1991 Mustang Photo Collection
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Bright Red 1991 Mustang GT Convertible Bright Red 1991 Mustang GT convertible, right rear view.
5.0L Engine This is the stock 5.0 liter HO engine that is available with the GT model. It is rated at 225 horsepower.
1991 Mustang GT Interior The interior is interesting. The seats are bright white leather, the top of the dash and doors are black, and the rest is red. White seats are real hard to keep clean.

Black 1991 Mustang Saleen Coupe Black 1991 Mustang Saleen coupe with a gray interior and aftermarket Stern 5-spoke wheels. This is a factory Saleen - serial number 73. Only 102 Saleens were built in 1991. Four of them were coupes!
Black 1991 Mustang Coupe Black 1991 Mustang Saleen coupe, right side view.
Black 1991 Mustang Saleen Coupe Black 1991 Mustang Saleen coupe, left rear view.
1991 Mustang Saleen Engine Here is a peek at the 1991 Saleen engine. It's a stock Mustang 5.0L engine that pumps out 225hp. The stabilizer bar is a Saleen modification.
1991 Mustang Saleen Engine The interior is gray fabric. Those are special Saleen racing seats. This one has gauge pods on the windshield pillar.
1991 Mustang Saleen Window Sticker Here is the original window sticker for this 1991 Mustang Saleen. It cost $25,828 total!

1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet The cover of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional brochure shows a Bright Red Mustang GT hatchback with 5 spoke cast aluminum wheels.
Bright Red 1991 Mustang GT Hatchback Mustang GT You certainly don't have to be a professional driver or performance enthusiast to enjoy Mustang GT. The only prerequisite is an appreciation for the fun of driving. One look at the ground effects styling tells you this car was not designed with basic transportation in mind. The 5.0L HO engine is among the most powerful production engines in America, generating 225 horsepower and 300 lb. ft. of torque. These are reassuring numbers indeed for situations like passing when extra power translates into extra confidence. And GT is equipped to handle the most tortuous pavement with a wide, aggressive stance, 16-inch cast aluminum wheels, 55ZR performance tires and a performance suspension which includes Ford's quadra-shock setup in the rear and a progressive-rate spring at each corner. With this kind of performance hardware, you would expect to find an interior equipped with comfortable, multi-adjustable articulated front bucket seats. Full instrumentation with "user friendly" analog gauges. A 7,000 rpm tachometer for more efficient shifts with the 5-speed. They're all there. After more than a quarter century. Mustang GT offers few surprises. You get a contemporary, bold look. Legendary spirit. And a large order of motoring fun. A the bottom of the page is an Ultra Blue clearcoat Mustang GT with Medium Titanium lower Tu-tone.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Page 4 and 5 of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional brochure shows a Medium Red Mustang LX 5.0 liter convertible with 5-spoke cast aluminum wheels. Also shown are the LX in the other two body styles: a Black 2-door hatchback and a Titanium Frost clearcoat metallic 2-door coupe. Mustang LX 5.0L The Mustang LX 5.0L offers you a choice of hatchback, 2-door sedan or convertible body styles, all with the performance of the GT, but with the smooth styling of the LX. You have the same GT-type interior including full instrumentation, electronic AM/FM stereo and front bucket seats with adjustable seat cushion side bolsters, under-thigh support and power lumbar support. The brake and accelerator pedals are positioned to facilitate heel-and-toe downshifting. LX 5.0L models also come with all the performance level equipment of the GT. Under the hood is the powerful 5.0L HO V-8 with sequential multiple-port electronic fuel-injection which puts out 225 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque. The suspension system uses nitrogen gas-pressurized hydraulic front struts, rear Quadra-shock set-up for that taut performance ride and progressive rate coil springs at all four corners. The wheels are 5-spoke 16-inch cast aluminum, but with slightly different all-season performance radials. And there's the same quick ratio power steering and 5-speed Borg Warner transmission. Convertible models are a big part of the Mustang mystique. Just imagine all the fun you can have in a car with this much pizzazz. Now think about how much fun you can have with the top down. The convertible top is power retractable with a glass rear window. The front side windows and the rear quarter windows are also conveniently power operated.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Page 6 and 7 of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional brochure shows a Medium Titanium Mustang 2-door coupe with styled road wheels. Also shown are the other two LX bodystyles of an Oxford White convertible with cast aluminum wheels and a Light Crystal Blue clearcoat metallic hatchback. Mustang LX The standard LX, featured on these two pages, is a perfect example of the Mustang credo. Provide a lot of value, a lot of driver satisfaction and a whole lot of fun. Mustang LX is powered by a responsive 2.3 liter overhead cam 4-cylinder engine with eight spark plugs. This advanced powerplant uses two plugs per cylinder, computer-designed intake ports and tuned air intake runners to provide high combustion efficiency. The standard 5-speed manual transmission (fifth gear overdrive), adds to the responsiveness and fun. The LX suspension system utilized nitrogen gas-pressurized hydraulic struts and a stabilizer bar in front along with nitrogen gas-pressurized hydraulic shocks in the rear. Power rack-and-pinion steering and power brakes are also standard fare. And LX is well equipped, too. Inside are reclining low back bucket seats and center console. Also standard is full analog instrumentation along with electronic AM/FM stereo search radio with four speakers. Versatile Mustang hatchback models feature a split fold rear seat and fully carpeted cargo area with 30 cubic feet of space (both seat backs folded down) and a window shade-type cover. To make any Mustang LX even more appealing, order Preferred Equipment Package 240A. It includes these desirable equipment items: power side windows, dual electric mirrors, power door locks, power decklid/liftgate release, electronic AM/FM stereo radio with cassette tape player, speed control, cargo tie-down net, styled road wheels and front floor mats.