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Dark Brown 1975 Mustang Mach 1 1975 Dark Brown metallic Mustang II Mach 1 with 97hp (171ci 2.8 liter) V6 engine, and styled steel wheels.
Dark Brown 1975 Mustang Mach 1 Dark Brown 1975 Mach 1 Mustang II, right rear view showing rear window louvers.
Dark Brown 1975 Mustang Mach 1 Interior of the 1975 dark brown Mach 1 showing standard cut pile carpeting on the floor and lower door; full instrumentation with tachometer; fuel,ammeter, and temperature gauges, and simulated walnut on the instrument panel, steering wheel, door panels, shift handle, and parking brake.
Dark Brown 1975 Mustang Mach 1 Another view of the interior of this dark brown 1975 Mach 1 Mustang II.
Z-code V6 engine Looking under the hood we find a 97hp (171ci 2.8 liter) V6 engine. A Rallye package was available for this engine and the Mach 1 which included Traction-Lok differential; 195/70 raised white lettered tires; an extra cooling package, bright exhaust tips; competition suspension; dual color-keyed, remote-controlled outside rear view door mirrors, leather-wrapped steering wheel; and stylized steel wheels with trim rings.

Silver 75 Mustang Silver 1975 Mustang II owned by Blair Beebe from Oklahoma. Blair tells us, "I bought it for $500. The guy said it was undriveable due to tie rods, but it ran good. The original motor and trans runs great. I had to 'customize' the exhaust, add new window, new tie rods. and front shocks. I still need to get to rear shocks."

Dark Red 1975 Mustang II Dark Red 1975 Mustang II Ghia coupe with a white vinyl (half levent) top. Under the hood is the big 5.0L V8 engine. The repaint may be a bit darker than original, see the last picture in the set of the Data Tag.
Right Side View Dark Red 1975 Mustang II Ghia coupe, right side view. The side marker lights are incorporated into the side vinyl moldings.
Left Rear View Dark Red 1975 Mustang II Ghia coupe, left rear view.
Mustang Pony Emblem This pony emblem remains pretty much unchanged since 1964.
Ghia Emblem The Ghia emblem is mounted to the vinyl top.
V8 Emblem The V8 emblem is placed on the front fender in front of the wheel. On this car is is only visible on the left side.
F-code 5.0L V8 Under the hood is the big 5.0L V8 engine.
Interior The interior is dark red.
trunk A peek into the trunk.
Data Tag This is the Data Tag which is found on the inside rear edge of the driver's side door. Notice the lighter red around the tag? Looks like the Dark Red repaint is a few shades darker than the original paint. Let's decode it. The 60H body is for the 2-door coupe Ghia. The color has three parts: 2M is for the Dark Red paint, E is for the half levant style vinyl roof cut, and W is the white vinyl used. It has a BD dark red colored interior (trim). The C-4 Automatic transmission is the W. 3 is for the 2.79 ratio rear axle. 71 is for the Los Angeles California District Sales Office (DSO)that orders the car

Dark Yellow Green 1975 Mustang II Dark Yellow Green 1975 Mustang II coupe owned by John Valentin from Astoria, New York. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 24, 2013. It has it's original V6 engine and and automatic transmission. John adds, "I have had the Mustang for 4 years already. I purchased it from a gentleman who loved the car as much as I do now. I was not in the market for a classic car but, she caught my eye and I had to have her."
Dark Yellow Green 1975 Mustang II It has a set of late model Mustang wheels.
Dark Yellow Green 1975 Mustang II This must be an earlier photo. It has a different set of wheels.

Tan 1975 Mustang II Ghia Coupe Tan metallic or Tan Glow 1975 Mustang II coupe with a 105hp (at 400rpm), 170 cubic inch (2.8 liter), 2 barrel, 6 cylinder engine; and Ghia options of a half vinyl roof, fog lamps, color keyed body side molding, and luxury interior. Those are original 1975 Mustang wheels.
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