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Body Styles (compare years, see more 1969 style information including Special Models)




The 1969 Mustang offered the largest selection of engines and sport/speed packages to date, with 10 engines available, 8 of which were V8s. Several levels of sport/performance packages were offered. The GT option ($147 base upgrade) was offered on all body styles which started with the 351ci Winsor V8, special handling options, racing stripes, dual exhaust, hood pin type latches, and styled wheels with Argent Silver trim and GT hubcaps.

The most popular sport/performance upgrade was the 1969 introduced Mach 1 (starting at $733 over the base V8 fastback or "SportsRoof" body) which came with one of four high-performance V8 engines, optional NASCAR-style hood lock pins, chrome styled steel wheels, chrome exhaust tips, color-keyed racing mirrors, and special handling. Two Cobra packages were offered: the Cobra jet with the 335hp (428ci V8) while the Ram Air induction 360hp (428ci V8) was offered on the Super Cobra Jet. The highest performance engine 370hp(429ci V8 semi-hemi big block) came on the 1969 introduced Boss which could also be ordered with a 290hp (320ci, V8, with special high volumetric efficiency "Cleveland" heads) engine. The Boss came with special "Hotchkiss" type rear suspension and many other performance options and body options to handle the larger power and seven-inch Magnum 500 rims. Like the previous year, an extensive list of luxury items was available for the fastback and hardtop; but an additional luxury set under the name "Grande" was offered for the hardtop. The Grande came with a vinyl roof, plush interior, two-spoke steering wheel, full wheel covers, etc. On all body styles, the indented sides scoop or cove was missing but an inverted side air scoop remained on the hardtop and convertible while the fastback had a higher backward C-shaped side scoop.

The Mustang was longer and lower with the windshield rake increased by 2.2 degrees. The fastback roof of the 1969 Mustang was redesigned and was named the "SportsRoof" whose name for the fastback lasted till 1973. Inspired by the popular Shelby, the front grille opening was larger, four headlights were installed, and the horse logo was mounted off-center on a red, white, and blue framed vertical box.

Sales Brochures (compare years)

Production Totals (compare years)

Total VIN VCT Body Sub-Total
299,824 01 65 Hardtop 128,458
01 65E Hardtop Grande 22,182
02 63 Fastback 59,495
02 63B Fastback Boss 302 1628
02 63B Fastback Boss 429 857
02 63C Fastback Mach 1 72,458
03 76 Convertible 14,746

Paint Color Codes (compare years, large examples, paintref.com - codes, chips)

Code Sample Mfg Code
Raven Black A M1724
Royal Maroon B M3059
Black Jade C M3197
Acapulco Blue D, 6* M3077
Aztec Aqua E M3191
Gulfstream Aqua F M3065
Lime Gold I M2041
Wimbledon White M M1619
Winter Blue P M3064
Champagne Gold S M3119
Candy Apple Red T M2008
Meadowlark Yellow W M3120
Indian Fire Red Y M3202
New Lime 2 M3071
Calypso Coral 3 M1730
Silver Jade 4 M3230
Pastel Gray 6 M3303
Bright Yellow 9 or blank M3217
Special Yellow** WT6210
*Code D and 6 were both used for Acapulco Blue in 1969,
verification with 6 as Pastel Gray is continuing
**Special Order color
5 (in second digit) for blackout hood treatment
Shelby Mustang only colors
- Grabber Blue J M0470
- Grabber Orange U M3659
- Grabber Green Z M3658
- Grabber (Bright) Yellow 9 or blank M3217
Limited Edition 600 Mustang
- Flower Power Red WT5185
- Groovy Green MX8241928

Engine Data (compare years, see more 1969 performance information)

VIN Displacement Carb Compression Max Power (gross) Max Torque (gross)
Standard 115hp 6-cyl T 200ci 1-bbl 8.8:1 115hp 4400rpm 190ft-lb 2400rpm
Optional 155hp 6-cyl L 250ci 1-bbl 9.0:1 155hp 4000rpm 240ft-lb 2600rpm
Optional 210hp V8 F 302ci 2-bbl 9.5:1 210hp 4600rpm 300ft-lb 2600rpm
Optional 250hp V8 H 351ci 2-bbl 9.6:1 250hp 5600rpm 355ft-lb 2600rpm
Optional 290hp V8 M 351ci 4-bbl 10.7:1 290hp 4800rpm 385ft-lb 3200rpm
Optional Boss 290hp V8 G 302ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 290hp 5800rpm 290ft-lb 4300rpm
Optional 320hp V8 S 390ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 320hp 4800rpm 427ft-lb 3200rpm
Optional Cobra Jet* 335hp V8 Q 428ci 4-bbl 10.6:1 335hp 5200rpm 440ft-lb 3400rpm
Optional Cobra Jet* RA 335hp V8 R 428ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 335hp 5200rpm 440ft-lb 3400rpm
Optional Boss 375hp V8 Z 429ci 4-bbl 10.5:1 375hp 5200rpm 450ft-lb 3400rpm
*Super Cobra Jet when ordered with optional 3.91:1 or 4.30:1 rear end gear ratios

