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Some exciting new features and options are available for the 2012 Ford Mustang. Among the new additions are the Boss 302, Boss 302 Laguna Seca, and Lava Red exterior paint. The Boss 302 is a special edition Mustang that pays tribute to the legendary 1969 model, with a distinctive design, enhanced aerodynamics, and a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 444 horsepower. The Boss 302 Laguna Seca is an even more extreme version of the Boss 302, with a stripped-down interior, stiffer suspension, and larger brakes, making it ready for the racetrack. The Lava Red paint is a unique color option that changes from black to red depending on the lighting. These new features join the existing ones, such as Grabber Blue and Yellow Blaze paint colors, the Mustang Club of America Edition package, and the Shelby GT500 model that boasts a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 with 550 horsepower. Another notable improvement for the 2012 Mustang is that all models, including the base V6, come with dual exhaust as standard, giving them a more aggressive sound and appearance.

Grille Styles (compare years)

2012 Grille

Rear Styles (compare years)

2012 Rear View

Wheel Styles (compare years)

Standard V6 wheel, 17 inch painted aluminum

Standard V6 wheel, 17 inch painted aluminum

Pony V6 wheel, 18 inch polished aluminum
MCA V6 wheel, 18 sterling gray metallic-painted aluminum

Performance Package V6 wheel, 19 inch machined aluminum

Standard GT wheel, 18 inch wide-spoke painted aluminum

Optional GT wheel, 18 inch polished aluminum

19 Inch Optional GT wheel, bright machined aluminum

19 Inch Premium GT wheel, Luster nickel-painted aluminum

Brembo GT wheel, 19 inch dark stainless-painted aluminum

California Special Edition wheel, 19 inch argent-painted machined aluminum

Boss 302 wheel, 19 inch black-painted aluminum

Boss 302 Laguna Seca wheel, 19 inch red-painted machined aluminum

Shelby GT500 wheel, 19 inch painted forged-aluminum

SVT Performance Package wheel, 19 inch painted forged-aluminum

Special Models (compare years)

Mustang GT
The 2012 Mustang GT comes with the 412hp, all-aluminum block, 5.0 liter, V8 engine. Other upgrades are 18 inch wide spoke wheels or an array of wheel optional upgrades, 3:31 limited slip rear differential, grille mounted fog lamps, special rear spoiler, black grille accents including a black pony, and black front and rear splitters.

Mustang Boss
There are several versions of the 2012 Mustang Boss: Mustang Boss 302 limited edition has a 440hp, 5.0L, V8; custom wheels; custom handling, and custom graphics. The extra power comes 302R technology: forged rotating assembly, CNC ported heads, and upgraded camshafts and intake. The Mustang Boss Laguna Seca 302 also has the 440hp, 5.0L V8; but it has a close-ratio six-speed transmission, a standard Torsen limited-slip rear differential, upgraded suspension tuning, 302R front splitter, black or ingot silver with red accents, blacked out grille with blocked out fog lamps, and a cross-bar X-brace instead of back seats. The Mustang Boss 302S is similar to the Boss Laguna Seca except that it has a black louvered hood insert, black (Laguna Seca has red) painted 19 inch wheels, large carbon fiber Ford Racing rear spoiler, 6-point roll cage, Pro-Racer seat, quick release steering wheel, a Recaro HANS system, and AiM data acquisition system. And to top that off, how about the Mustang Boss 302R built specifially for racing only.

The 2012 Shelby Mustang GT500 comes standard with the 540hp, supercharged, 5.4L, aluminum block, V8 engine; 6-speed manual transmission; 3:55:1 rear ratio; 19 inch premium forged aluminum wheels; vented aluminum hood; Lemans tape stripes; custom front fascia and grille; sport leather seats; Brembo front breaks; and many other standard upgrades. A total of 350 limited edition Shelby GT350s will be produced. They will come only in Performance White with blue stripes, Race Red with white stripes, and Kona Blue with white stripes. They contain either a normally aspirated or supercharged 5.0L engine. GT350s are based on the Mustang GT and are available in both a coupe and convertible body styles.

Mustang Club of America Edition
The 2012 Mustang Club of America Edition is a V6 coupe or convertible upgrade which includes a billet style grille, 18 inch painted wheels, and a side C-stripe with Mustang letters.

California Special
The 2012 Mustang GT California Special is a GT coupe or convertible upgrade which includes a billet style grille, upgraded wheels, and a GT/CS side stripe.

Cobra Jet
The 2012 Cobra Jet FR500CJ returns in 2012 with changes that include a new aluminum-block 5.4-liter V8, a modified suspension, low-drag racing brakes, and new black anodized wheels. You can top the engine off with either the 2.3-liter TVS supercharger or the 4.0-liter Ford Racing Whipple supercharger. Both yield a 425hp engine. And can push the car to under 10 second quarter mile time! A quantity of 50 units were built and were available in Race Red, Grabber Blue, and Winner White paint color. The graphics on the sides are options.

The 2012 Saleen brand returns to Steve Saleen of now SMS Supercars. The 2012 Saleen has the SMS 302 model which is powered by a SMS 296 Supercharged 302ci 4-valve V8 engine. It has a SMS performance suspension, exhaust, special 20-inch wheels, and brake upgrade. The body kit includes front bumper, front splitter, rear bumper, rear diffuser, side skirts, side splitters, and a special hood and spoiler. Inside there is two-tone leather performance seats, door inserts, leather shift knob, 200mph gauges, special identification, and a Steve Saleen personally signed dash! Saleen is also offering the SMS 25A model based on the 2008 25A Concept which has a 730HP engine with a red butterfly supercharger intake poking through the hood!

Roush Mustang
In 2012 Roush has a whole line-up of special upgrade packages and performance components for the Mustang. Vehicle lineup includes the Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 3 Hyper Series. The Stage 1 includes the front and rear body panels, interior upgrades, and Roush badges. Stage 2 adds performance handling, wheels, and tires. Stage 3 adds a 540hp supercharger, exhaust, added handling, and graphics. The Hyper Series which comes in black adds custom color accents to their four models called: "Mat It Mango", "Gas It Green", "Punch It Purple", and "Launch It Lemon".

Kentucky Speedway Pace Car
The 2012 Kentucky Speedway Pace Car is a limited edition of 46 specially painted and optioned premium optioned GT Mustangs with a distinctive red and blue lower bodyside stripe, large Kentucky Speedway lettering, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series graphics, the 401A optional performance white striped charcoal black leather seats and door pony badge, GT accessory package 6 which contains the hood and side scoops as well as pedestal rear spoiler and decklid panel, and standard 19 inch premium GT wheels. 43 were convertibles and three were coupes.

Ford, DUB magazine, and Roush Industries come together again in 2012 to offer this DUB Limited Edition Mustang. DUB edition starts with a V6 Mustang coupe or convertible. Modifications include; Roush front fascia and splitter, Roush lowered suspension, 3.31 rear axle, quarter window covers, DUB stripe package, black interior with DUB embroidered into the headrests, unique 20-inch Pirelli wheels, and TIS tires.

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