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The Mustang is back in 2008, with no major changes for its fourth year. The main differences are in the options. Side air bags are now standard. Some new options are: lights that change color inside the car; HID headlights; bigger wheels for the V6; a new package for safety and security for the V6; and a special package for supporting breast cancer awareness for the V6 Premium with automatic transmission. You can choose from different models, such as the V6, GT, Shelby GT, and SVT Shelby GT500. The V6 and GT models have two versions: Deluxe or Premium. The Premium version has better seats and sound system.

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2008 Grille

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2008 Rear View

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GT Options Package
The 2008 Mustang GT has two options packages: the deluxe and premium. Both packages include the 4.6 liter, over-head cam, 3 valve, V8 engine; stainless steel dual exhaust; TR3650 5-speed manual transmission; fog lamps; rear spoiler; performance tires; and 17 inch painted cast aluminum wheels. The GT deluxe package comes with the standard stereo and seats while the GT premium package comes with the Shaker 500 audio system and power adjustable leather sport bucket seats. Additional options include tire and stereo upgrades, premium 18 inch Aluminum wheels, HID headlamps, and a sport interior appearance package which includes color accents, sport steering wheel, and aluminum accents.

Mustang Shelby
The 2008 Shelby Mustang has two main models: the Shelby GT-500 and the Shelby GT package. The Shelby GT-500 comes in a coupe or convertible; has a 500hp, 5.4 liter, supercharged, V8 engine; and standard equipment includes: fog lamps, over-the-top racing stripes (coupe only), GT500 side stripes, Shelby gas cap, unique aluminum hood with functional air vents, front fascia, unique rear spoiler, aluminum interior accent air registers, Shaker 500 Audio System, Sport leather seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, and an anti-theft system. Optional equipment includes ambient lighting, interior upgrade, Shaker 1000 Audio System, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, touch screen DVD based navigation, HID headlamps, and stripe delete options. The Shelby GT is a Mustang GT premium modified for about $15,000 to include many of the Shelby GT500 options. The standard Shelby GT comes in a coupe or convertible but only in Vista Blue with silver stripes, the Shelby GT-C California only in Grabber Orange with silver stripes, and the limited Shelby GT Barrett Jackson edition of 100 cars in black with red stripes. See the Shelby Data Explorer for more information.

Mustang GT/CS
The 2008 Mustang GT/CS California Special consists of a $1,895 GT California Special options package which includes California Special side tape stripes, 18-inch polished aluminum wheels with a pony center cap and 235/50/ZR15 tires, and front floor mats with the Mustang logo. The 2008 GTCS is only available in the coupe.

Mustang Bullitt
The 2008 Mustang Bullitt brings back the style of the 1968 Mustang fastback used in the 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt. Available in Highland Green (unique to Bullitt) or Black exterior paint, this special model includes modified 18-inch micro machined Euro-flange Bullitt wheels with a satin finish; tri-bar pony wheel caps; dark gray painted calipers; satin finish Bullitt emblems/badging; 3.5 inch stainless steel packed exhaust tips; ram air and other improvements added to the 4.6 liter, 3-valve, single-overhead cam, V8 engine; and special handling. Production will be limited to 7000 units.

Warriors In Pink Mustang
The 2008 Warriors In Pink Mustang (Sally) options package adds pink accents to the base V6 coupe or convertible with leather seats and automatic transmission. Pink accents include a low pink Mustang side stripe, pink ribbon behind the pony logo on the side, pink seat piping, and other pink stitching and accents. The WIP option is available with performance white, silver metallic, or black exterior paints on the coupe or convertible body styles.

Ford Racing Cobra Jet
The 2008 Cobra Jet is an extensive options package designed by Ford Racing added to the V6 bodyline to create a track-only race car. The options package includes the 5.4L V8 with racing upgrades and optional supercharger, racing transmission, racing wheels and tires, racing suspension and handling, roll bars, all welded body seams, and tons more available from Ford Racing. The Cobra Jet is limited to 50 cars and are all white.

The 2008 Mustang Saleen comes with five engine options: S281 (4.6L 335hp V8), S281-SC (4.6L 465hp Supercharged V8), H302 (4.9L 400hp V8), H302-SC (4.9L 580hp Supercharged V8), and a S302-E (4.9L 620hp extreme supercharged V8). It also comes with standard trim, American flag trim (AF), or red flag trim (RF). See the Saleen Data Explorer for more information.

