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2009 was a short year for the Mustang, lasting only six months, as the 2010 redesigned model came out earlier than normal. The additions in 2009 included Brilliant Silver clearcoat metallic exterior paint, which replaced Silver, a glass roof option, 45th anniversary year fender badges, and a GT security package. The special models continued to be the GT, GT California Special, Bullitt, Warriors in Pink, and the SVT Shelby GT500 and GT500KR.

Grille Styles (compare years)

2009 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

2009 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Standard V6 wheel, 16 inch bright machined aluminum

Standard V6 Premium wheel, 16 inch bright machined aluminum with chrome spinners

Standard GT wheel, 17 inch painted aluminum

GT500 wheel, 18 inch bright machined aluminum

GT500KR wheel, 18 inch polished forged aluminum

GT California Special / Optional GT wheel, 18 inch polished aluminum

18 inch Optional GT Premium wheel, 18 inch chrome aluminum

18 inch Optional GT wheel, 18 inch premium aluminum

Bullitt Package wheel, 18 inch euroflange cast aluminum with dark argent finish

18 inch Optional V6 Premium Coupe wheel, 18 inch premium painted forged aluminum

17 inch Optional V6 / GT wheel, 17 inch bright machined aluminum split spoke

V6 Pony Package wheel, 17 inch painted aluminum

Custom 18 inch Polished wheel, 18 inch polished aluminum

Custom 18 inch Chrome wheel, 18 inch chrome aluminum

Custom 18 inch 5-Spoke wheel, 18 inch 5-spoke chrome

Custom 18 inch Forged wheel, 18 inch polished forged aluminum

Custom 18 inch Argent wheel, 18 painted argent aluminum

Custom 18 inch Black wheel, 18 inch painted black aluminum

Custom 17 inch Black wheel, 17 inch painted black aluminum

Custom 17 inch Argent wheel, 17 inch painted argent aluminum

Custom 17 inch Silver wheel, 17 inch painted silver aluminum

Custom 17 inch Polished wheel, 17 inch polished aluminum

Special Models (compare years)

GT Options Package
The 2009 Mustang GT has the standard and premium option package. Both include the 4.6 liter, over-head cam, 3 valve, V8 engine; stainless steel dual exhaust; TR3650 5-speed manual transmission; fog lamps; rear spoiler; performance tires; and 17-inch painted cast aluminum wheels. The GT premium package comes with the Shaker 500 audio system, Satellite Radio, and an interior upgrade including a power adjustable leather sport bucket seats. Additional options include an automatic transmission, glass roof, tire and stereo upgrades, seat upgrades, premium 18-inch Aluminum wheels, HID headlamps, a GT security system, and a Bullitt package.

Mustang Shelby
The 2009 Shelby Mustang comes in a two models a 500hp Shelby GT500 and 540hp Shelby GT500KR. No news on the continuation of the 2008, 319hp Shelby GT. New to 2009 is the Red Stripe Appearance Package for the Performance White and Black GT-500s. Only 300 units will have the Red Stripe Package. The only documented 2009 changes are that the SIRIUS Satellite Radio is standard on all GT500s.

Mustang GT/CS
The 2009 Mustang GT/CS California Special package is available on the Vista Blue, Performance White, Dark Candy Apple Red, Black, and Vapor Silver Mustang GTs for both the coupe and convertible body style. Previous years, the GTCS was only available in the coupe. It consists of California Special side tape stripes in black or white, special front and rear body treatment, side scoops, chrome exhaust tips, 18 inch polished aluminum wheels, and either Parchment or Dove colored seat inserts.

Warriors In Pink Mustang
The 2009 Warriors In Pink Mustang (Sally) option package (54S) adds: a Billet style grille without the GT fog lamps; a pink hood and rocker stripes; charcoal leather seats, charcoal floormats, and steering wheel all trimmed in pink stitching; and a special pink ribbon and pony emblem on the front fenders.. The 2009 Warriors In Pink (WIP) limited edition Mustang is only available in Brilliant Silver, Black, or Performance White on the coupe or convertible body style.

Mustang Bullitt
The 2009 Mustang Bullitt brings back the style of the 1968 Mustang fastback used in the 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt. Available in either Highland Green (unique to Bullitt) or Black exterior paint choices. Standard options on this special model include modified 18-inch micro machined Euro-flange Bullitt wheels with a satin finish; tri-bar pony wheel caps; dark gray painted calipers; satin finish Bullitt emblems/badging; 3.5 inch stainless steel packed exhaust tips; ram air and other improvements added to the 4.6 liter, 3-valve, single-overhead cam, V8 engine; and special handling.

Saleen Mustsang
The 2009 Saleen Mustang line-up contains many models. One new addition is the 2009 Dark Horse Extreme Edition Mustang which has the new Speedlab SuperShaker option, 620hp, and all black with black accents. Other models include the 585hp Supercharged S302 and the 420hp Racecraft Supercharged 420S. Versions of the H302, S281, and S302E line are also offered.

Roush Mustang
The 2009 Roush Mustang comes in several carry-over upgrade packages and at least one new Roush Touring Coupe (RTC) limited special edition. Returning in 2009 is the Stage 3, 429R, Stage 3 Black Jack Limited Edition Mustang, and Stage 3 P-51A and Stage 3 P-51B 510hp limited edition.

Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition
All standard 2009 V6 and GT Mustangs have 45th Anniversary fender badges making them essentially all Anniversary models. There is although a series of aftermarket customized coupes by California Galpin Ford, some prominent designers and metal fabricators, and Lee Iacocca called the Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang. Introduced in late July of 2009 they have customized sunken headlights, custom grille, a regular or supercharged 4.6L V8, custom wheels, Ford Racing suspension, custom interior, and unique silver paint. 45 cars were customized this way.

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