1998 Cobra Mustang Data Explorer summary
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Body Styles (compare years, see more 1998 style information including Special Models)



The 1998 SVT Cobra saw a few changes from 1997: yellow paint was available, a new 5-spoke wheel design was used, the under-hood tower brace was redesigned, and there were some interior changes. Standard equipment included ABS, sport seats, the premium sound system, power equipment, rear window defroster, AC, cruise control, floor mats, lighted visor mirrors, and key-less entry. Optional equipment was limited to extra interior leather trim and a rear spoiler.

Production Totals (compare years)

Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
8,664 P46 Convertible Cobra 3,480
P47 Coupe Cobra 5,174

Paint Color Codes (compare years, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Chrome Yellow BZ M6675
Laser Red E9 M6688
Bright Atlantic Blue K7 M6863
Black UA M6373
Crystal White ZR M6774

Engine Data (compare years, see more 1998 performance information)

VIN Displacement Type Compression Max Power (net) Max Torque (net)
4.6L 305hp V8 V 281ci 4.6L DOHC 9.85:1 305hp 5800rpm 300ft-lb 4800rpm

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Manufacturer: 1FA = Ford Motor Company USA Ford Passenger Car
Safety: F = Driver/Passenger Air Bags & Active Seat Belts
P46 = Convertible
P47 = Coupe
Engine: V = 305hp, 4.6L DOHC V8
Check Digit: 0-9 or X
Year: W = 1998
Assembler: F = Dearborn, Michigan
Unit Number: 1998 Mustangs start at 100001
The VIN number is on top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield.

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