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Mustang Interior Mustang's sporty interior plays a major role in instilling the fun, confident feeling you get when behind the wheel. Passenger comfort, too, is well attended to. Mustang's front bucket seats are designed to be firm and supportive to help reduce fatigue. High density foam pads in the seat cushion and seat back side bolsters help hold you in place. The front seat backs recline so you can drive in the position that's right for you. In the performance-oriented LX 5.0L and GT models, the articulated front bucket seats include adjustable seat cushion side bolsters and a power adjustable lumbar support. There's also an adjustable under thigh support. The rear bench seat provides room for two and in hatchback models it has a split-fold design that provides a more versatile cargo area for all kinds of stowables. When you get behind the wheel of Mustang you're treated to a clear view of easy to read analog gauges. And there is a full complement: fuel, engine coolant temperature, voltmeter, oil pressure and tachometer. There are also alert lights for "check oil," "low coolant," and "low fuel." The optional speed control switches are set in the steering wheel spokes at your fingertips. Climate control switches are rotary-designed to ease operation. Switches for running lights, emergency flasher and the optional rear defroster are positioned high and directly in front of the driver so they are easy to reach and in clear view. The turn signal lever also controls the interval wiper/washer, high beam and flash-to-pass features. The standard AM/FM stereo radio is electronically tuned and features four-speaker sound. Or, order the electronic AM/FM stereo with cassette tape player. Select the optional Premium Sound and get 80-watts of additional power and six-speaker sound. Both the left and right rearview mirrors are remote controlled. In convertibles, the mirrors are electrically remote controlled. Included as standard equipment on all Mustang models is a driver's side air bag supplemental restraint system, which is intended for use in conjunction with the lap/shoulder safety belt. The air bag is concealed and located in a module in the center of the steering wheel. It is designed to deploy in the event of a frontal impact roughly equivalent to, or more severe than, striking a similar-sized parked car at a 28 mile per hour rate of speed.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Mustang Power The 5.0L High Output V-8 that powers Mustang GT and LX 5.0L, with a rating of 225 horsepower at 4,200 rpm, is among the most powerful production engines in America. Perhaps even more significant is the amount of torque available at the low end, 300 lb. ft. at only 3,200 rpm. But, there's more to consider than just power and torque. There's the track record of an engine design that has proven its mettle. Advanced features such as sequential electronically controlled multiple-port fuel injection. And a wealth of high-performance equipment like forged steel connecting rods for strength. Proven overhead valve design with modified combustion chambers. Cast iron block and heads and aluminum intake manifold. Roller tappets help reduce friction and heat. And a double roller timing chain helps keep everything working together efficiently. Other high-performance components include induction-hardened camshaft; forged aluminum alloy pistons; tuned stainless steel tubular headers; large diameter dual exhausts and much more. A standard 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive fifth gear lets you put all that power to work with the precision of direct linkage shifting. Gear ratios for the Mustang 5-speed are: 1st gear - 1.35; 2nd gear - 1.99; 3rd gear - 1.33; 4th gear - 1.00; 5th gear - 0.68. The 2.3L 4-cylinder engine that power LX models is new to Mustang for 1991. This advanced powerplant utilizes eight spark plugs per cylinder, tuned air intake runners and computer-designed intake ports, the engine delivers high combustion efficiency. Combined with multi-port fuel injection and electronic engine control, the 2.3L delivers an excellent balance of response and fuel economy... White Mustang, you choose the level of performance that suits you, from a comfortable cruise or commute all the way to the exhilaration that comes with 225 horses.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Mustang Features Whether you like Mustang for its performance, its contemporary style, or the flair of its wide open spirit, you will surely appreciate the extra-value features found in you favorite Mustang. Extra-value features are what help set Mustang apart from the rest of the crowd. They add to the appearance and make Mustang more comfortable and versatile. Examples are the driver's side air bag supplemental restraint system, the rear lap/shoulder belts, and the cargo area cover in the hatchbacks. And these features are all standard equipment items, which is why they represent extra value, not extra cost.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet More standard features are shown on page 13 of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional brochure.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Page 14 of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional brochure show interior and exterior paint and trim combinations. Also shown is the optional electronic AM/FM stereo radio with cassette tape player, 7-band graphic equalizer, flip-up open-air roof for hatchback models, rear window defroster, and all wheels (stamped steel wheel; wire-style wheel cover, styled road wheel, cast aluminum wheel, and 5-spoke cast aluminum wheel)
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Page 15 of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional brochure shows the optional equipment packages and major standard features.
1991 Ford Mustang Promotional Booklet Back cover of the 1991 Ford Mustang promotional catalog.
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