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Olive Green 1968 Special Factory Painted Mustang The sun really shows off this special order factory color. I like the rocket in the background.
Car Show The special paint really stands out at car shows. Awesome!
Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors Promotional Mustang Hardtop Originally posted July 25, 2010. This is one of two known Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustangs; and besides the unique special order color, it is nearly all original. It is owned by Jeff from Oregon and was our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting July 25, 2010. Jeff bought this car thinking it had 133,000 miles, but during restoration, discovered it only had 33,000. The Rainbow of Colors was a 1968 and 1969 sales promotion in the San Jose - Los Angles area which offered new Mustang owners one of thirteen special order paints and sport upgrade options. This Olive Green is one of those 13 colors. During the restoration process Jeff has tried to keep as much of the original paint as possible. He still has the white side stripes to put back on.
Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors Promotional Mustang Hardtop Here is Jeff's, Olive Green, 1968, Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang at the 2010 Mustang Round-up car show in Bellevue, Washington. About 1000 Mustangs showed up to this car show. I spent the whole day at the show looking at cars and thought Jeff's Mustang was the best. It sure did attract a lot of interest. This photo also fender that Jeff had to replace and repaint. The color match Jeff did is amazing. Jeff says that the American flag in the grille is in the same spot as when the first owner used it in Veteran's Day parades with magnetic white Generals stars on the doors and hood.
Ivy Gold Interior 1968 Mustang With only 33,000 miles on it, the dash looks brand new.
Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotinal Mustang hardtop Here is a before restoration view of Jeff's Mustang in its original WT7105 olive green paint which has all the numbers to make it a 1968 Rainbow of Colors west coast promotional Mustang. Jeff writes: It is still all original, despite some front end damage due to a previous owner trying to use it to move a guard rail... It is definitely a Military Olive Drab Green color. I even have pictures of the previous owner having driven it in a Veteran's Day parade with magnetic white Generals stars on the doors and hood for a classic military look.

Jeff wrote this just before restoration began: I just wanted to update you guys on the progress of my Mustang. I currently have it in a paint and body shop being repaired which has led to some very exciting information. The guy doing the work had originally said he could fix all the original sheet metal, which was what I wanted to do to preserve the car in it's originality. Well, last week, he called me up and said unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to repair the driver's side fender due to some stretched metal. In an effort to keep the car original, I took the fender to a Mustang professional restoration expert for a second opinion. He and his coworker examined it and initially thought it had been nicely restored at one point, and I made the comment that I didn't believe it had ever been restored and that the entire car looked to be in the same condition. They began to take a closer look and realized that it in fact was all factory original and then came the question, " How many miles did you say were on this car?" and I replied with, " I think it's somewhere around 128,000." Then one of the guys pointed out to me the wear on the front edge of the headlight bucket and that there was no way possible that this is a 100,000 mile car. He explained his logic and what wear is typical given various miles. He said the wear on this fender is more indicative of around 40,000 miles. I called my paint and body guy to explain the new found opinions and information. He then proceed to take a closer look at the car this morning and all the typical wear spots. He called me in a very excited tone and said "This is a 33,000 original mile car." He checked on brake and gas pedal wear, carpet wear, and so on and said none of it had been restored and it was all original. After finally calming down a bit and having called several friends, called back the Mustang experts and told them. The owner said in his history of restoring Mustangs and going to shows, that this makes the 3rd lowest original mileage Mustang he has ever seen in the classics. Talk about a find!!! Now I have some serious work cut out to document as much as possible with it. Luckily for me I have almost a whole year to prepare for the 30th annual Mustang Round Up in Bellevue, WA. I am so pumped up, this is absolutely AWESOME! Thanks, Jeff

Those pictures from the Mustang Round Up are included in this set.
Olive Green 1968 Rainbow of Colors Door Data Tag Jeff's Olive Green, 1968, Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang is a 200ci 6-cylinder (T-code) Sprint A which included the wheel covers and the side stripe. The door data tag shows a blank paint color code indicating a special order paint, assembled on the 16th of February (16B), ordered in San Jose area (DSO 72), under special order number 1194 which probably included other Rainbow of Color special order Mustangs from the same dealer, and built at the San Jose plant (second digit in the VIN is an R). The dealer was Lou Gerard Motors in Redding, California. According to google, this dealership changed names in 1982.
1968 Olive Green Rainbow Of Colors promotional Mustang hardtop This Olive Green factory special paint, 1968, Rainbow Of Colors promotional Mustang hardtop is owned by Jeffrey Wheeler of Oregon and is our Attitude Of The Month for the month of September 2012. Jeff restored the car which has mostly original paint and about 30K original miles on it. I've had the privileged of seeing the car in person, its amazing.

