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1968 Shelby GT500 R-code 428ci V8 Cobra Jet engine View of the Ford, Mustang, R-code, 428 cubic inch, Cobra Jet, V8 engine originally rated at 335hp (at 5200rpm).
1968 Shelby Mustang 5-spoke Mag Type Wheels Close-up of the 5 spoke mag type wheels, white GT500 side stripe graphic, and Shelby Cobra GT500 fender emblem.
GT500 Shelby Cobra Fender Emblem Close-up of the GT500 Shelby Cobra GT500 fender emblem.

Gulfstream Aqua 1968 Mustang GT Hardtop Gulfstream Aqua 1968 Mustang GT black vinyl hardtop at the 2010 Mustang car show in Port Angeles, Washington.
Gulfstream Aqua 1968 Mustang GT Hardtop Left front view of a Gulfstream Aqua 1968 Mustang GT hardtop with a 302ci V8 under the hood.
Gulfstream Aqua 1968 Mustang GT Hardtop Rear view of a Gulfstream Aqua Mustang GT hardtop parked next to a Acapulco Blue 1968 Mustang GTCS hardtop at the 2010 Mustang car show in Port Angeles, Washington. You can see the rain clouds off in the distance over the Olympic Mountain range which hit us in a few hours with a light sprinkle. A little over 100 Mustangs showed up, would have been 2x that many if it were sunny. You can see the 1972 to 2003 category up on the top of the parking ramp.
1968 Ford Mustang J-code 302ci V8 engine View of a 1968, Ford, Mustang, J-code, 302ci, 4V, V8 engine. Nice!
68 Ford Mustang J-code 302ci V8 engine Another view of that 302ci V8 engine.
GT 12 slot wheels View of the GT fender emblem and wheels. I was careful not to once again get a reflection of myself in the paint, but I did get the great Springtime Yellow 1967 Mustang next to it.
1968 Mustang GT gas cap Nice photo of a 1968 Mustang GT gas cap. Of course its a nice photo, I took it...

1968 Shelby 500 350 Mustang Brochure Cover of a three page fold out 1968 Shelby 350 and 500 Mustang brochure. The words say, Just for fun... Drive the race-proved road cars
1968 Shelby Mustang Brochure For 1968... Carroll Shelby presents four brand-new fun cars Get behind the wheel of a Shelby Cobra GT and you command a new motoring dimension. Carroll Shelby has worked a bit of racing car magic on the Ford Mustang. Result? The Shelby Cobra GT... a true road performer that rivals Europe's finest limited-production cars - but for thousands of dollars less. That's not all the news. Now you can own a Cobra GT 350 or GT 500 convertible! Same great features as the famed GT 350 and GT 500 fastback 2+2 coupes. If you love driving, you'll appreciate the pleasure of Cobras thrilling GT performance and exclusive styling. It's a pleasure you can afford, as your Shelby Cobra dealer will gladly prove.
1968 Shelby GT350 GT500 Mustang Brochure This inside page of the 1968 Shelby Mustang promotional brochure shows the GT350 coupe and convertible body style, also the two wheel styles. I guess they are showing that the coupe is for the married while the convertible for the single (or the coupe is for home, the convertible for work).
1968 Shelby GT 350 GT 500 Mustang Brochure This page of the 1968 Mustang Shelby brochure shows some of the early options. The early engine options are shown here before the 428ci Cobra Jet V8 (replacing the optional Cobra 427ci V8). This new Cobra Jet was used on the later GT-500KR models. Not shown here is the 390ci V8 which was substituted in some cases with the base GT500 428ci V8 early when quantities of the 428ci were limited.
1968 Shelby Mustang Brochure Here is a list of all features of the 1968 Shelby Cobra GT (1) 4 engines, (2) Cobra intake manifold, (3) Holley carburetor, (4) dual exhaust, (5) aluminum covered air cleaner, (6) Cobra rocker covers, chrome filler cap and dipstick, (7) performance front coil springs, (8) performance shocks, (9) front stabilizer bar, (10) performance power assist steering, (11) performance springs, (12) anti-windup dampers, (13) performance rear axle (tires and brakes match the Mustang GT), (14) power assisted floating caliper front discs, (15) heavy duty rear drum brakes, (16) Goodyear performance tires, (17) rims, (18) shoulder harnesses and seat belts, (19) overhead safety bar, (20) sequence tail lights, (21) front market lights, (22) rear quarter reflectors, (23) fog lights, (24) dual masker brake cylinder with idiot light, (25) extending padded steering wheel, and (26) full unitized chassis and body.
1968 Shelby Mustang Brochure The back of the early 1968 Shelby Mustang shows all the colors and options.

Golden Mustang Limited Edition Newspaper advertisement we found for the 1968 Golden Mustang Limited Edition which was available at least in the Illinois/Iowa area. It says, The Golden Mustang comes to Ford Country. America's unmistakable, favorite sports car. Specially painted Golden Mustangs for this area only. Special emblem. Special price. First come, first served. Some of the features shown are hood vent louvers, hood-mounted turn-indicators, floor-mounted stick, bucket seats, special gold paint, wheel covers, full carpet, whitewalls, and special emblem. The emblem is shown (probably in gold and black) with a star and the Golden Mustang Limited Edition lettering. We just got confirmation that these cars exist and have a blank paint code indicating a non-standard production special gold paint and that they were order in the Davenport Iowa area. We found this advertisement in the February 15th edition of the Monticello, Iowa, Express newspaper placed by Freese Motors. We also found the exact ad in the February 19th, 1968 edition of the Cedar Rapids Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; another by "Service Motor Sales" on 881 Wells Street, Burlington, Iowa; another at Winebrenner-Dreusicke Ford, 1 East College, Iowa City; one from Harold Triem Ford in Postville, Iowa; and one from Grant Williams Ford Sales 'FORDTOWN' on First ave east at 40th street, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
1968 Golden Mustang Here is a newspaper advertisement we found showing a limited edition special called The Golden Mustang which was available at least in the Illinois/Iowa area. It says the Golden Mustang comes with special gold exterior, distinctive emblem, wheel covers, whitewalls, hood-mounted turn indicators, hood vent louvers - in addition to all standard equipment. Specially priced while they last. Because of the special gold paint, we'd expect the door data tag to have a 4 digit code following the DSO code (maybe 43 for Rockford or 45 for Davenport). This advertisement is from Myers Ford in the February 23rd, 1968 edition of the Freeport Journal, Freeport, Illinois. We found identical advertisements by Williams Ford of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Fraher Ford of Pontiac, Illinois. If it were not for the "distinctive emblem", we would believe this to be an advertisement for the January Gold Color of the Month Mustang national special. As far as we know the Color of the Month specially painted Mustangs were not limited models and did not have special emblems.
1968 Golden Mustang Another newspaper advertisement for a special gold painted Mustang hardtop. This ad is from M&M Ford in the February 7th, 1968, edition of the Muscatine Journal of Muscatine, Iowa. This might be one of the January, Gold, Color of the Month promotional Mustangs, we are checking.

Medium Blue 1968 Mustang Shelby GT500 Fastback Note: this is actually a 1967 Dual Quad Shelby as pointed out by a site visitor, I will get this fixed soon. This Medium Blue 1968 Mustang Shelby GT500 fastback was at the 2010 MCA Grand Nationals held in Bellevue, Washington. It doesn't have over the top stripes but it does have one of the 4V V8 engines.
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