VIN Decoder (compare years)

Year: 9 = 1969
F = Dearborn Michigan
R = San Jose, California
T = Metuchen, New Jersey
01 = Hardtop
01 = Hardtop Grande
02 = Fastback
02 = Fastback Mach 1
02 = Fastback Boss 302, Boss 429
03 = Convertible
T = Standard 115hp 200ci 6-Cyl
L = Optional 155hp 250ci 6-Cyl
F = Optional 210hp 302ci 2V V8
H = Optional 250hp 351ci 2V V8
M = Optional 290hp 351ci 4V V8
G = Optional Boss 302 (290hp 302ci) 4V V8
S = Optional 320hp 390ci V8
Q = Optional Cobra Jet 335hp 428ci V8
R = Optional Cobra Jet RA 335hp 428ci V8
Z = Optional Boss 429 (375hp, 429ci) V8
Unit Number: 1969 Mustangs start at 100001
For 1969, the VIN number was moved again to the top edge of the dash on the driver's side visible through the windshield. It remains in this location to current day Mustangs.

Options Available (compare years)

 200ci 1v 115hp 6-cylinder Engine (T-code)
 250ci 1v 155hp 6-cylinder Engine (L-code)
 302ci 2v 210hp V8 Engine (F-code)
 351ci 2v 250hp V8 Engine (H-code)
 351ci 4v 290hp V8 Engine (M-code) (GT-350 M-code)
 302ci 4v 290hp V8 Boss Engine (G-code)
 390ci 4v 320hp V8 Engine (S-code)
 428ci 4v 335hp V8 Cobra Jet Engine (Q-code) (GT-500 R-code)
 428ci 4v 360hp V8 RA Cobra Jet Engine (R-code)
 429ci 4v 375hp V8 Boss Engine (Z-code)
 Cruise-O-Matic Automatic Transmission
 3-Speed Manual Transmission
 4-Speed Manual Transmission
 Power Brakes
 Power Steering
 Simulated Hood Scoop (GT/Mach-1)
 Shaker Style Hood Scoop (351ci 390ci)
 Opened Ram Air Hood Scoop (Boss 429)
 NASA Hood Scoops (Shelby)
 Pin-type Hood Locks (Retainer Pins) (GT/Mach-1)
 Turn-type Hood Locks (Shelby)
 Hood-mounted Tach
 Chin Spoiler
 Vinyl Roof
 Power Convertible Top
 Vinyl Body-Side Moldings
 Side Scoops (Shelby)
 Shelby Rocker Panel Stripes
 Mach-1 Side Stripes
 Boss C Side Stripes
 GT Rocker Panel Stripes
 GT Chrome Quad Exhaust
 Rear Window Louvers (Sport Slats)
 Rear Spoiler
 Exterior Decor Group (rocker, wheel opening, rear moldings)
 Color-keyed Side Mirrors
 Left-hand (driver-side) Remote Mirror
 Right-hand (passenger-side) Mirror
 Rim Blow Steering Wheel (wood)
 Tilt/Tilt-Away Steering Wheel
 Cruise (Speed) Control
 In-Dash Tach
 Electric Clock
 AM Push Button Radio
 AM/FM Push Button Radio
 Stereosonic 8-Track Tape System
 Center Console
 SelectAire Air Conditioner
 Interior Decor Group (wood door inserts, rim blow steering wheel, driver's side remote mirror)
 Deluxe Interior (wood dash/console/dash inserts, clock, gray instruments)
 High Back Front Bucket Seats (Mach-1/Shelby)
 Front Bench Seat
 Fold down rear seat
 15x7 Shelby Wheels with gold cobra centers
 Argent-painted Magnum 500 Wheels
 Chrome Magnum 500 Wheels
 12-hole Wheels w/ Aluminum GT Style Hub Caps
 12-hole Wheels w/ Aluminum GT Style Hub Caps w/o GT Identification
 Wheel Covers (hub caps)
 Wire Wheel Covers (hub caps)

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