History of Mustang through the Newspaper's Eyes - 1964
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This is a history of the 1964 Mustang (or at least what happened to the Mustang in 1964) as seen by national and local Mustang articles, press releases, and advertisements. This is an interesting view of the Mustang throughout the years because we can see what was important each year through photos, graphics, models, written text, phrases, etc. Most unexpectedly it also shows an interesting view of why styles changed and how special promotions created special and limited edition Mustangs. See the links provided for more newspaper articles, information, and examples of the Mustangs shown.

Summary: Starting in March of 1964, the Associated Press reported on the first production numbers of Mustangs build by Ford. Soon after local newspaper advertisements asked people to come in to see the new Mustangs a week before the opening of the 1964 New York World's Fair where Ford had a Wonder Rotunda featuring the Walt Disney's Magic Skyway were visitors saw the past, present and future while siting in the new Mustang convertible. After the show the cars were made available at dealers. By May dealers started to win Indianapolis 500 Pace Car replicas which they had on display and customers could buy. By the end of the year, the Mustang was solidly part of the Ford lineup.

Lawrence Daily Journal World - March 17, 1964, Lawrence, Kansas

Mustang by Ford - On Output Report says this AP newspaper article talking about the production reports showing the first 743 Mustangs being built. The article also talks about the Mustang public debut at the New York World's fair next month. The article next to it about Cuba is interesting. The Cuban Missile Crisis ended in November of 1963 and the US stepped down its coverage on Cuba just 6 months before this article.

Waterloo Daily Courier - April 9, 1964, Waterloo, Iowa

The unexpected... New Ford Mustang, See it at your Ford Dealer's next week says this early local district Ford advertisement for the 1964 Mustang which will make its debut at the Ford Motor Company's Wonder Rotunda at the New York's World Fair. The close-up of the pony on the grille of a Mustang is shown in the photo. In this case, a local Ford dealer in Iowa added its name, address, and phone number. Later on, we start to see dealers take pre-orders.

Ogden Standard-Examiner - April 9, 1964, Ogden, Utah

Ford's Mustang Model On Display Here Soon says a local article in Utah by Ogden Ford Sales. This local article describes the two body styles of a hardtop and convertible, bucket seats, nylon carpet, transmission options, all-vinyl interior, padded instrument panel, and full-wheel covers. It also talks about the four engine options including three V8's. We have versions of this photo in color.

Color version of the above Mustang promotional photo

Tucson Daily Citizen - April 13, 1964, Tucson, Arizona

The Ford Mustang is set to show off in Tucson, Arizona just after it was introduced in New Your City today.

Record-Eagle - April 16, 1964, Traverse City, Michigan

The Unexpected …here Friday! says this Ford national ad which ran all week before the Mustang being shown at the New York's World Fair. At the bottom it says to see the Mustang and ride Walt Disney's Magic Skyway at the Ford Motor Company's Wonder Rotunda at the New York World's Fair. Mustang convertibles were used in this ride through the past, present, and future.

Olney Enterprise - April 16, 1964, Olney, Texas

Don't Miss the . . . New Ford Mustang On display in our showroom . . . Friday April 17 says this different version of a Ford National ad.

The Cuero Record - April 16, 1964, Cuero, Texas

Was I surprised! says this local ad for the first display of the Mustang at a dealer in Cuero, Texas.

The Daily Times-News - April 17, 1964, Burlington, North Carolina

It's Here! and its April 17th where the Mustang starts being shown at dealerships around the nation. The New York's Worlds Fair officially starts on the 22nd but press coverage has already shown the Mustangs there during the pre-opening activities.

The Valley Independent - April 21, 1964, Monessen, Pennsylvania

Now . . . five to drive at your Ford Dealer's says this Ford national ad proclaiming that the Mustang will be added to the Super Torque Ford, Falcon, Fairlane, and Thunderbird lineup.

Press-Telegram - April 21, 1964, Long Beach, California

New Ford Mustang honored by Tiffany & Co. for Excellence in American Design At the bottom of this ad, it reminds us to ride the Walt Disney's Magic Skyway.

Press-Telegram - April 21, 1964, Long Beach, California

Ford Mustang: $2368 Just a day before the opening of the World's Fair, we are starting to see some standard Mustang national ads. This is a simple version we found showing some standard features

Williamsburg Journal Tribune - April 30, 1964, Williamsburg, Iowa

Ford Mustang: $2368 A national Ford advertisement variant for the Mustang. This one is a bit larger but continues to feature the standard features included in a Mustang for $2368.

Daily Herald - April 30, 1964, Chicago, Illinois

New Ford Mustang The Mustang is a month old and this is a local ad for the new Ford Mustang.

Star-News - May 1, 1964, Pasadena, California

How much extra do you pay if you want your Ford Mustang with bucket seats, sporty floor-mounted shift, carpeting, vinyl interior, padded instrument panel and fully wheel cover? Nothing. This is another variant on a Ford national advertisement for the new Mustang.

The Post-Standard - May 22, 1964, Syracuse, New York

This huge ad was placed in New York showing two herds of Mustangs

The Salt Lake Tribune - May 16, 1964, Salt Lake City, Utah

Petty Wins Pace Car Replica says this local ad. Indy Pace car replicas were being shown in prep for the race on the 30th which featured the Mustang as its pace car. Also dealers started to win the replicas and were also bragging rights. Petty Ford of Salt Lake City was one of them.

Gastonia Gazette - May 22, 1964, Gastonia, North Carolina

Dixon Wins Mustang We see many of these local articles as dealerships win Indianapolis 500 Pace Car replicas. The competition, called "Checkered Flag" and "Green Flag" contests, were based on the dealer's sales performance prior to the introduction of the Mustang in April of 1964.

The Oneonta Star - June 9, 1964, Oneonta, New York

It's after the white Mustang Pace cars. Now you can see them at your local dealer.

Wellsboro Gazette - September 24, 1964, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

By the end of the year, we see the Mustang placed along side the rest of the Ford lineup in national advertisements. In this case we see the new 1965 Mustang fastback along side the Galaxie and Fairlane.

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