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The redesigned 2005 Mustang celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic car with a retro design that evokes elements from 40 years ago. The front grille, the rear tail lights, the side windows, and the galloping horse badge are all reminiscent of the classic Mustangs from 1964 to 1968. The new Mustang also offers modern features and performance, such as powerful engines, a color-configurable instrument panel, and GT options for both the coupe and convertible body styles.

The front grille of the new Mustang is slightly slanted forward to suggest a forward jetting hood, just like the original models. The recessed round headlights are separated from the grille by a color-keyed integrated body panel, and the turn signals are located lower in the bumper. The optional fog lamps are mounted in the grille field, and the center of the grille features the Mustang galloping horse badge. These design elements create a distinctive and aggressive look for the new Mustang.

The rear of the new Mustang also pays homage to the past with three separate tail lights that do not wrap around to the sides, a simulated center gas cap badge, and no large recessed "MUSTANG" letters. The rear design is simple and elegant, emphasizing the car's sleek and sporty profile. The side coves are less pronounced than the 2004 model, and there is no simulated wheel air scoop at the end. However, the smaller rear quarter windows set apart from the door windows bring back elements of the fastback body line that was popular in the 1960s.

The new Mustang does not compromise on performance and technology. It offers two powerful engines: a 208hp, 4.0 liter, V6; and a 300hp, 4.6 liter, V8. The interior options include a color-configurable instrument panel that allows the driver to select more than 125 different background colors with a touch of a button. The GT options are available for both the coupe and convertible body styles, adding more features and enhancements to the already impressive car. The new Mustang is manufactured in Flat Rock, Michigan, instead of Dearborn, Michigan, where it was produced for 40 years.

The redesigned 2005 Mustang is a tribute to the car's legacy and a showcase of its innovation. It combines design elements from 40 years ago with modern features and performance to create a car that is both nostalgic and futuristic. The new Mustang is a car that appeals to both old and new generations of drivers who appreciate its style and power.

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GT Options Package
The 2005 Mustang GT came in two options packages: the Deluxe and the Premium. Both packages standard items include: 4.6 liter, over-head cam, 3 valve, V8 engine; stainless steel dual exhaust; TR3650 5-speed manual transmission; fog lamps; rear spoiler; performance tires; 17 inch premium painted cast aluminum wheels, and power adjusted 6-way drivers seat with power lumbar. The GT Deluxe package comes with the standard stereo and cloth seats while the GT Premium package comes with the Shaker 500 audio system and leather seats.

San Diego Special
The San Diego Special Mustang was limited to 200 V6 Mustangs featuring Lemans over-the-top stripes, rear spoiler, upgraded exhaust with chrome tip, chrome spinner wheels, 500W Shaker stereo, interior upgrade package (aluminum dash trim, shift knob, door handles, and door sills), MyColor gauges, and SDS interior and exterior badges. In 2006 this model's name was changed to the Southern California Special. And then in 2007 changed to a GT and called the California Special.

Yankees Mustang Limited Edition
Ford Motor company created this Yankees Mustang Limited Edition. 60 of these units were produced (all white and all convertibles). One was given to each of the 62 Ford Tri-State Dealers in the New York area. Did these cars help the Yankees in their 103rd baseball season in 2005? The team finished with a record of 95-67 finishing in a division tie with the Boston Red Sox. They then went on to lose to the Los Angeles Angels in the play-offs.

The 2005 Saleen conversions were done on the new body style Mustang GTs. You could get the base S-281 model, the S-281 S/C supercharged version, and the S-281 E "Extreme" model. The first two could be ordered in the coupe or convertible body styles. The Extreme model only came in the coupe. They came standard with the Saleen Quick Ratio 5-speed manual transmission. A 5-speed automatic was optional. Suspension included MacPerson strut, 1.38 inch front and 0.79 inch rear stabilizer bars, urethane pivot bushings, and a live rear axle.

Mustang Roush
Roush Performance Products offered both performance parts and turn-key Mustang conversions. They had the Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 turn-key models for 2005. Stage 1 for just an appearance package. Stage 2 adds a suspension upgrade. Stage 3 added performance - a supercharger!

Mustang Steeda
Steeda Autosports offered both performance parts and turn-key cars for the 2005 Mustang model year. Modifications included: unique hood, air dam, and spoiler; bigger diameter Steeda wheel; Billet aluminum throughout; suspension changes; and engine performance upgrades. Models included the V6, GT, and Q.

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