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The first red Mustang was introduced the first year of Mustang production in 1964. Three shades of red were introduced in 1964: Rangoon Red, Vintage Burgundy, and Poppy Red. There were 151 offerings of Red in all 60 production years of the Mustang. Follow this link to see photos of all Red Mustangs on this site.

Rangoon Red 1964 Mustang

Vintage Burgundy 1964 Mustang

Poppy Red 1964 Mustang

Red is available now on the 2024 Mustang with two shades: a bright Race Red (Mustang Mach-E only), and a deeper new Rapid Red or Lucid Red (UK name).

Red has traditionally been a very popular color for cars. Second only to blue. Check out this link to see most of the Red paints available for American made cars and trucks over the years.

Red Featured Mustangs

There were a few red featured Mustang special models. These models either only came in red or in a special shade of red.

Aspen Red 1967 Ski Country Special

Aspen Red was one of five special colors for the Denver area 1967 Ski Country Special which featured ski racks, snow tires, equalock rear axle, and a Ski Country Special decklid medallion. The 1967 Ski Country Special was a winter version of the Denver 1967 High Country Special. Other colors for the Ski Country Special included Vail Blue, Winter Park Turquoise, Loveland Green, or Breckenridge Yellow. See our 1967 data explorer to see the all the Ski Country Special colors first compiled by It is interesting to note that Aspen Red was first used on the 1958 Edsel and called Ember Red. It was then later used as a custom color for vintage Gibson guitars but credit was given to Ford.

Cardinal Red 1968 Cardinal Special Mustang

Cardinal Red was not a special color for the 1968 Mustang but was a color used for the 1968 Virginia and North Carolina Cardinal Special Mustang. Cardinal Red is 1968 T-code Candyapple Red (WT2008). The Cardinal Special came in either this red with white interior or a rumored white with red interior. Several upgrade options were included including a diamond shaped cardinal roof panel medallion.

Eastertime Coral April 1968 Color of the Month
Caribbean Coral 1968 Rainbow of Colors

Eastertime Coral was a special color for the April 1968, Color of the Month promotion. The Color of the Month was a promotion for the first four months of 1968, where special colors were connected to main holidays for special sales: Black Hills Gold paint for the New Year celebration in January, Passionate Pink for Valentine's day in February, Emerald Green for St. Patrick's day in March, and Eastertime Coral for Easter in April. Imagine an Easter Collection of Colors Mustang sale showing Eastertime Coral Mustang next to a Seafoam Green, Meadowlark Yellow, and Diamond Blue 1968 standard factory color Mustangs; and a Passionate Pink Mustang left over from the Valentine's day, February color of the month.

Caribbean Coral was a special color for the 1968 Rainbow of Colors West coast promotion. This promotion allowed new Mustang owners to order a car in one of 13 special factory of colors which represented the colors in the rainbow. Some of these colors were Madagascar Orange, Whipped Cream, Spanish Gold, Dandelion Yellow, Hot Pink, Caribbean Coral, Forest Green, Sierra Blue, and Moss Green. All cars were special order built in the San Jose plant (R-code in the VIN).

Flower Power Red 1968 Rainbow of Colors
Flower Power Red 1969 Limited Edition 600 Mustang

Flower Power Red was a special color for both the 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotion as well as the 1969 Limited Edition 600 Mustang. Flower Power Red (WT5185)is sometimes called an earlier version of Poppy Red or Competition Orange (Ford code WT1730).

Bright Red 1982 Mustang GT

Bright Red was one of three colors offered when the Mustang GT returned in 1982 from being absent as a sports upgrade package since 1969. The GT offered the largest engine option in 1982 (a 157hp, 302ci, 5.0 liter V8) and body-colored front fascia, rear spoiler, and hood air scoop, cowl. The body color matching included the air vents between the hood and windshield, three-slot grille, headlight frames; which were all normally flat black. Black and Silver 1982 Mustang GTs were also offered.

