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Gold Mustangs at MustangAttitude.com
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The first Gold Mustang was introduced the first year of Mustang production in 1964 as a gold shade of bronze called Prairie Bronze. Another golden 1964 Mustang color was Chantilly Beige. There were 41 offerings of Gold paint in 19 of the 60 production years of the Mustang. This includes of course golds, yellows and greens with promotional names of Gold by Ford, and bronzes even though that is a bit of a stretch. Follow this link to see photos of all Gold Mustangs on this site.

Prairie Bronze 1964 Mustang

Chantilly Beige 1964 Mustang

Gold Glow was one of the first Glow Paint offerings in 1972, as an option for $34 extra. By 1973, Gold Glow was offered at no extra charge but was offered for the last time. In 1978, and then again in 1980, a gold colored Chamois Glow was offered.

Gold Glow Mustang

Chamois Glow Mustang

Gold Featured Mustangs

There were a few Gold featured Mustang special models. These models came exclusively in gold or special gold paint.

One Millionth Anniversary Gold 1966 Special Edition

In 1966, a rumored 50 special ordered Anniversary Gold Mustangs were built as part of the Millionth Mustang Anniversary, special order number 1111 and sent to dealerships across the nation. Of the few that have been found, the common features include that they are all hardtops and have C-code 289ci 2-barrel V8 engine, pony interior, steel styled wheels, and special Anniversary Gold paint. Three special order Anniversary Gold paints are listed by a 1968-69 PPG/Ditzler supplemental bulletin. So we believe some of these cars or additional cars were painted at different factories.

Aspen Gold 1966 and 1967 High Country Special

Aspen Gold was one of three special colors for the Colorado area High Country Special promotional Mustang for 1966 and 1967. The High Country Special had several sport options including a 6 cylinder or V8 engine, wire or regular wheels, and a High Country Special blue fender badge. The other two special colors were Columbine Blue and Timberline Green.

Bronze 1967 Shelby Mustang

Bronze was the name Shelby used on the GT350 or GT500 for Ford's standard 1967, year code of "V" (M2066 Ford manufacturing code), Burnt Amber paint. Shelby offered 10 of the 1967 Ford paints, 3 were given unique names: Bronze, Dark Blue and Medium Gray. Bronze is featured here because it was renamed by Shelby and because its a darn nice color.

Sunlit Gold 1968 Golden Nugget Special

Although it could be ordered in any color, Sunlit Gold (color code Y, usually followed with a "5" to indicate a black striped hood) was the primary color for the 1968 Gold Nugget Special or Golden Nugget Limited Edition Mustang. This Mustang was a special promotion in the Oregon/Seattle area which came with the 289 cubic inch 2V V8 engine, C4 automatic transmission, louvered hood, black stripes, black vinyl top, black interior, and featured unique golden plaques on the dashboard with the original owner's name engraved. 525 Golden Nugget Limited Edition Mustangs were offered. Is this Sunlit Gold or Anniversary Gold? Hard to tell, we are going with Sunlit Gold since the ad we found in the 1968 Seattle Times indicates that. On the other hand, the book, Mustang 1964 1/2-1968, by Tom Corcoran indicates that "Y5" is Nugget Gold, Ditzler 22157 which according to our paint database is 1967 Mustang special order MX709377 Anniversary Gold #1 which is a GM carryover color from 1962 also called Anniversary Gold.

Black Hills Gold 1968 Color of the Month Mustang

Spanish Gold 1968-69 Rainbow of Colors Promotional Mustang

Black Hills Gold was a special color for the January 1968, Color of the Month promotion rumored to be in the Denver area only with cars special ordered from the San Jose factory. Although we have identified other Black Hills Gold and other Color of the Month Mustangs built at other factories and sent across the nation. The Color of the Month was a promotion for the first four months of 1968, where special colors were connected to main holidays for special sales: Black Hills Gold paint for the New Year celebration in January, Passionate Pink for Valentine's day in February, Emerald Green for St. Patrick's day in March, and Eastertime Coral for Easter in April.

Spanish Gold was one of 13 special order colors available for the west coast Rainbow of Colors promotion running from 1968 through 1969. This promotion offered new Mustang owners optional upgrades and special colors such as Madagascar Orange, Whipped Cream, Spanish Gold, Dandelion Yellow, Hot Pink, Caribbean Coral, Forest Green, Sierra Blue, and Moss Green. All Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustangs were built in San Jose (VIN starting with 8R or 9R) and ordered in the Los Angeles (DSO 71) or San Jose (DSO 72) area.

1968 Golden Mustang Limited Edition

A Special Order Gold paint was used on the Golden Mustang Limited Edition offered in the Iowa/Illinois area. It featured special gold paint, louvered hood, sport wheel covers, and a special Golden Mustang Limited Edition badge.

1968 Special Dakota Days Gold Mustang

Black Hills Gold special order paint was used on the Special Dakota Days Gold Mustang. This was is a South Dakota limited edition Mustang featuring Black Hills Gold special ordered paint, sport wheels, and louvered hood. Black Hills Gold is one of the four 1968 Color of the Month special order paints, and now the color name makes sense. Black Hills Gold definitely says South Dakota. This special edition Mustang was limited to 20 convertibles and 5 hardtops.

There are several other Gold Special Model Mustangs we are working on. One group was the 1967 Territorial promotional Mustangs which used three shades of Anniversary Gold. We think that each of the three Ford factories building Mustangs in 1967 (F = Dearborn, Michigan; R = San Jose, California; T = Metuchen, New Jersey) had its own version of Anniversary Gold for local promotions. We are working on the paint chips for these Mustangs since the DuPont numbers are all different. This just in: a site visitor sent us information on his Newark DSO special gold paint 200ci V8, Mustang fastback, assembled on March 8, 1967 under special order 152727 (15 = Newark DSO, 2727 is the special order code). Hopefully there are more out there.

Index to All Gold Mustangs

Below is a list of all years and shades of Gold Mustangs. There were 41 offerings of Gold paint in 19 of the 60 production years of the Mustang. Click on the text below any photo to see more cars of the year and color shown. Follow this link to see photos of all gold Mustangs on this site.

To see other colors go to the color photo gallery index page.

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Honey Gold

Champagne Beige

Antique Bronze

Sauterne Gold

Anniversary Gold

Aspen Gold
*special order
Beige Mist

Burnt Amber

Sauterne Gold


Anniversary Gold #1*
Anniversary Gold #2*
Anniversary Gold #3*

Aspen Gold
*special order
Sunlit Gold

Black Hills Gold

Spanish Gold

Special Gold
*special order
Champagne Gold

Medium Gold

Medium Yellow Gold

Light Gold

Medium Yellow Gold

Bright Yellow Gold (Gold Glow)

Saddle Bronze

Light Yellow Gold

Medium Yellow Gold

Gold Glow

1974 Saddle Bronze
Tan Glow

Medium Yellow Gold (Goldenrod)

Tan Glow

1976 Tan Glow

Chamois Glow

1983 Light Desert Tan
1984 Light Desert Tan
Pastel Desert Sand
Aztec Gold

Sunburst Gold

Sunset Gold

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