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MustangAttitude.com Picture Submission Page
We would like to post photos of your Mustang on our site! Please use this page to send us photos right from your harddrive. Just follow the steps below or email them to the webmaster. Besides posting to the site, your Mustang might become featured Attitude Of The Week on our homepage!

NOTICE: All images and information that you submit to this web site are automatically assumed to be for public publication and public distribution as the webmaster sees fit to include. None of the following is required. Your email address will allow others to contact you.

Photo Tips: Take large pictures, do not edit them, and back up so we see the whole car.

We will email you when we review and post the photos. If you live in the US, we can send you a site decal set and a couple of QR code cards for car shows. If you live outside the US, we will email you a link to print out your own QR code cards.
Step 1: Optional Information about You and Your Mustang
Year: , Model: ,
Factory Paint Color?:
Exterior Paint Color:
Interior Color:
Engine Size:
Original Engine?:
Transmission: Auto, Manual
If this car is a convertible or has a vinyl top, what is its color:
Owner's Name:
Email Address:
City, State and/or Country:
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Tell us about your Mustang (how did you get it, how long ago, any interesting mods/stories):

Is it For Sale?    If so, we can mark it For Sale and direct interested people to your email above or
optional phone number below. The For Sale signs will be on your photos for 3 months. You can email us
to remove the For Sale sign or extend it another 3 months. We do ask that we keep your photos on the site
after it has sold to enhance our huge database of Mustangs.

Optional Phone Number:
Optional $ Amount:

Step 2: Select Photos on your Harddrive
Enter your 1st picture to upload (jpg jpeg gif bmp png file extensions)

Enter your 2nd picture to upload

Enter your 3rd picture to upload

Enter your 4th picture to upload

Enter your 5th picture to upload

You can come back here and select more files after submitting these.

Step 3: Extra Information - Will not be posted with your photos
Your Name
Email (if not given above)
Who took the Photo (or where did you get it)
(Check this box) To the best of my knowledge these pics are not copyrighted or
copied from some other source without permission
Check this box if you are under 18 years of age.

Step 4: All Done
Be Patient, It will take some time to Upload your pictures.

If you instantly get the "Thank You" page after pressing the Submit button, go back and
press it again. If it looks like it didn't work the second time, attach the pictures to an
email to webmaster

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