Royal Maroon 1968 Mustang Sprint This is a Royal Maroon 1968 Mustang Sprint with a 195 hp (at 4600 rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8. The Sprint options packages started midway through the 1966 model year when Ford introduced the Millionth Mustang Sale featuring the limited-edition "Sprint" package which had a lot more chrome and a different engine due to engine availability problems in 1966. The Sprint option remained in later years with just the additional chrome and paint options which gave the car a GT look without the price. The 1968 Mustang Sprint option consisted of GT stripes, pop-open gas cap and the full wheel covers of six cylinder Mustangs. V-8s got in addition, the styled steel wheels with Wide Oval Tires and the GT fog lamps.
1968 Mustang Sprint front view Front view of the 1968 Royal Maroon Mustang Sprint showing its Sprint option fog lamps.
1968 Mustang Sprint interior view Interior view of the 1968 Mustang, SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic three-speed automatic transmission, and AM radio.
Dash Closeup 1968 Mustang Sprint Close-up of the dash of this 1968 Mustang showing the tachometer, AM radio, and center console options
Car Invoice Royal Maroon 1968 Mustang Sprint Car Invoice for the Royal Maroon 1968 Mustang Sprint. Base price for a 2-door hardtop in 1968 was $2602; therefore, the Sprint package was around $420. Adding up some of the options $106 for the 302 ci engine, $201 for the automatic transmission, $54 for power disc brakes, $147 for the GT equipment group, $54 for the tachometer, $360 for the push-button AM radio, $54 for the center console, and $14 for the accent stripe... that's $990 (or a savings of $570 dollars with the Sprint package!).

Sunlit Gold 1968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang Hardtop Scott Rear of Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada sent us this photo of his Sunlit Gold 1968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang hardtop with its original 289ci 2V V8 engine. This original Golden Nugget Special was purchased from Perry Morrell Motors which used to be in Silverton Oregon. Scott says, In the process of restoring her now. I am looking for images of the dash plaque that came with the car so I can reproduce one. The vinyl roof has been removed in the pictures. 525 of these cars were built and sold in the Seattle area and came with 289 cubic inch 2V V8 engine, C4 automatic transmission, louvered hood, black stripes, black vinyl top, black interior, and featured unique golden plaques on the dashboard with the original owner's name engraved. Check out the ad I found in the January 26th, 1968, edition of the Seattle Times.
Anniversary Gold 68 Golden Nugget Special Mustang Hardtop The front view of shows the two tone hood paint with black in the hood louvers. The door data plate on this car reads 65A hardtop body style, Y5 sunlit gold paint M3073 with blacked out hood louver stripes, 2A black bucket seats, 30A scheduled for assembly on the 30th of January 1968, 74 ordered in the Seattle area, 1111 by Perry Morrell Motors of Silverton Oregon under special order number 1111, 2 2.79:1 rear axle ratio, and W automatic transmission. The Marti reports shows this car to be a Local Promotion order type with the following options: black-out hood, black vinyl roof, automatic transmission, electric clock, visibility group, 7.35 x 14 inch four ply rated white sidewall tires, power steering, rear window defogger, AM radio, tinted galss, deluxe seat belts, upgraded wheel covers, heavy duty suspension, Gold Nugget Special emblem.
Black Interior 1968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang Hardtop Here is a peek of the interior where the Golden Nugget Special had a gold plate mounted to the dash with the owners name.
1968 Golden Nugget Special Dash Plate Here is a close-up of the dash plate as shown in the January 26th, 1968, edition of the Seattle Times. I think it was polished gold (no horizontal lines) with the title and owners name with the font shown. We don't know the size. Hopefully Scott can figure that out if there was a mark left on his dash.

Special Yellow WT6066 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR Special order Yellow 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR with a the largest engine offered in 1968, a 335 hp, 428 cubic inch, 4 barrel, Cobra Jet V8. This car has the special order Ford Yellow paint. On the Shelby specification sheet this color was printed at the bottom as "Shelby Unit Spec Paint WT6066" and the door data plate color was left blank. Mid 1968, Shelby introduced the GT-500KR or "King of the Road" which used Ford's new unofficially rated 400hp, 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine along with other handling/safety modifications to contain the power.
Yellow 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR front view Front end view of the 1968 Yellow Shelby GT 500KR.
Yellow 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR left front view 1968 Yellow Shelby Mustang GT500KR, left front view. Notice the "KR" is written on the side stripe.
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