1995 Mustang Photo Collection
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1995 Cobra R Trunk The owner moved the battery to the trunk for better weight distribution. This is a Moroso battery box.
1995 Cobra R Data Plate Here is the data plate for this 1995 Cobra R.
1995 Cobra R Window Sticker This is the upper left corner of this 1995 Cobra R's window sticker. Just the bare minimum here.
1995 Cobra R Window Sticker Here's the right side of the window sticker. The "R" option added $13,699 to the bottom line. It lists the options contained in the Cobra R standard package: 5.7L engine, 5-speed manual transmission, 17x9 inch aluminum wheels, P255/45ZR-17 tires, heavy duty adjustable front and rear struts and shocks, upgraded front and rear springs, upgraded front stabilizer bar, front strut tower brace, heavy duty aluminum radiator, auxiliary engine oil cooler, heavy duty power steering cooler, 20 gallon fuel cell, high capacity *(*&@#$, and manual seats.
Cobra R Certificate Here is the Ford Certificate of Authenticity for this Cobra R.

Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS Coupe This is a Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS coupe. A GTS was basically a stripped down GT. They had many of the Base V6 characteristics, but with the GT engine and badging. They came without rear decklid spoilers, fog lamps, and front air dams. They did have the GT emblems and Mustang GT embossed into the rear bumper. Their interiors were cloth and contained all other Base V6 items but with the GT instrumentation. The GTS model name was only available in 1995, but you could get it as an option through 1998 as the 248A package.
Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS Coupe Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS coupe, left front view. They came standard with 5-spoke wheels, this one has the Bullitt wheels. Ford built 6370 Mustang GTSs in 1995. 4848 of them where manual transmission and 1522 were automatics.
Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS Coupe The dual exhaust and spoiler delete are characteristics of the 1996 Mustang GTS.
Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS Engine Like regular GTs, this GTS has the 5.0L V8 engine.
1993 Mustang GTS Interior The interior was that of a Base V6 with the exception of the instruments. Cloth seats are the tip off that this is a GTS. Otherwise they came standard with the manual windows, manual door locks, driver's side adjustable seat, and standard non-lighted visor mirrors. Like the Base V6 models, you could get the power windows/door lock package and the better radio, cruise control, and lighted visor mirrors.
1993 Mustang GTS Dash But the GTS did come standard with the GT instrumentation including the 7000rpm tach and 150mph speedometer.

Canary Yellow 1995 Saleen S351 Canary Yellow 1995 Mustang Saleen S351 Supercharged coupe with color matched Canary Yellow Saleen wheels. It's Saleen factory ID is 93-0079. Under the hood is a big 351ci V8 engine. It's connected to a manual transmission.
Canary Yellow 1995 Saleen S351 Canary Yellow 1995 Mustang Saleen S351 Supercharged coupe, front end view.
Canary Yellow 1995 Saleen S351 Right side view of this Canary Yellow 1995 Mustang Saleen S351 Supercharged coupe.
Canary Yellow 1995 Saleen S351 It has chrome dual exhaust and black bezeled taillights.
Supercharged Saleen Engine 480 horsepower under the hood. It has a supercharger.
Boost Retard This "Boost Retard" knob is located on the passenger side strut tower.

Yellow 1995 Mustang GT This yellow 1995 Mustang GT coupe was on display a car show run by the Central Illinois Mustang Association. The show was at Dennison Ford in Bloomington, Illinois. It has a huge spoiler, billet grille, projector headlights, and blacked out windows.
Yellow 1995 Mustang GT Yellow 1995 Mustang GT coupe, left front view.
1995 Mustang GT 5.0L Engine This Mustang has a lot of custom components under the hood. Check out the lightning horse painted on the radiator guard.
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