Jalapena Red or Canyon Red 1985 Twister II Special

Offered in two shades of red (Jalapena Red and Canyon Red) as well as white and maybe silver, the 1985 Twister Special Mustang sported black side stripes and Twister II lettering as well as a black striped hood with a hood scoop. The Twister was only offered in the Kansas area and could be ordered with on any GT (convertible or hatchback) with any GT options. The Twister was first offered in 1970 but only came on the Mach 1 in Grabber orange, and in 2008 as an aftermarket Grabber Orange GT upgrade; but both in the Kansas area only.

Vibrant Red 1992 Limited Edition "Feature Car"

There were 2193 Special Limited Edition "Feature" LX 5.0L convertibles produced in mid 1992. They were all painted Vibrant Red with a white interior and top combination. These cars had special rear decklid spoilers; color keyed side moldings, mirrors, door and window trim; and white wheels. The Superior Wheel Company in Kansas created these wheels for the Feature car by applying baked-on opal pearlescent paint over silver. The interior featured white leather seats with black piping, black carpet, an ebony dash, and a black Lori cloth headliner. The "Feature" option was an additional $850 over the base LX price. The VIN numbers of these cars were not sequential but started the same with 1FACP44E*NF (so far serial numbers we found are 156184 and 161282).

Rio Red 1994 Indianapolis Pace Car

The 2nd year of the return of the Cobra was also celebrated by the 30th anniversary of the first Mustang Indianapolis 500 Pace Car by having a Mustang SVT Cobra convertible pace car in the 1994 Indianapolis 500. 1000 Rio Red SVT Cobra convertibles with tan interiors were offered with Indianapolis decals and emblems.

Vibrant Red 1994 Mustang GT

Vibrant Red was one of two colors in 1994 reserved only for the Mustang GT coupe or convertible. This was one of three shades of red offered in 1994 on Mustangs. In 1994 the other GT only color was Canary Yellow.

Performance Red 2000 SVT Cobra R Mustang

Performance Red was the only color available on the 300 special 2000 SVT Cobra R Mustangs built. The Cobra R features a huge 5.4L V8 engine that puts out 395 horsepower, Canton 8-quart oil pain, McCleod aluminum flywheel, a Tremec T-56 6-speed transmission, 4 inch aluminum drive shaft, 8.8 inch short shaft 31-spline fully independent rear suspension, Brembo 4-piston calipers with 13-inch rotors, Eibach 800lb/750lb springs, Bistien shock absorbers, Borla mufflers with side exit exhaust, and Recaro seats.

Torch Red 2003 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra Mustang

Coming only in Torch Red, Black, and Silver; the 2003 Limited Edition 2003 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra received special carbon fiber patterned leather on the top of the steering wheel, carbon fiber leather on the shifter and hand brake, red window switch bezels, red seats inserts, red painted brake calipers all the way around, and big 17x9 inch 10th Anniversary wheels.

Crimson Red 2004 40th Anniversary GT Mustang

The 2004, 40th anniversary of the Mustang was celebrated by a special Crimson Red Mustang GT with beige interior and exterior Racing Stripes. 4000 of these cars were made.

Race Red 2017 Black Shadow Edition Mustang

Race Red along with Platinum White, Triple Yellow, or Grabber Blue paint are the only colors available on the 2017, European, Black Shadow Edition fastback. It features; a black Pony emblem for the GT grille, exclusive black 19-inch Y-spoke alloy wheels, dissolve-effect black stripes along the prominent bonnet bulge ridges and across the body-side between the lower wheel arches, and black 5.0-litre badges on the front wings.

Other red special model Mustangs we are working on include the 1967 Red and/or Cajun Red (PPG 71697) Territorial Special Promotional Mustang (possibly the first Twister Special offered in the Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana area, which also came in Lavender (PPG 50802)). Although the book "Mustang '64-1/2 - '86" by Tom Corcoran in 1993 calls it a 1967 High Country Special color.

Red Paint offerings by year

Below is a list of all years and shades of Red Mustangs

There were 151 offerings of Red in all 60 production years of the Mustang.

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Special Red*

Royal Maroon


Bright Red

Medium Red

Bittersweet Glow

Bittersweet Glow

Bright Red

Medium Red

Performance Red*

Code Orange

Rapid Red

Race Red

Rapid Red

Race Red

Race Red

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