Mustang Roush
The 2008 Mustang Roush has several upgrade levels starting with hood scoop, spoiler, wheels, and badging in the V6 offering; to the Sport, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 which adds upgrades all the way up to a 7 piece body kit and a 4.6L Roushcharged V8. Two popular special edition models are the 427-R and 428-R models which adds a 4 piece custom body, panels, graphics, wheels, interior, accents, and the 4.6L Roushcharged V8 engine. The 428-R engine starts with the Mustang H-code 300hp, 320ft-lb torque, 4.6L, V8: and adds a chrome powder coated Roushcharger; Billet radiator, oil, intercooler, and strut tower cap; and a performance exhaust system to raise the horsepower to 435 and 400 lb-ft of torque. Other Limited edition models include the 510hp P51A, the sporty Speedster, a racing suspension 427R Trak-Pak, and the midnight black only Stage 3 BlackJack.

Mustang Stinger
The 2008 Mustang Stinger starts with a Mustang GT and had Stinger factory installed Aluminum front end, side panels with side exhaust, rear quarter panels, a rear end. It also has Billet type wheels and grille and a shaker hood. Interior upgrades include an Ostrich print all leather interior, Ostrich print leather center console, and other Stinger accents.

Boss Shinoda
Team Shinoda builds a whole set of Boss Shinodas for 2008. They have the 429, Legacy, Level 1, Level 2 (S, T, and FR), and Level 3. The packages contain different body kits, interior trim, wheels, and badging as well as engine and handling performance upgrades.

Mustang Sherrod
The 2008 Mustang Sherrod has two models a GT 500 S, and a V6 300 S. The GT 500S starts with the premium Mustang GT and adds a Billet type upper and lower grille, aluminum air dam/splitter, a custom rear bumper cover with aluminum air splitter bottom to match the front, side dual exhaust, rear side quarter panel air scoops, side fender heat extractors, rear duck tail spoiler, black bullitt style wheels, shaker hood with functional air scoop, and louvered C pillar window scoops. The V6 300S starts with deluxe Mustang GT and adds a lower Billet type lower grille, custom black wheels, a front lower chin spoiler, side c-stripes, a rear duck tail spoiler, side fender heat extractors, and louvered C pillar louvered panels.

Steeda Autosports builds a series of modified Mustangs as well as aftermarket performance parts. Models include the Q350, Q450, Q650, QS6, and the Steeda Certified GT500.

Twister Special
The 2008 Mustang GT Twister Special is built by R&A Motorsports; and only comes in Grabber Orange; and only in the Kansas City area just like the first 1970 Mach 1 Twister, Kansas City, Mustang promotion. The 2008 Twister is limited to 96 coupes and convertibles. Besides all the Twister graphics and badges, the modifications include Foose 20 inch wheels, shaker hood and hood scoop, duck wing spoiler, sequential tail lights, custom black top and rear deck panel, rear quarter window panels, and a tri-bar pony on the grille.

AJ Foyt Coyote Edition
The AJ Foyt Coyote Edition is built by Heritage Customs and limited to 500 cars. All cars have custom body panels, custom wheels, and special Coyote badging. The modifications come in many of the standard Mustang factory colors; and many have a custom, color matched supercharger.

The 2008 Mustang Eleanor is a special model offered by many professional body shops which use an Eleanor body kit to dress up a Mustang inspired by the modified 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 used in the 1974 film Gone in 60 Seconds and a modified 1967 GT500 used in the 2000 remake of the film. Common Eleanor modifications include: front fascia, side scoops, body side exhaust, PIAA low center fog lamps, billet grille, a hood with a bump, over the top wide stripes, and unique wheels. The movie Eleanors were all gray with black stripes.

Foose Stallion
The Foose Stallion is the last main year of the production Foose Stallion although it continues to today with modifications that owners can add to their cars from designed by Chip Foose. The 2008 Foose Mustang followed the previous year's upgrades with a choice of 335hp or 425hp engine upgrades, performance handling, interior and exterior upgrades, and Dupont Hot Hue's exterior accent colors as stripes or two-tone.

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