs. They wore big 215/60 tires on 15x7 inch rims. They had custom front air dams, covered headlights, side skirts, and big decklid spoilers. The first ones only cost an additional $4,526 to the sticker price of the stock Mustang GT. Factory created Saleens (for all years) are serialized. They have their unique Saleen serial number on the driver's side front bumper, on a dash plaque on the center console, and on an under-hood plate riveted to the fender or firewall. See our 1984 Saleen Data Explorer for more information.

1984 was the 2nd year for the Predator modified by Tom Soloman and sold by specific dealers they featured a Cobra air cleaner, Monte Carlo bar, roll cage, wood shifter knob, Shelby 8 spoke wheels with spinners, SVO suspension, hood scoop, hood pins, G.T.302 or G.T.302 R graphics, and more. The Predator Cobra version was also available. They had the Cobra package and Cobra on the valve covers. Around 130 cars were modified in 1984. More information can be found at graphic-express.com.

Other Special Models
In our book we have information on the 1984 Mustang LX and the 1982-1993 Mustang SSP (Special Service Package).

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