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Acapulco Blue 1967 Mustang GTA Convertible The hood is up on this Acapulco Blue 1967 Mustang GTA (automatic transmission GT) convertible. It was on display at the 2010 Port Angeles, Washington, Mustang car show. It has steel styled wheels, louvered hood, white rocker panel stripes, fog lamps, and a V8 engine.
Acapulco Blue 67 Mustang GTA Convertible Rear left view of an Acapulco Blue 1967 Mustang GTA convertible.
Parchment Interior 1967 Mustang GTA Convertible Interior and dash view of a 1967 Mustang GTA convertible with center console, automatic transmission, deluxe wood steering wheel, aluminum dash trim, and parchment seats.
V8 engine Under the hood is one of the 1967 V8 engines. Four V8 engines were offered in 1967: a 289ci 2V, 289ci 4V, 289ci high output 4V, and a 302ci 4V high performance V8.
Steel Styled Wheels Close-up view of the Steel Styled Wheels, rocker panel stripe, and GTA badge.
1967 GTA Emblem Close-up of the GTA emblem.

Evening Orchid 1967 She Country Special This amazing unrestored (with 42K miles) Evening Orchid, She Country Special from Denver Colorado can be yours. It will be auctioned by Mecum of Chicago, October 24-26, 2019. Ann Goodro of William Goodro Inc in Denver created this special edition Mustang after ordering the most Country Special Mustangs at the time. The She Country special came in three other colors as well (Bermuda Sand, Autumn Sand, and Limelite). This is a time capsule and is in amazing condition.
Evening Orchid 1967 She Country Special This special edition Mustang has the s-code 390ci V8. The largest engine offered on a Mustang in 1967.
Evening Orchid 1967 She Country Special Amazing top view of this unique She Country Special Mustang in Evening Orchid purple special order paint.
Inside Evening Orchid 1967 She Country Special This She Country Special has factory air conditioning, automatic, full center console, and Deluxe Interior trim (aluminum dash and door inserts).
1967 overhead console Amazing view of the optional overhead console on this 1967 Mustang special edition.

Vintage Burgundy 1967 Mustang Hardtop This Vintage Burgundy 1967 Mustang, white vinyl, hardtop is ready to be restored. You can see the brackets on the bottom where the rocker panel trim was attached. This was one of 3 Mustangs at the 2009, July 4th, Auburn Washington, Car Show. And is owned by the son of another Mustang owner at the show who says it will be repaired and customized for next year's show.
Vintage Burgundy 67 Mustang Hardtop Rear left view of a Vintage Burgundy 1967 Mustang hardtop with white vinyl roof, aftermarket Magnum 500 wheels, parchment interior with full center console, louvered hood, and V8 engine.
Vintage Burgundy 1967 Mustang Hardtop Here is a view of the already customized V8 engine.

1967 Sky Country Special - Aspen Red Amazing Colorado Sky Country Special 1967 Mustang hardtop in Aspen Red exterior paint. This one has the dealer installed a half vinyl roof and opera window. But check out that Aspen Red special order paint. One of 4 special ordered colors for this promotion. This car is missing its truck top mounted luggage rack, but it does have a rear mounted Ski Country Special badge. Check out all the photos.
1967 Sky Country Special - Aspen Red Richard sends us this set of photos of his 1967 Ski Country Special Mustang hardtop in special order Aspen Red. Richard is the third owner and thinks the car was special ordered by Jess Hunter Ford of Pueblo Colorado for his wife. This car is missing its trunk top luggage rack (supposed ski rack) but it does have a rear mounted Ski Country Special badge. This amazing car is our Attitude Of The Week starting November 6, 2022. This Aspen Red special order paint was only a production paint as Ember Red on the 1958 Ford Edsel, but is most famous for its use on the 1963 Gibson Firebird electric guitar. This car also does not have owner added hood stripes which our other example has (sorry Greenlight diecast model car company who mistakenly put stripes on there examples of the 1967 Sky Country Special).
1967 Sky Country Special - Aspen Red Nice side view of Richard's 1967 Ski Country Special really showing off that special order Aspen Red paint. The other 3 colors of this promotion included Loveland Green, Brechenridge Yellow, and Winter Park Turquoise. This color actually started our paintref.com website. Before that site, no one knew what all four colors looked like. Even Frank, the owner of the other Aspen Red Ski Country Special car thought his car was re-painted the wrong color. After hours of looking through paint chip pages I found chips for all four colors under different years, makes, and models. Not wanting spend this time again on other special order paints, I created paintref.com.
C-code 289ci 2 valve V8 Under the hood is an original C-code, 289 cubic inch, V8 originally rated at 200hp. The door data tag of this car reads: 65A hardtop body style, 2U parchment standard bucket seats, 09M December 9 1966 scheduled completion date, 510005 Denver district order with special order number 0005, A 3.00 aqua-lok axle ratio, and W C-4 select shift cruise-o-matic transmission. Very look special order numbers are usually reserved for common special order groups for that year; therefore, 0005 was reserved for the Ski Country Special. It is possible that variants of the special got higher number codes.
1967 Sky Country Special - Aspen Red Interior view showing of the options center console, AM radio, and Parchment trim.
dash view Nice close-up of the dash showing off a bit of the optional center console and parchment interior trim. Looks like 55070 miles, probably not 155070 (see the trunk and other interior photos, very little wear...)
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