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In 1985, Mustang continued to build on its legacy of power and style by upgrading its SVO turbocharged 4-cylinder engine by 30 horsepower to 205hp and improving its top 5.0L V8 engine by 35 horsepower to 210hp. This was the last year for the 145hp 4-cylinder turbo GT, as the V8 offerings had more power. The L series was dropped, making the LX the base model with the GT and SVO as upgrades. As in 1983, all models had their tires increased in size again. The grille was changed to match more with the SVO but with an open slit at the bottom. All Mustangs also had a front air dam with four rectangular holes in the center. GTs received integrated fog lamps, and the SVO received more flush headlamps. The tail lights on all models were full width with only an opening for the license plate. Sales rose again, with 156,514 cars being produced.

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1985 Grille

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1985 Rear View

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang GT
The 1985 GT Mustang came standard with an improved 5.0L, high output V8 engine putting out 210hp, 35hp over the previous year with a combination of stainless headers, low-friction roller tappets, high performance camshaft, and a more efficient accessory drive system controlling power to the air conditioner, power steering and alternator. The automatic transmission upgrade reduced the power back to 175hp by using the previous year's engine setup. This was the last year for the 4-cycle 2.3L Turbo engine upgrade which put out 145hp but better gas mileage. New to 1985 was the 10-spoke alloy wheel, lighter charcoal cloth interiors, charcoal body side molding with an embossed GT near the rear wheel, and a single lower half opened front grille with the Ford emblem just above.

Turbo GT
1985 was the last year of the Turbo GT special package which combines a turbocharger to the 2.3L 4-cylinder base engine, fuel injection, and a GT Turbo fender badge. The option package was $230 more than the GT and not many were built over the 3 year run.

SVO Mustang
The SVO Turbo Mustang started the 1985 model year with the previous year's air-to-air intercooled, turbocharged, 175hp (at 4400rpm), 2.3 liter, electronic fuel injected, inline 4-cylinder. Mid year this changed to a 205hp version by incorporating some of the GT improvements as well as reworked turbo elements. The 1985 SVO continued to have the charcoal front and rear bumper moldings, double split rear spoiler, single hole grille, and single offset integrated hood scoop. Some of the new changes to the 1985 GT made it look more like the SVO.

Saleen Mustang
The 1985 Saleen Mustang started with the 1985, 210hp, manual, Mustang GT and added aerodynamic body skirts, sport wheels, leather wrapped short throw shifter, 170mph speedometer, Racecraft suspension, and Saleen graphics. Modifications over the 1984 version included, bigger 225/60 tires, metallic brake pads, and a smoother decklid spoiler. See our 1985 Saleen Data Explorer for more information.

Twister II Special
Offered in two shades of red (Jalapena Red and Canyon Red) as well as white and silver, the 1985 Twister II Special Mustang sported black side stripes and Twister II lettering as well as a black striped hood. The Twister was only offered in the Kansas area and could be ordered with on any GT (convertible or hatchback) with any GT options. The Twister was first offered in 1970 but only came on the Mach 1 in Grabber orange, and in 2008 as an aftermarket Grabber Orange GT upgrade; but both in the Kansas area only. 76 hatchbacks and 14 convertibles were sold as Twister II Specials.

1985 was the 3rd year for the Predator modified by Tom Soloman. The Predator featured a Cobra air cleaner, Monte Carlo bar, roll cage, wood shifter knob, 4 spoke Enki wheels, SVO suspension, fiberglass hood, hood scoop, hood pins, LeMans stripes, G.T.302 or G.T.302 R graphics, and more. About 140 cars were modified in 1985. More information and this 1983 Predator photo is from graphic-express.com.

Other Special Models
In our book we have information on the 1982-1993 Mustang SSP (Special Service Package).

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