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Sunlit Gold 1968 Mustang Convertible Right side view of a 1968 Mustang convertible in Sunlit Gold exterior paint.
Gold Interior 1968 Mustang Convertible Gold Interior of a 1968 Mustang convertible with Deluxe Interior which includes wood dash inserts, wood steering wheel, and wood door panel accents
Gold and Wood Interior 1968 Mustang Convertible Here is a better photo of the wood trim on the dash and steering wheel.
Dash 68 Mustang Convertible Dash close-up view of a 1968 Mustang convertible.
Backseat 1968 Mustang Convertible Large back seat of a 1968 Mustang convertible.
68 Ford Mustang C-code 289ci V8 Engine The 1968, Ford, Mustang, C-code, 195hp at 4600rpm, 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.
1968 GT style wheel covers Close-up of the wheel covers.
Trunk 68 Mustang Convertible Nice big trunk with a big spare tire.
Door Data Tag The door data tag reads 76B convertible body style, Y Sunlit Gold exterior paint, 6Y gold nugget vinyl interior seats, 09A assembled on the 9th of January, 74 ordered in the Seattle area, 2 2.79:1 rear axle ratio, and W automatic transmission.

1968 Mustang Advertisement "See the Man", Seattle Times newspaper Mustang ad for January 26th, 1968. The ad says, "Report to people who want to break away from the look-alike pack! Mustang! The one car on the road you can't mistake for any other. With a long, lean look all its own. With bucket seats, vinyl interior, wall-to-wall carpeting and floor-mounted stick shift - all standard. Mustang. It's really something else! See the man with better ideas.. your Ford Dealer."

Seattle Times 1968 Shelby Mustang Advertisement This is an advertisement for the 1968 Carroll Shelby's GT350/GT500 Cobra from the Friday, January 12th, 1968 edition of the Seattle Times newspaper. The dealership is Metke Ford east, across Lake Washington from Seattle in Bellevue Washington. Data for three 1967 Shelby's are shown in this add as well as five 1968 Mustangs, and one 1967 Mustang. Notice the last line of this add, "Home of the Shelby GT 500 & 350 and the new model "C". 1968 marked the first year Ford introduced its number one selling car in England to America, the Model C Cortina.

1968 Golden Nugget Special Newspaper Advertisement Advertisement for the 1968 Seattle area Golden Nugget special Mustang we found in the January 26th, 1968 edition of the Seattle Times. We found several of these advertisements in the January and February issues of the Seattle Times newspaper to promote the 525 specially painted and optioned Mustangs. This advertisement says, "Exclusive for this area only! Specially ordered, specially painted Mustangs, each with a golden plaque for the dash panel bearing the customer's name. Sunlit gold color, with black vinyl top, black hood panels. Black stripe. Whitewalls. Wheel covers. Plus all the better ideas that make Mustang America's favorite, most imitated sports car. More Mustang than ever for '68." This ad also shows what the golden dash plate looks like (of course in black and white and in a different scale...) We think this advertisement was payed for by Ford since it has no local dealership listed, which may mean that the Golden Nugget Special promotion was a Ford promotion rather than a group of dealers. Another indication is the special order number of 1111 which appears on the door data tag of each car after the DSO code of 74 indicating the Seattle area. This 1111 code appears to be special since it was also used in 1966 for the 50 special limited edition Millionth Anniversary Mustangs.
Alaska 1968 Golden Nugget Special Newspaper Advertisement Here is a February 24th, 1968 newspaper advertisement for the Sunlit Gold 1968 Golden Nugget Special black vinyl top Mustang at Noble Street Motors in Alaska. The Golden Nugget special was offered out of the Seattle Ford ordering district which also served Alaska. We found this advertisement in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner of Fairbanks, Alaska. So if you want to find an original Golden Nugget Special Mustang, travel to Alaska and dig around in the long forgotten snowbanks. This is also our first Mustang item in our database from Alaska.
Washington 1968 Golden Nugget Special Newspaper Advertisement Here is a variant on the 1968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang advertisement from the February 13th, 1968 edition of The Daily Chronicle of Centralia, Washington. Two dealerships in Centralia are listed in the advertisement: Eddins Auto and Uhlmann Motors. The title has been reduced in words to say the important parts: Only in the Northwest... 525 Golden Nugget Limited Edition Mustangs. We've found other advertisements for this special at Anderson Ford of Port Angeles, Washington; Teague Motors of Walla Walla, Washington; Harris Ford of Lynnwood, Washington; and Noble Street Motors of Fairbanks, Alaska.
Lynnwood 1968 Golden Nugget Special Newspaper Advertisement I had to include this advertisement from the January 31st, 1968 edition of the Lynnwood Enterprise since the microfilm scan was so clear. This Golden Nugget Special was featured at Harris Ford of Lynnwood, Washington just a few miles from my home. Its still there, but I bet all 525 cars have been sold by now...
Washington 1968 Television Listing Okay this had nothing to do with Ford Mustangs, but I found it next to the Golden Nugget Special ad from The Daily Chronicle,February 13, 1968, Centralia, Washington. Twilight Zone, I Love Lucy, Dennis the Menace (not the cartoon version), Gilligan's Island... Wow lots of good classic shows!
Sprint'68 advertisement What comes after the Seattle area, 1968, Golden Nugget Special? The New Mustang Sprint '68 says this ad in the March 20th 1968 edition of the Lynnwood Enterprise of Lynnwood, Washington. The Sprint features GT side stripe, sporty wheel covers, wheel lip moldings, flip-open chromed gas cap, bucket seats, stick shift, and plush carpeting. This ad was placed by Harris Ford of Lynnwood, Washington.

Medium Blue 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang Coupe Original advertisement showing a Medium Blue 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang fastback. The ad says, Carroll Shelby's Cobra GT... for the person who wants everything in one car.

1968 two page Mustang magazine advertisement Only Mustang makes it happen! This is a 2 page Mustang magazine advertisement shows a Corporate Yellow hardtop with louvered hood and black stripes. The film strip across the top shows how owning a Mustang will change your life. Yep, this is definitely from the late 60's. The ad reads Turn yourself on, switch your style, and show a new face in the most exciting car on the American road! for '68, the great original comes in 3 versions - hardtop, fastback, convertible. With all the standards that make Mustang Mustang: bucket seats, floor-mounted stick, sports steering wheel, rich loop carpeting. And you can design your own luxury Mustang, sporty Mustang, practical Mustang... with better ideas like AM/FM Stereo Radio, air conditioning, SelectShift transmission, new 2-tone hood. Get hip to the great transformer: Mustang makes dull people interesting, interesting people absolutely fascinating! And only Mustang mades it happen! Check out an alternative version of this ad.

Advertisement for Mustang 1968 Only Mustang makes it happen! This Mustang magazine advertisement shows what happens to you after you buy a Candyapple Red 1968 Mustang GT fastback. The advertisement reads, Sidney spent Sundays seashelling at the seashore. Then Sidney started digging the '68 Mustang - the great original. Dug the models: hardtop, fastback and convertible. Liked the low price, too, which left Sidney lots of clams to design his own Mustang, Sidney style. Now Sidney's making waves all over. Last week he saved 3 bathing beauties. (And they all could swim better than Sidney!). Check out another version of this ad.
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